Quang Ninh Lake, Yen Chun Island – Join forces to destroy North Da Lat.

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Quang Ninh province has many interesting places. Overall, Yenchun Lake in Quang Ninh This place attracts visitors by connecting people through beautiful scenery and special events.

Just enjoy the beautiful scenery and cool weather surrounded by the vast green pine forest. Ho Dien Xuan, Quang Ninh Considered as ‘Little Dalat’ in the heart of Eunbi city, this place is perfect as a romantic rendezvous for couples, picnics, excursions with friends, relatives…

1. Where is Yanchun Lake in Quang Ninh Province?

  • Lake Address: It is located in Huong Dong district, Vong Bi city, Quang Ninh province.
  • Ticket price to visit Yen Chun lake: free

Yen Trung Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Quang Ninh province with a total area of ​​up to 100 hectares, the water here is very deep and clear. Surrounded by pine hills rustling in the wind.

Ho Dien Xuan, Quang Ninh

Yen Trung Lake in Quang Ninh is about 30km from Hai Phong on Highway 18A connecting Hanoi and Ha Long city. So when traveling here, visitors can join and go to other Ha Long attractions such as Bai Chay, Tuan Chau island and Hong Gai beach. Bawan Temple, Yandu . Ruins

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2. The road to Yen Trung Lake Uong Bi Quang Ninh

Arriving in Uong Bi town, Quang Ninh (about 10 km from Yen Tu towards Ha Long), visitors are put up with signposts directing to Yen Trung, from here drive more than 1 km to Yanshun Lake. “Legend of beauty” Quang Ninh, the deeper you go, the more enchanting and widespread the scene becomes.

Yanchun Lake, Quang Ninh

Departing from Hanoi along National Highway 18A, visitors are expected to take about 115km, which means it will take you less than 3 hours to arrive. Yanchun Lake, Quang NinhThe road to the lake is very convenient. There is a clear sign Navigating is not difficult.

To come to Yen Trung lake in Quang Ninh, visitors can move in many ways. But from the experience of many people who have been there. Traveling by motorbike offers some of the most enjoyable experiences. Visitors will help you feel full of poetry, expanding the scenery along the way.

In addition, the Yen Chun lake map on the phone shows that this place is only 40km from Ha Long Bay, so visitors can visit and relax here. Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long Easy to travel and visit many other interesting places.

Ho Dien Xuan, Quang Ninh

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3. Interesting experience when traveling to Yen Trung lake in Quang Ninh

Yen Trung Lake in Quang Ninh attracts tourists not only by its amazing beauty. But there are also many interesting and diverse activities that visitors can experience with their own eyes.

3.1. Camping at Lake Yenshun

Travel with a large group for a memorable picnic at Yen Chun Lake surrounded by lush pine forests. Therefore, this cool and airy area is very suitable for weekend camping.

The most meaningful camping “secrets”:

  • Plan the weather to avoid unusual storms. Bring a waterproof, canvas, and dry bag to protect your personal belongings if needed.
  • Please prepare enough water or filtered water (if needed).
  • Prepare your tent and camping gear. And the rope is ready…
  • Preliminary processing of ingredients, compact processing tools such as mini gas stoves, outdoor cooking tools … for those who want to cook by themselves.

Yanchun Lake, Quang Ninh

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3.2. Check in in the vast green pine forest

The road leading to Yen Trung lake is silent and dusty. will bring tourists into another world. Two sides of the road are soaring pine forests. and green trees spread

Yanchun Lake, Quang Ninh

The fresh and cool scenery of Yen Chung Lake will help visitors escape the sweltering heat of mid-summer. and make you feel comfortable and refreshed as if ‘second Da Lat’

Ho Dien Xuan, Quang Ninh

You can also take a walk by the lake under the trees or sit on the grass to breathe in the fresh air to enjoy the view from above. ‘art’ photo.

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3.3 Visiting the Garden of Eden and the Bridge of Love

The Garden of Eden located on the banks of Yen Chun Lake is loved by many young people and couples. When you come here, you can enjoy standing on the bridge of love. Enjoy the panoramic view of Yen Xuan Lake and take commemorative photos at the venue decorated and organized by the organizers.

Yanchun Lake, Quang NinhHo Dien Xuan, Quang Ninh

3.4. Rowing bamboo boat on a romantic lake

Coming to Yen Trung Lake, Quang Ninh, visitors can rent bamboo boats and experience rowing on the peaceful lake. Float in the middle of the lake and experience the beautiful natural landscape. Boat rental is about 30,000 VND/hour or 80,000 – 100,000 VND/hour (for kayaks).

Ho Dien Xuan, Quang Ninh

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4. Notes when traveling to Yenchun Lake

Before traveling to Yen Trung Lake in Quang Ninh, visitors should note a number of issues such as:

  • Prepare in advance necessary items such as sunscreen, phone, camera, charger, hat, hat.
  • Prepare for sudden weather changes and plan for replacements if necessary.
  • Do not throw garbage indiscriminately into the environment. destroy the natural scenery around the lake Bring an eco-friendly garbage bag.
  • It is advisable to book a room in a comfortable hotel in advance. to let you rest and rest when you are tired Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long

Yanchun Lake, Quang Ninh

Vinpearl Harong says:miniature dubai“This place has many attractive features for visitors such as: elegant and luxurious semi-classical design, rooms with 100% sea view will help you relax after a tiring day. Visitors here can also experience many entertainment activities, cuisine…

If you are full of this moment Yanchun Lake, Quang NinhVisitors can continue their journey to discover other interesting tourist attractions such as: Yen Tu scenic spot, Lung Xanh eco-tourism area, Ba Vang Pagoda, Uong Bi Landscape Market, Ha Long Bay straight ahead… makes us have more travel options and interesting experiences.

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