Refer to the most detailed travel itinerary of Kheaw Lung Waterfall in 2022.

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Lungshan Waterfall is a destination that attracts many tourists. If you also plan to explore Lung Xanh Waterfall, don’t miss the detailed review below!

arrive Lung Keaw . Waterfall Immerse yourself in the fresh, cool nature and experience some interesting activities that make visitors nostalgic. What makes this place so famous? Let’s find out together.

1. Where is Yongsan Waterfall?

Lung Xanh Waterfall in Quang Ninh is comparable to its location. ‘Fairy tale scene’ Quang Trung District About 2 km from Ngbi city.Is an eco-tourism area located in the middle of Yen Tu mountain spiritual area. Yen Trang Lake and Bavan Kawee Pagoda, peaceful and fresh landscape. This place was the residence of King Zhenndong whenever he moved to Yendu for training.

Lung Keaw . Waterfall

Lung Xanh means “blue water.” The reason the waterfall is so named is because there is a small lake at the foot of the waterfall. year-round blue water can be seen through the rock layers below The ground floor has a small lake. The middle floor has a low staircase. and the third level is located upstream. Thanks to the waterfall, the poetic beauty has been combined with the majesty of nature.

Lung Xanh Waterfall is open daily from 08h00 to 17h00 with very cheap ticket price only from 10,000 to 30,000 VND..You can refer to the ticket price. Quang Ninh tourist attractions Book in advance with this if going in a large group.

2. The entrance to Kheaw Lung waterfall

About 2km from Eunbi city, so it is very convenient to travel. You can choose between motorbikes, cars and taxis depending on your preference and the size of your group.

  • If you stay in Uong Bi, follow Tran Hung Dao trail, you will reach Lung Xanh eco-tourism area less than 5 minutes.
  • If you are in Ha Long city Drive about 40 km to Uong Bi town ahead of time and drive 2 km on Tran Hung Dao street to arrive.

Green Lung Waterfall

After arriving at the parking lot of Lung Xanh eco-tourism area, you have to drive to the waterfall. According to previous guests’ reviews, Lung Xanh You can go by yourself or hire a guide in the eco-zone to take you on a sightseeing tour, you will see Lung Xanh Waterfall, the road is a bit steep. But in return you can experience the beauty of the forest.

When you reach the waterfall, the fatigue and depression will disappear. You will feel peaceful and relaxed under the cool, blue water here. Quang Ninh Tourism Not going to Green Lung is definitely a shortcoming.

3. Fascinating experience at Lung Xanh Waterfall

According to the experience of a travel “connoisseur” in Greenlang, there are 3 interesting activities you should experience:

3.1. Crossing the forest to see Lang Xanh waterfall in Quang Ninh

Crossing the forest, crossing streams, watching waterfalls are experiences to help you discover the wonderful nature. This event is sure to be an unforgettable activity for those who love adventure travel. Go to the forest to see hundreds of years old trees with large trunks and broad leaves. Listen to birds chirping and running water. It all leads to a nice relaxing sound.

Green Lung Waterfall

3.2. Soak in cold water

Lung Xanh Waterfall has cool blue water and has a small lake (called Lung Xanh pool) below for you to freely “fight” in the cold water, please bring a swimsuit to soak in the cool water. most comfortable cold The water here is clear blue and you can see it below. Therefore, a waterproof camera is the most ideal for capturing those exciting moments.

Green lung waterfall

3.3 Camp in the forest when reaching Lung Saen waterfall

Camping is an indispensable activity for a group of close friends when exploring Lung Xanh Waterfall. Eunbi’s tripPrepare a small tent, chairs, snacks and grill to enjoy a meal with nature. Don’t forget to pick up trash after camping!

Green Lung Waterfall

4. Some attractions around Lung Xanh Waterfall

In addition to the experience at Lung Saen Waterfall, you can also explore nearby attractions such as:

  • Yen Xuan Lake, Quang Ninh: Yen Trung Lake, about 7 km from Lung Xanh waterfall, is a suggested stop in your itinerary. Large area (about 100 hectares) and attractive natural scenery. This makes it ideal for picnics and weekend camping.

Lung Keaw . Waterfall

  • Visiting Yen Tu: As a famous tourist destination in Quang Ninh, about 20 km from Lung Giang to visit Yen Tu mountain spiritual tourist area. You will feel as if you have entered the ‘Buddha Land’ with its serene ambience and peaceful atmosphere.

Green Lung Waterfall

  • Go to Ba Van Pagoda: Ba Vang Pagoda with beautiful scenery Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Located very close to Green Lung Waterfall (2.5 km), is a destination that you should consider including in your itinerary Ba Vang Pagoda surrounded by Dragon fruit worshiping the White Tiger, in front of the river. There is a mountain in the background and pine forest on either side. It’s a really beautiful sight that fascinates many people.

Lung Keaw . Waterfall

Lung Xanh Waterfall is an attraction that attracts many young people to enjoy during the day. Therefore, other attractions should be included in the itinerary to make the trip more meaningful.

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Lung Keaw . Waterfall

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