Reasons for travel at the time of the change of season

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No hours of waiting at the airport, nice weather… these are the reasons why the weather changing seasons are popular with travel believers.

The definition of “low season” varies by destination. In the simplest case, however, it is the transitional period between the main tourist season and the low season. This phase can last from a few months to a few weeks. “Transition periods” vary from country to country. In Vietnam, the peak tourist season falls on June-August. The time to switch to the cool tourist season is around September to October. According to travel experts, the change of season is the right time to travel if you want to enjoy a quieter trip at an affordable price. According to an analysis by NerdWallet, an American financial company, the average fare during the shoulder season is typically about 23% cheaper than during the peak season. This statistic is based on a survey of more than 100 most popular routes in the US by 8 major airlines worldwide. Accordingly, flights on major holidays such as Christmas, New Year and Easter often have the highest prices. Flights two weeks before or after these holidays are often up to 50% cheaper.

When the weather is good, the travel experience is also more pleasant. Photo: Vu Minh Quan. A Better Entertainment Experience In the high season, entertainment venues often open massively and diversely, but visitors can’t avoid being crowded and waiting to buy tickets. On the contrary, at peak times, entertainment places are less crowded, but there are places that are rarely open. According to travel experts, visitors should choose a trip in September if they want to avoid crowds and enjoy more experiences. In addition, the weather at this time is usually more pleasant than in summer. However, during the change of season, the property’s facilities will be subject to regular maintenance, in some places the pool will be closed. Some airlines will also cut flights at this time due to lower demand. Travelers should plan ahead so as not to miss the trip. Good weather The time of the change of seasons will no longer be the sweltering heat of summer or the chill of winter. In general, between September and October, the weather is quite pleasant for tourist activities. Meanwhile, in summer, the peak tourist season, the amusement parks are often wet and muddy due to sudden rain showers, not to mention that there are still many young tourists on vacation. The beaches are teeming with people and the sweltering heat contrasts starkly with the mildness of the changing seasons.

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