Revealed Battlefield 4.0 map by Lien Quan Mobile

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Recently, some images of Lien Quan Mobile’s Battlefield 4.0 map were officially unveiled and became a hot topic of discussion in Vietnamese Union community groups. Currently, the new map is available on the Lien Quan Mobile Vietnam Server test server.

What is hot on Lien Quan Mobile 4.0 battlefield map?

The most prominent in the new map to mention the evil god Caesar and the dragon have been recreated and bring a different picture than before. In addition, this map also has a change between day and night.

Caesar the Tyrant in Lien Quan Mobile's Battlegrounds Map 4.0
Next comes the Devil Bat with a position change from Caesar to a new position on Caesar Street. The release time is also shortened compared to before. Also, after killing the bat, surrounding units are healed and gain gold after 3 seconds. In addition, the towers are also optically upgraded in this version. In terms of images, this new card has a dominant blue color, sharper and more impressive than before. However, if you use too much blue, some details are easily distracting. For example, the color of the current river is moss green rather than water green.
In addition to the above details, Lien Quan Mobile 4.0 battlefield map has many more changes that we will explore with Tinhapvip in the following articles!

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