Save now 17 fun places to play Tet in Hanoi, take beautiful photos.

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The opportunity for Tet 2023 is coming. You already know where to spend Tet in Hanoi, let’s stay with Vinpearl at 17 fun spots in the capital to experience interesting activities!

of the Where to play Tet in Hanoi? You can clearly feel the atmosphere of Vietnamese traditional Tet. Traveling to Hanoi at the beginning of the year, many people choose Ha Tan “nostalgic” with the old town, delicious food, interesting places to play. and the nostalgic scene in the capital of a thousand years of civilization

1. Where to go in Hanoi New Year’s Eve The old capital of Hanoi.

old Quarter Entertainment in Hanoi A masterpiece not to be missed On the occasion of Tet, the streets of Hanoi are filled with spring colors from peach branches, lanterns, orchids, eagle trees… especially in the old town A bustling atmosphere covers each shop.

Buy fresh flowers, dig forest on Hung Hung street, buy jewelry on Hamma street, buy antiques, bronzes, ceramics on Hang Dong… Don’t forget to take pictures of beautiful landscapes.

Where to play Tet in Hanoi?

2. Hanoi New Year has fireworks – Sword Lake

Hanoi Be sure to visit Sword Lake during Tet. Hoan Kiem Lake is the place to discover famous architectural masterpieces.

  • Turtle Tower is a three-story tower built on a mound in the middle of a lake in the late 19th century.
  • Ngoc Son Temple is the temple of the Scouts Vung Trang Quang Tuan and Van Suong De Quang.
  • The Hook Bridge is a bright red bridge that connects Yushan Temple with the coast. The bridge was built in the 19th century with 15 spans.
  • The Pen Tower has 5 floors and the top is the Pen Tower looking straight up to the sky.
  • Hoa Huong Tower is a relic of the old Bao An pagoda, built in 1847 with exposed bricks.

Where to play Tet in Hanoi?

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3. Nice place to play Tet in Hanoi – Nhat Tan Peach Garden

Nhat Tan Peach Garden is a familiar Tet check-in place for Hanoians. Taoyuan has long been a popular photography spot. People often gather here to dress up to take memorable Tet photos.

Every year from Tet to spring, farmers will be busy taking care of and pruning flowers to get beautiful flower pots. Visitors can visit and buy themselves bunches of bright red peaches, buy super cute “virtual lives” next to the immense peach groves.

Where to play Tet in Hanoi?

4. The place to celebrate Tet for children and their families in Hanoi – Times City

Times City This is a very interesting Tet theme park in Hanoi. You can enjoy shopping at the mall. Dine at a famous restaurant And explore the practice area with interesting sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer field, badminton…

that should not be ignored VinKE and Vinpearl Aquarium at Times City Times City Aquarium – The largest aquarium in Hanoi At VinKE, there are more than 30,000 interesting sea creatures in Reptile, Freshwater and Saltwater areas, at VinKE, children will learn about their favorite professions and get to work. Dream as chef, doctor, fireman, fashion designer.

Where to play Tet in Hanoi?Where to play Tet in Hanoi?

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5. Where to go to spend Tet in Hanoi? New Year’s Temple Ceremony at Phu Tay Ho

Phu Tay Ho is located on the banks of the romantic West Lake. Where to play Tet in Hanoi? Many people who visit Phu Tay Ho are associated with the belief of worshiping the goddess.

On New Year’s Eve Many people gather here to pray for luck and peace. You should prepare a fasting or salting ceremony at home.

Where to play Tet in Hanoi?

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6. Museum of Ethnology – The perfect place to welcome New Year’s Eve in Hanoi.

Don’t know where to celebrate Tet in Hanoi? Come to the Museum of Ethnology immediately. The spring fun program is regularly held here from the 4th to the 10th of Tet.

Guests will enjoy traditional ethnic cuisine. See water puppetry, calligraphy, painting Don Ho… Also, don’t miss the folk games such as tug of war, cock fighting, badminton, sick tiger, split leg, sack jump at the Museum of Ethnology at the Museum of Ethnology. .

Where to play Tet in Hanoi?

7. Koto pilgrimage to spring travel

Journey to the North of TetVisiting Huong Thanh Pagoda The bustling atmosphere of Tet holiday and the white color of apricot flowers on Phong Son mountain make visitors fall in love.

In addition to sacred rituals, visitors can also participate in interesting festivals such as boating, singing sam. Singing Shao Fan and climbing the mountain Taking a small boat to see the beautiful river and enjoy the folk songs will be an interesting experience in the beginning of the year.

Where to play Tet in Hanoi?

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8. Ask Mr. Do at the Temple of Literature

every spring The masters will place pens and dyed paper from ancient literary temples to await those who ask for letters. Asking for the first letter of the year is a long-standing custom of Vietnamese people and a traditional cultural beauty.

