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Tea is one of the oldest beverages in human civilization. Dating back to 2700 BC.

The simple act of mixing hot water with aromatic leaves has evolved over millennia into many social traditions, tea flavors, and a $14 billion global tea market. It is one of the most popular drinks in the world.

Hot tea is a soothing drink and a traditional way of consumption. But iced tea is equally popular. especially in the west

You’ll find countless brands of iced tea in the refrigerator at convenience stores, restaurants, and grocery stores around the world.

With so many brands on the market Choosing the best bottle is not difficult. I have compiled a list of the best tea brands to help you recommend your favorite beverage.

iced tea brand

Whether you prefer unsweetened iced tea or flavored iced tea. These famous brands are known for their quality and taste.


If you grew up in the 90s, you would appreciate a giant can of Arizona iced tea.

Even if you don’t know how sweet and lemony they are, the competitor’s 99% price for a double-sized can should be enough to convince anyone to try it.

The signature Arizona teas are Sweet Lemon Tea and my favorite Honey Green Tea.

Golden Peak

Gold Peak markets itself as a family-run tea company. It uses age-old family recipes to create simple and truly exquisite teas.

My favorite part about Gold Peak is the variety of sweetness.

They’re not just sweet or sugar-free. They have moderately sweet teas.

honesty tea

Honest Tea offers a wide range of teas, juices and herbal teas using 100% certified organic and Fair Trade teas, fruits and sweeteners.

They have caffeinated and herbal iced tea. Each glass has a small amount of sugar, less than a quarter of the calories found in a can of soft drink.

I especially like the Moroccan mint green tea. Use organic honey responsibly sourced from the Brazilian rainforest.

pure leaves

Owned by self-proclaimed tea master Alex White, Pure Leaf is a brand any tea connoisseur will love.

Pure Leaf claims that tea is only as good as the quality of the tea leaves. They have a high quality line of black, green and herbal teas.

Hibiscus is one of my favorite tea flavors. And their three herbal tea options are all flavored hibiscus teas.


Snapple has always been my favorite brand of iced tea.

I don’t know if it’s because of the sound of opening the lid of the glass jar or because of the moderate sweetness.

My favorite is the classic lemon snapple. But raspberries are coming.


Fuze is a subsidiary of Coca-Cola, offering affordable teas, juices, blends and juices.

Their soda-shaped plastic bottles showcase a colorful beverage you might mistake for juice.

You won’t be wrong. Most of their teas are juice rather than tea. I like watermelon lemon tea.


Lipton is the oldest tea brand on my list. It has been producing tea since 1880.

If you’re from the South then Lipton is probably a familiar name to you. This large Lipton black iced tea freezer is a staple at church gatherings or backyard barbecues.

They have had nearly 150 years perfecting the black tea recipe. and expanded its beverage product line to include delicious bottled iced tea

sweet leaves

Sweet Leaf is another line of organic iced tea they can be proud of. It is a native Texas brand based in Austin.

Clayton Christopher, the founder and native of Beaumont, used his grandmother’s homemade iced tea recipe with cane sugar to brew the first batch in a giant shrimp barrel.

The original recipe is the best in my opinion. But I also love the organic peach sweet tea.


Teavana, a subsidiary of Starbucks, ships all Starbucks teas.

If you’ve ever had hot or iced tea at Starbucks, you’ve accidentally tasted Teavana.

Teavana offers a wide variety of bottled teas. But you can only buy it at Starbucks.

I’m part of the Starbucks bluestone Matcha grid, technically the Teavana green matcha grid!


Tea is inherently healthy, but Steaz takes it a step further with antioxidant tea.

They use all organic ingredients. fair trade and eco-friendly to make yerba mate and effervescent tea cans.

The modern cans they put on are fascinating. However, the clean and crisp taste is still better than it looks.


Milo’s is a 1946 family-run American restaurant that is now a tea producer in Alabama.

Milo’s prides itself on being a woman-owned company. Still as lofty and community-focused as founders Milo and Bea Carlton.

I was most impressed with the zero-waste production. Their sweet tea is a definite must-try.


Brisk is the product of a partnership between Lipton and Pepsi Co that dates back to the early 90s.

Brisk stood out from the competition with a memorable marketing campaign featuring some of the biggest names in the show business, from Sylvester Stallone to Eminem.

Brisk appeared at the same time as Arizona. And the two companies happen to offer almost identical tea lists.

One of Brisk’s signature flavors is Dragon Fruit Mango Tea.


Originating in Portland, Oregon, Tazo is an organic tea company with a health and eco-friendly stance on tea ingredients.

They market a variety of bottled teas without listing the ingredients. For example, they offer a bottled chamomile tea called Organic Calm.

My favorite Tazo tea is the Brambleberry flavor with fresh strawberries, apple, mint and lemongrass.

Turkish Hill

Turkey Hill is a dairy company specializing in the production of pies and ice cream.

Turkey Hill is located in Lancaster County. Pennsylvania It’s a Dutch company in Pennsylvania known for home cooked flavors. as well as their tea

They are a local company. So if you find yourself in Pennsylvania, check them out.

iced tea brand

  1. arizona
  2. Golden Peak
  3. honesty tea
  4. pure leaves
  5. Snapple
  6. fuse
  7. Lipton
  8. sweet leaves
  9. Cheating
  10. stand
  11. Milo
  12. Fast
  13. tazo
  14. Turkish Hill

final thought

Whether you’re looking for black or green fruit or herbs, our list of the best iced teas includes chai to suit all tastes.

If you mostly drink soda Check out some popular sodas to sip on or look for healthier soda options.

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