Released an 18+ game based on League of Legends

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Game 18+ is developed based on the idea of ​​hot games that are no longer alien, League of Legends can’t avoid it.

Released 18+ game based on the generals of League of Legends, players massively asked for links

Many League of Legends players have discovered that there is an 18+ game that uses the storyline and ambiguous relationship between the two generals, Lux and Sylas, to create their own story and characters. And that’s also why many players have flocked to ask for game links. But a fact that few people know is that this game has been around for a long time but only recently has it been answered by players. The “morphing” of characters and storylines in League of Legends 18+ style is nothing new for gamers.
Releases an 18+ game based on League of Legends
But not all players are interested in it, as they find such an action too offensive and many players are even angry enough to force the Riot game to “take action” to protect it. Please protect your generals, don’t let the characters in the game be so distorted. Currently, Riot Games has not taken any action on this 18+ game, but perhaps Riot will take action to prevent this in the near future.
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