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It is not easy to choose a hotel in Tay Ninh that is both reasonably priced and meets the needs of relaxation and personal preferences of visitors. Therefore, visitors should not ignore the reviews of the top 10 most famous hotels in the city.

All visitors want to have a happy and meaningful holiday when coming to Tay Ninh. Unique tourist destinations in the south, one of the most important tips is to choose. Taining Hotel The best for you. Therefore, right from the time of planning, Vinpearl has researched a lot of reviews of actual tourists and compiled a list of the top 10 beautiful hotels in Tay Ninh below.

1.5-star hotel in Tay Ninh –

Melia Vinpearl Tayning

1.1 Introduction

Melia Vinpearl Tay Ninh

The first and only 5-star hotel in Tai Ninh. This neoclassical architecture is filled with royal seals.

Melia Vinpearl Tai Ninh has convinced many tourists with world-class resort and entertainment experiences.


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Melia Vinpearl Tennis:

  • address: No. 90, Le Duan Street, Quarter 5, Ward 3, Tay Ninh City, Tay Ninh Province
  • Phone number: (+84) 276 372 8888
  • Email: [email protected]

1.2.Luxury design, luxurious amenities

Melia Vinpearl Tai Ninh is the tallest hotel in the city with 21 floors, visitors here will be impressed by the “expensive” view of the bustling streets at night.

The system of 127 comfortable rooms, with an area from 32m2 to 221m2 is luxuriously designed with many attractive utilities such as 4 outdoor swimming pools, super luxury spa, luxurious and modern gym… family should not go Even far away you can do it. Enjoy fun and entertainment.

Santainine Guest

You can choose from 5 room types: Deluxe King Room with City View. Deluxe Twin Room with City View and Executive King Suite. direct view of the bustling city Business Class rooms with King Beds and Business Class with Mountain Views offer mountain views and allow you to relax in the lap of nature.

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1.3. The variety and abundance of food

When staying at Melia Tay Ninh hotel, visitors remember to experience Asian – European cuisine in the luxurious space of the hotel’s restaurant.

Food comes from different cultures. And a lot of dishes are local specialties, such as hot pot fish in Tieu village, grilled snakehead fish with trui.


  • 986 B&Bs: The restaurant is known for its steak menu using carefully selected ingredients. Tainin cattle Includes imported quality cows along with panoramic views. Mrs. Black Mountain It is elegant and gives diners relaxing moments.
  • Kong restaurant: For those who want to experience a rich and diverse culinary culture. Don’t miss this buffet and a la carte menu featuring Asian, European and local specialties.
  • Lobby: Open from 7:00 am – 11:00 pm. You can enjoy cold drinks. with a beautiful view of the road

Santainine Guest

3. Tay Ninh 4-star hotel

The 4-star Tai Ninh hotel has some differences compared to the 5-star hotel in terms of room size. facilities and quality of service. Usually, these hotels are not too large in scale. There are few rooms and may not include the accompanying facilities such as swimming pool, spa, gym… Cheaper than a 5-star hotel but in luxurious and modern interior.

Thai Ninh Hotel

Here are the 4-star hotels in Tay Ninh that visitors can refer to:

  • Sunrise hotel: No. 81 Hoang Le Kha, Tay Ninh Town
  • Victory Hotel: 255 Street 30/4, Tay Ninh city is a hotel in Tay Ninh, about 9 km from Ba Den mountain.
  • New City Hotel: 444 Street 30/4, Quarter 1, Tay Ninh.

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4. Tay Ninh 3-star hotel

3-star hotel in Tay Ninh is popular with many tourists because the price is very ‘light’, visitors can stay in a smaller space. There are fewer rooms and room types to choose from, while the included Utilities also design rooms in a simple and gentle style.

Santainine Guest

Here are some 3-star hotels in Tay Ninh.

  • Gold City Hotel: PG2-03, No. 444 30/4 Street, KP1, Quarter 1, City. Tai Ning.
  • Hoang Mai Hotel: No. 130 Nguyen Huu Tho, Hiep Ninh, Tai Ninh City.
  • Golden Central Hotel: Mai Anh Commercial Area, Trang Bang, Tay Ninh Province
  • Sun Hotel: Soi 6 Nguyen Van Lop, Quarter 6, Tay Ninh
  • Hotel 986: Mai Anh Urban Area, Truong Chinh, Ward 3, Tai Ninh City.
  • Garden Hotel: Address 141A Lo Chanh Mon, Quarter 3, Ward 4, City.

Santainine Guest

From the above reviews, visitors can easily choose. Taining Hotel If you want to have a really classy vacation and experience the most comfortable and modern services at a preferential price. You should take a look at our attractive offers and promotions right away. Book a room at Melia Vinpearl Tai Ninh Just today!

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