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Snapple is a juice and tea drink manufactured by the Keurig Dr. Pepper in the United States. There are many delicious Snapple flavors to choose from today.

In the 1970s, the origin of the name Snapple stems from the first fruit juice product. carbonated apple juice and the sound of opening the lid when opening

It wasn’t until the 1980s that their first tea-based drinks appeared, but today Snapple is one of the most popular brands of iced tea.1

Below, we’ll rank the best Snapple flavors by taste. Drinking ability and appearance

apple flavor

Keep reading to learn more about our favorite flavors from Snapple!

lemon tea

Since 1987, Lemon Tea is Snapple’s first tea. This flavor has become a staple for Snapple drinkers due to its smooth texture and refreshing taste.

I like the taste of this tea because it doesn’t taste as full as tea or lemonade.

raspberry tea

similar to lemon tea I like raspberry as it is refreshing and gives a mild fruity flavor to the blend of black and green tea.

Each bottle has 150 calories and 37 grams of natural caffeine that will leave you feeling refreshed!

Strawberry pineapple lemonade

Strawberry Pineapple Lemonade is my favorite Snapple lemonade flavor.

The flavors will come to you in varying degrees. with lime being the most common. Then there’s the pineapple flavor. and finish with strawberries at the end.

Overall, I like it because it tastes tropical and 10% fruit juice!

Half lemon iced tea

Half N’ Half Lemonade Iced Tea is the brainchild of Snapple and Arnold Palmer.

The combination of lemonade and tea is not a new concept. But Snapple’s version is smooth and refreshing enough to finish the bottle.

Although it’s a new flavor from Snapple, it’s one of my favorites!

Kiwi Strawberry

Strawberry kiwi flavor is an addition to my childhood.

There were days during the summer when I opened the Snapple Strawberry Kiwi and drank the whole bottle!

Sweet and delicious without the fake taste Because of this, I’m almost at the top of the list.

go crazy

When it comes to fake flavors Whenever drinks or snacks try to create banana flavored products. It will have an artificial flavor.

That’s not the case here! Although it has a fake banana flavor, Go Bananas has almost the same taste as the real thing.

Try this underrated favorite!

orange juice

Orangeade is Snapple’s orange lemonade.

instead of giving it the same taste as real orange juice. But it’s more like orange juice and water. But it doesn’t make it taste bad.

It allows you to drink quickly without thickening in your mouth and enjoy the same citrus flavor!

watermelon lemonade

Watermelon is one of my favorite flavors for juice or candy.

The refreshing taste of watermelon goes well with the sourness of lemon juice. And that is no exception!

Watermelon Lemonade Tastes Just Like Jolly Rancher Watermelon!

crazy mango

Mango is a refreshing tropical fruit that tastes like summer.

Snapple’s Mango Madness is the perfect summer drink!

This was one of the original flavors of this brand and became world famous in the 1990s before mango became popular. That’s good to know!

fruit punch

Fruit juices can be difficult to make. Usually they are too sweet or too sour.

Luckily, Snapple got it right and found the perfect balance of the two.

Their fruit juice is one of the sweeter drinks they have. But that’s the name of the game with punches.


Grapeade is lemonade, but with grape juice.

Unfortunately, this lemonade flavor is not my favorite. Because even though it’s a beverage, it’s not as sweet as lemonade and other juices offered by Snapple.

However, if you don’t like sweet drinks. You may like this mug!

apple snap

Snapple Apple is where the journey begins. Apple juice flavor is their first fruit juice flavor. And be part of the creation of their name!

Although it is a symbol of the brand. But it’s lower on my list because it tastes just like any other apple juice. Smooth, tasty, but nothing to write home about!

Peach tea without sugar

I’m not a huge fan of sugar-free drinks, but Snapple’s Unsweetened Peach Tea is the tea I’ll be drinking!

