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Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort is a place where you can watch the famous Phu Quoc sunset and feel the romance and natural beauty of the Pearl Island.

Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort An extremely interesting destination on Pearl Island. with a system of high-class rooms with expensive sea view and a variety of services

Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort always brings the best experience to visitors. Discover what this resort paradise has to offer!

1. Introduction

Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort

If you have watched the wedding of famous couple Dong Nhi and Ong Khao Thanh then you will know the name.

Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort This is the wedding venue of the century for couples.

Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort is located in Bai Dai District, Nang Dau Commune, Phu Quoc City, along the 1 km long coastline, so you can enjoy the incentives of nature such as cool air, natural light, enjoyment, shine and breathtaking vision.

Vinpearl Resort & Golf Phu Quoc

add Doa,

Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort also boasts a 5,000 m green lawn by the beach, perfect for weddings and team building for groups of up to 500 people. native bush, restaurants and bars … .

Vinpearl Resort & Golf Phu Quoc

High investment in 2019

Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort is honored to receive this award.”The best resort in VietnamAwarded World Travel Awards

>>> Visit Vinpearl Golf Phu Quoc, which has beautiful tropical scenery and a top-notch 18-hole golf course!

2. access

Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort

Travelers want to move

Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort offers a variety of options.

2.1. Traveling by plane

for speed and time saving You should choose to travel by air. There are direct flights to Phu Quoc from major cities such as Hanoi, Saigon, Hai Phong, Da Nang… You can also find all-inclusive Vinpearl Phu Quoc tours including airfare. here Cost savings

Upon landing at Phu Quoc airport, the resort was there is a shuttle We will return to your room or go to other attractions depending on your preference at several bus stops. Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc, Conquer the wonders of Phu QuocCua Can Bridge, Eden Resort, Chen Sea Resort… Knowing the bus schedule will put you in control of your trip.

In addition, you can: Travel by train or car arrive

Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort, however, both of these means take longer than the plane.

Transfer money to Vinpearl Phu Quoc

Planes are the most popular way to get there.

Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort

2.2. Go by train

Phu Quoc Tourism trainingthere is a guest Sai Gon Station Before: From Saigon, move to Rach Gia or Ha Tien pier by other means, from the pier you can take a train/ferry to Phu Quoc. Therefore, visitors spend a lot of time and effort.

3. Reasons why you shouldn’t miss it.

Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort

Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort exudes enchanting beauty and luxury. This place is known as the most beautiful place to watch the sunset in Phu Quoc. You will regret it a lot.

3.1 Comfortable room


Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort About room type: Hotel room or villa. Hotel rooms include:

  • Deluxe garden view room, area 42 m2.
  • Deluxe Seaview room, area 42m2.
  • Family room area 80 square meters.
  • Senior Suite, garden view, area 80 m2
  • Senior Suite, sea view, area 80 m2.

Each room is designed in a modern style and is fully equipped with amenities such as TV, high-speed Wi-Fi and luxurious private bathroom.

Vinpearl Resort & Golf Phu Quoc

Villa rooms include:

  • 2 bedroom villa with garden view, area 190 m2.
  • 2 bedroom villa with sea view 190 m2
  • Villa 3 bedrooms, garden view, 290 m2 or 340 m2
  • View of 4-bedroom garden villa 360m2
  • Villa with 4 bedrooms facing the sea with an area of ​​​​360m2 or 615m2.


Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort is ideal for families. Each villa has a common living area. Beautiful private garden and full amenities This makes it a comfortable place to stay for the whole family.

Vinpearl Resort & Golf Phu Quoc


Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort

real activities entertainment

Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort is another tourist attraction. The diversity and the “huge” investment ensures that the experience activities here will satisfy even the most demanding visitors.

  • VinWonders Phu Quoc Theme Park


Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort nearby. Conquer the wonders of Phu Quoc (Former name Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc) – The entertainment paradise number 1 Vinpearl Phu Quoc. The “Disneyland” of Vietnam, VinWonders will delight you with exciting games and memorable activities.

Vinpearl Resort & Golf Phu Quoc

>>> See the ticket price of VinWonders Phu Quoc amusement park now!

With nearly 50 hectares of land and 6 subdivisions with 12 different themes inspired by legends, myths and civilizations around the world, VinWonders creates a colorful entertainment center for everyone. Ages, games and activities are suitable for all audiences.

Vinpearl Resort & Golf Phu Quoc

  • Vinpearl Golf Phu Quoc 18 holes in the primeval forest

Vinpearl Golf Phu Quoc This is a popular sports spot for golf-loving tourists. There are 18 unique holes on a large golf course in the primeval forest. And you can enjoy a golfing experience that can only be found here.

Vinpearl Resort & Golf Phu Quoc

  • Vinpearl Safari Semi-Wild

Other Fun Places – Neighborhood Playgrounds

One point not to be missed at Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort is Vinpearl Safari, easily accessible by bus.

Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc This is the first semi-natural wildlife reserve in Vietnam. This huge zoo is home to more than 3,000 animals of 150 different species, animals here are raised under a special regime to ensure their safety while preserving their natural lives.

Vinpearl Resort & Golf Phu Quoc

Vinpearl Safari has two zones: an open zoo and a safari area. on safari Travel by private bus to explore wildlife Public zoos are places where visitors can get up close and personal with animals. nurture them and play with them

>>> Update fares for Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc!

  • Other interesting experiences

Guests can also join yoga, fitness, cooking, therapeutic massage, meditation and spa classes to relax and de-stress. For those who love water activities kayaking, swimming lessons for kids Swimming and snorkeling are the best and most enjoyable experiences.

Vinpearl Resort & Golf Phu Quoc

3.3 Unique dishes

and to make your dream vacation You can’t miss the new space and great food at the hotel.

Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort has three restaurants within the resort. So you can choose according to your liking. Each restaurant has a different identity.

  • Garden Court European Restaurant

Garden Court Restaurant is a classic, luxurious European restaurant for a romantic date. The menu here includes European dishes such as beef steak, lamb, stewed soup…

Vinpearl Resort & Golf Phu Quoc

  • Prime Bar and Grill Restaurant

Prime Bar & Grill offers the openness and freshness of the Mediterranean. The shop’s main color tone is blue and white. Prime Bar & Grill’s menu is located near the restaurant with a variety of seafood dishes and bold Southeast Asian dishes.

Vinpearl Resort & Golf Phu Quoc

  • beach restaurant

Baan Chai Talay restaurant is designed in a space where you can feel luxurious and warm without being too special. A small note is that the restaurant serves Vietnamese food mixed with fresh seafood.

Vinpearl Resort & Golf Phu Quoc

Pool Bar and Patio Lounge are places to sit and sip delicious cocktails. The bartenders here will pamper you with the latest recipes.

Only available at Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort

Vinpearl Resort & Golf Phu Quoc

>>> See more restaurants in Vinpearl Phu Quoc complex!

To experience a perfect and memorable stay in Phu Quoc. Guests can also stay at other hotels and resorts of Vinpearl such as:

  • Vinpearl Resort & Spa Phu Quoc

  • Vinpearl Discovery Wonder World Phu Quoc

  • Win Oasis Phu Quoc
  • VinHolidays Fiesta Phu Quoc


Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort also launched many promotions with interesting combinations. Book now at attractive prices!

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