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What’s attractive about breakfast in Ha Long for a summer trip with close friends? Let’s discover the address and price of delicious breakfast in Ha Long to make your upcoming trip more complete!

Ha Long breakfast With special dishes that can’t be found anywhere else Visitors to Ha Long are admiring and admiring the delicious and unforgettable breakfast, and discovering 8 must-try Ha Long breakfast dishes in this article. write this.

1. Breakfast at Bai Chai is great.

1.1. Bakang beef noodle soup

Bai Chai Quang Noodles has only existed for a short time in Ha Long but is loved by locals and tourists alike. Bai Chai vermicelli, firm texture, chewy, fragrant and has high nutritional value. The broth is simmered from seafood such as shrimp, crab, and crab, with a sweet and delicious taste. A bowl of vermicelli consists of 5-6 beautiful white noodles, perfectly peeled shrimp, fish, tofu and herbs.

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With only 35,000 – 40,000 VND, you can enjoy delicious noodles. Noodle soup is often sold in local markets and seafood markets in Bai Chay, Ha Long, you can stop by to enjoy a delicious Ha Long breakfast!

Suggested address:

  • Khanh Tuyen – Seafood Noodles: Behind the hospital Baichai
  • Kim Thom Seafood Vermicelli – Delicious Breakfast Restaurant in Ha Long: No. 224 Phan Boi Chau, Bai Chai District, Ha Long City, Quan Ninh

1.2.Tom Yum Baichai Noodles

What to eat in the morning in Bai Chay What good breakfast in Bai Chay? The answer is Cu Ky Bai Chay Bun Cu Ky Bai Chay Bun Cu Ky Bai Chay is a unique Ha Long breakfast dish.

Wash the newly caught ticks and separate the claws and body. Steam the coriander and set aside. Boil the stem, remove the pulp, boil and decant the meat to make broth. After filtering the water, bring the grilled beef with garlic and bricks to make it fragrant, finally put all the beef and bricks into a bowl of white vermicelli. Inside was a pair of broken claws filled with water. When eating vermicelli, don’t forget to add herbs to make the noodles taste the best.

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A bowl of vermicelli with plump skinned shrimp. You can enjoy vermicelli at Bai Chay market on Gien Dong food street, a bowl of vermicelli costs about 35,000 to 50,000 VND.

Suggested address:

  • Fish noodle soup in the fishing village No. 1, Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City, Quan Ninh
  • Nguyen Dong food street: Ha Long City, Quan Ninh

1.3.The menu has squid rolls

Coming to Ha Long, you will definitely regret not trying white sticky rice with squid and squid. Grilled squid is one of the most famous dishes of Quang Ninh. Not only for main meals but also for parties and other important occasions Grilled squid with white sticky rice and Ban Keng. Breakfast in Ha Long is delicious and very cheap.

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Surely many of you have eaten white sticky rice or Ban Cuong sticky rice. But when you come to Ha Long, you will be surprised with the familiar breakfast menu. It’s not just minced meat and mushrooms. But there are also squid rolls, a plate of squid rolls or a bowl of sticky rice with squid ink that can be enjoyed on any street, alley or local market in Ha Long for about 15,000 VND for a bowl of rice!

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Suggested address:

  • Cay Bang squid cake (including sticky rice and squid cake): Alley of Cinema-Hongkai-Muang Halong-Kuang Ninh

1.4. Nodding cake

Sore throat cake is a one-course meal. Ha Long Breakfast Delicious, nutritious, cheap, so if you come to Ha Long you should try, roll the dough into a circle and pour it into many layers like a rice paper packet, cover and bake evenly. After baking, the baker takes it out and puts it on a tray and rolls it up like an index finger. When you lift the cake out, see the toughness, not broken, the cake is cooked.

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Nodding cake – when having the famous Ha Long breakfast You have to eat the sauce according to your own recipe. Distilled fish sauce from chicken fat, fried onions, fresh chili or even minced meat. To get a rich flavor served with delicious cakes, only 30,000-50,000 VND per serving can be made.

Suggested address:

  • Ha Long Night Market: Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Hung Thanh Ward, Ha Long City
  • Ha Long Market 1: Eucalyptus Street, Ha Long City, Quan Ninh

1.5. Tired Yakisoba

When it comes to delicious and cheap breakfast in Ha Long, Fried Noodles is a must, Yakisoba Ha Long has a distinctive flavor unlike any other. Ha Long trip If you don’t like yakisoba you won’t like it

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Gan is a popular seafood dish in Ha Long that looks like a clam. but larger than meatloaf contains many nutrients that are beneficial to the body. To complete the yakisoba You need to put the boa meat, chanterelle mushrooms and green onions in the pan and fry until crispy.