Their sugar-free sugar is a revamp of an old dining line. It’s low in sugar and calories but tastes good. So I don’t care about the diet version.

sweet honey tea

As a lover of Southern food culture, I love sweet tea!

drink honey tea

Snapple’s Honey Sweet Tea is a healthier alternative to my favorite refined sugar tea.

The taste is soft, sweet, but not too sweet. Overall, I like this flavor. But that’s not my first choice when picking at the store.

Iced Tea Half Lemonade No Sugar

Similar to my taste for unsweetened peach tea, the unsweetened version of Half N’ Half Lemonade Iced Tea is delicious but not my favorite.

no sugar half n half snapple

However, I like it best compared to sugar-free drinks and other half-diets.

peach tea

Peach tea isn’t my favorite flavor combination, but Snapple does a great job of combining smoothness and refreshing tea quality with fruit flavors to create a light, refreshing and low-key tea drink. sweet.

Peach tea does it! Beware of strong peach smell

peach raspberry

I’m not a big peach fan. Raspberry peach tea is a drink that tastes better than it looks.

The taste was better than I expected. Overall, a delicious juice drink from Snapple!

Sugar-free raspberry tea

Although I love raspberry tea, the Zero Sugar Raspberry version is lower on my list.

Sugar-free raspberries

I spend a lot of time enjoying sugar-free drinks. Especially when there are drinks full of sugar.

No aftertaste sweeteners and mild and natural raspberry flavor. but still sweet If you like unsweetened tea, give it a try!

Black cherry lemonade

Black Cherry Lemonade is one of Snapple’s newer flavors.

Slightly sour taste due to sherry and lime juice mixed together. But it’s also refreshing enough to drink the entire bottle in one go.

If you like more sour taste You will love this!

Takes 2 to mango tea

Takes 2 to Mango Tea is the tea version of Mango Madness.

Overall, this is a good Snapple drink, however, the mango flavor isn’t from the real mango I’m selling.

However, it tastes great and is what you would expect from a mango flavored tea.

air element

I like the taste of the Elements line, especially the Air version, but the taste and sugar is too light for me to drink flavored water.

The flavor of Air is a blend of prickly pear tea and white peach. I love prickly pears so please help me with this!

fire element

The Fire element has the taste of dragon fruit. But according to the ingredient list, it doesn’t actually contain dragon fruit.

Instead, it’s a combination of pear and grape juice, plus natural flavors to create the flavor. Overall, the drink tasted good but was more artificial.

rain element

Elements Rain tastes like agave cactus.

It is a difficult taste for consumers. Since most of us have never had a sweet-tasting cactus. So I can’t speak about the authenticity of the taste.

However, it’s the lightest Elements line and not my favorite Snapple juice.

pink lemonade

Finally we have pink lemonade. It’s the classic taste of the brand. But the mystery of what is included in the pink lemonade. Especially the thing that makes it pink is the only thing I hang up.

For a brand that is supposed to advertise more natural drinks. The indeterminate pink flavor makes me want more.

apple flavor

  1. lemon tea
  2. raspberry tea
  3. Strawberry pineapple lemonade
  4. Half lemon iced tea
  5. Kiwi Strawberry
  6. go crazy
  7. orange juice
  8. watermelon lemonade
  9. crazy mango
  10. fruit punch
  11. grape
  12. apple snap
  13. Peach tea without sugar
  14. sweet honey tea
  15. Iced Tea Half Lemonade No Sugar
  16. peach tea
  17. peach raspberry
  18. Sugar-free raspberry tea
  19. Black cherry lemonade
  20. Takes 2 to mango tea
  21. air element
  22. fire element
  23. rain element
  24. pink lemonade

final thought

Hope you already know about the best Snapple flavors to try. My favorites are strawberry kiwi and lemon tea flavors. But maybe you’ll like something else!

It’s all new and you can’t go wrong with any of these. As the brand says, create your own flavor!

Check out other popular drinks or flavored drinks for lighter drinks!

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