Soft handwriting contains everyone’s wish for a peaceful and prosperous new year, the word “Nu” written on red paper is the color that brings luck and happiness.

Where to play Tet in Hanoi?

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9. Quang An flower market – flowers on Tet holiday

When Tet comes to Quang An flower market, he puts on a splendid ‘shirt’ with thousands of crimson peach roots rising up.

In addition to bright red peach flowers, you can also buy other beautiful flowers such as Da Lat roses, lilies, tulips, irises, and evening primroses. Don’t forget to take pictures, be safe!

Where to play Tet in Hanoi?

10. Imperial Citadel of Thang Long – Hanoi, an interesting destination on Tet holiday.

This New Year, visitors can visit the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long – a place to play Tet in Hanoi that is notable for its ancient heritage beauty. villages…), natural heritage, intangible heritage (ceremonies, dances, music, beliefs, folklore)… Over 100 precious works, games…) are displayed. .

A visit to this impressive structure will take you back in time. Immerse yourself in the quiet and unspoiled space of old Hanoi. This heritage has been recreated in a unique and vivid way. take visitors on a journey to experience and explore many levels of emotions.

Where to play Tet in Hanoi?

11. Tet Cinemas in Hanoi

Cinema is one of my favorite places to play Tet in Hanoi, cinemas usually open quite early. On the 2nd of Tet to serve customers

Here, you can freely choose the right movie: romance, action, comedy or horror. Enjoy moments of relaxation and entertainment in the cinema. vacation in the capital

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12. Cafes, restaurants and free virtual reality

If you are a big fan of “Virtual Living”, do not hesitate to visit the cafes and restaurants with beautiful views in Hatan, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the capital.

A romantic, sparkling space ideal to welcome a good new year with loved ones. Don’t forget sake and good food.

Where to play Tet in Hanoi?

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13. Where to go to celebrate Tet near Hanoi – Ba Vi National Park

Bawi National Park is where Hanoi suburban tour 1 day suitable for Tet At this time, the weather is getting cold. Green nature and complex mountain ranges

National parks offer great experiences such as camping, picnics, aromatic barbecues, campfires, etc. Don’t forget to check in at the Cactus Garden, the Swallow Church and other attractions on the pass.

Where to play Tet in Hanoi?

14. Go to Yen Tu ceremony in Quang Ninh near Hanoi.

Yen Tu Festival is a popular event at the beginning of the year for many people, Yen Tu is a place that attracts Buddhist followers from all over the world with the quintessence of long-standing Buddhist culture.

In early spring, tourists often come here to pray for peace and breathe the fresh air of Yen Tu. Yen Do festival takes place in three months from January 9 to the first of spring. So you can enjoy early spring pilgrimages, mountain climbing and sightseeing.

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15. Happy New Year around Hanoi – go to Tam Dao right away

If you want to find fun places near Hanoi, you can go to Tam Dao Tam Dao – a foggy city that always has pleasant weather.

On Tet days, you can admire the icy roads and unique trees. There are also interesting specialties such as mountain chicken, pork dumplings, vegetables, chayote and sake.

Where to play Tet in Hanoi?

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16. Hanoi Pagoda

Visitors wishing for good luck at the beginning of the year can visit famous temples in Hanoi such as:

  • Tran Quoc Pagoda: This more than 1,500-year-old ancient temple is a masterpiece of Northern Buddhism. The stupa has many Buddha statues, stone ruins and a large Bodhi tree.
  • Phuc Khanh Pagoda (Thing Kwang Temple): Located at the crossroads of So, this temple was built in the style of traditional Buddhist architecture. At the beginning of the year, it often holds large peace ceremonies on the 8th, 14th, and 14th. January 15, 18.
  • Quan Su Pagoda: The sacred ancient temple, where the Vietnamese church is located, Quan Su Pagoda was built in the 15th century, attracting a lot of Buddhists in the early years.

Where to play Tet in Hanoi?

17. Culture Village – Tourism of Vietnam’s Ethnic Groups

On the first day of the year You can watch the unique performances of the Hmong Horse Racing Festival at the Vietnam Folk Culture and Tourism Village. This festival embodies a spirit of bravery, generosity and self-confidence. and honor the martial arts of the Hmong boys

There are also many special festivals at the beginning of the year such as Chul Husband Festival (Lam Dong), Thai Han Khuong Festival (Hoa Binh) and Pankato Festival of Cham people (Binh Thuan province), Ethnic Harvest Festival B’rau (Kon Tum). )… Usually held from 15 to 17 February every year.

Where to play Tet in Hanoi?

of the Where to play Tet in Hanoi? They are very diverse so you can easily choose the right coordinates. Pack your most luxurious clothes now and enjoy a meaningful spring trip with your friends and loved ones for an enjoyable experience.

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