‘Risk!’ Host Ken Jennings says he loves pineapple pizza – fans are fed up

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Ken Jennings has to find clues – and according to aficiona-doughs, a new pizza restaurant. “Dangerous!” The presenter was in a state of chaos when he announced his “most controversial stage act ever” – that pineapple goes with pizza. The decadent failure began when contestant David Stiasny – a pediatrician from Highland Park, Illinois – was crowned “A Pineapple” on Tuesday’s episode. Jennings read: “A BBC article entitled ‘Pineapple On’ states: ‘It’s food choices that seem to divide the world. “Pineapple on pizza, yes. And I can settle the argument, it’s delicious,” Jennings said of the $200 correct answer, while Stiasny clearly winced at the host’s theory.

The host made headlines online after speaking out in favor of pineapples in pizza. Jeopardy/Twitter “Jeopardy!” The Twitter account posted a meme about the incident that aired with the caption “Controversy Resolved,” but it sparked the age-old debate about fruit on a slice. “No it is not. Pineapple and ham definitely don’t belong on pizza. Not even in Hawaii,” contradicted a user defiantly and steadfastly. “Yuck,” wrote another simply. “WORRY KEN! pineapple ON PIZZA IS A CRIMINAL!” exclaims an avid pineapple hater. “Still the worst thing ever,” agreed another pizza snob. “Right now: ‘@Jeopardy ratings plummet after @KenJennings endorses utopia,'” joked one user.

pineapple on pizzaTwitter users got mad after hearing Jennings’ steamy scene. Beautiful Pictures According to Jeopardy!, proof of forbidden fruit is not Jennings’ worst crime on film. Fan. Perhaps the most serious mistake was when he allowed a contestant to correct an incorrect answer. It looks like Jennings, who shares hosting duties with Mayim Bialik, is playing his favorite and allowing the champion to correct his mistake but not the other players if they foul.

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Ken JenningsJennings doesn’t appear to be resting after making many mistakes in the air. Jeopardy/Twitter Meanwhile, 48-year-old Jennings sent shivers through viewers this summer when she delivered a “painful” vulgar satire about circumcision. Then, this month, he cursed after accidentally screwing up an answer. “I mean, I’ve played so many games here that I’m like, ‘I have a pretty good sense of how hosting is going to be,’ and then you realize hosting is even harder because you basically have everything for the participants do must do. plus game management for them, plus game management for home viewers,” Jennings previously admitted to Good Morning America. Ever since Alex Trebek passed away two years ago, it seems like the show has been going downhill again and again. The show’s producers committed to a quote from Edgar Allan Poe and recently angered audiences by using Brian Laundrie, who killed his girlfriend Gabby Petito last year, as a prompt.

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