It’s a simple formula. But the yakisoba is delicious. This dish is served in seafood restaurants of Ha Long. In addition to Boas fried vermicelli, it can also be steamed, grilled, … bringing a unique and unique flavor that cannot be found anywhere else.

Suggested address:

  • A fishing village along the Chan River in Quang Yen
  • Ha Long fishing villages such as Cua Van, Vung Vieng …

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The 5-star restaurant system of Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long serves a delicious, nutritious breakfast in accordance with Ha Long standards. Located on Tent Island, Bai Chay, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province, Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long is one of the most luxurious resorts in Ha Long today.

Happy Ha Long

There is a system of high-class dining rooms designed in a luxurious modern style overlooking the sea. If you are looking for a delicious Ha Long breakfast place with 5-star service, this is the ideal stop.

Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long is a resort project located entirely on the sea. It features a beautiful curved design inspired by elegant antique French design.

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Visitors to Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long can experience a system of 5-star international standard rooms, fully equipped and serviced. panoramic sea and breathtaking views in the distance. The beautiful nature of Ha Long Bay We promise you an unforgettable resort experience.

>>> Book a room at Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long to enjoy a faithful Ha Long trip in the resort and enjoy many attractive specialties!

2. Hong Gai’s delicious breakfast includes 3 dishes!

2.1. Squid Roll Cake

Banh cuon is a dish that is no longer strange to many people, in the past, banh cuon was only served with grilled beef and cinnamon rolls. When you come to Hong Gai, enjoy the squid cake rolls. This is a very unique and attractive Ha Long breakfast.

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Hong Gai’s octopus kueng is coated with a special recipe with shrimp and dried onions inside. Served with squid cake The dipping sauce is also made according to Hongai’s own recipe and will be enjoyed when eaten. you will never forget it

Squid rolls can be eaten at many delicious breakfast restaurants in Hong Gai, one of them is Mrs. Ngan’s banh cuon at 34 Doan Thi Diem, Bach Dang ward (Hon Gai) Ha Long city, Quang Ninh. VND to 55,000 VND.

2.2. Char siu meat with white glutinous rice

White glutinous rice, shame meat made into a plate Ha Long breakfast Famous delicious and cheap should not be missed when traveling to Quang Ninh. Xiu Mai’s white sticky rice is made by washing fresh glutinous rice, soaking it overnight and then bringing it home. In addition, Xiu mai beef is steamed pork belly that is soft, and the cooked meat is bright yellow. and has a greasy smell Surely once you have eaten it, you will surely have an unforgettable taste.

Happy Ha Long

The famous white sticky rice costs only 15,000 VND and is sold at cinemas in Badang, Hong Gai, Quang Ninh in the morning, please try it.

2.3. Seafood vermicelli

Seafood vermicelli is available in many places, but Hong Gai seafood vermicelli in Quang Ninh is different. Bringing you a unique recipe that you won’t find anywhere else, Hong Gai Seafood Bun can be served with any meal of the day, including breakfast. Hong Gai seafood vermicelli bowl is only 40,000 VND with full shrimp, meat, crab, scallops, spring rolls, fish cakes, squid balls, raw vegetables and many other things.

Happy Ha Long

>>> Tips: Make a gift of Quang Ninh specialties.

3. Experience of having delicious and cheap Ha Long breakfast

Ha Long food, especially breakfast food, is very diverse. Therefore, finding a good breakfast place in Ha Long first will make your trip more meaningful and fulfilling. If you want to enjoy authentic dishes, it is fresh seafood that was purchased from a clear source that day. You should choose a restaurant that is particularly famous for seafood.

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In addition, for maximum travel convenience You can choose a place to eat near the hotel or choose a hotel with a system of professional service restaurants serving a variety of dishes to elevate one of the hotels. The most luxurious luxury in Ha Long today that you should not ignore. Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long.

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Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long is a sea-view resort built in classic French architectural style with an exclusive room system with panoramic sea views. PREMIUM FACILITIES AND SERVICES You are a great person Experience here Especially, Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long offers a 5-star restaurant system with a variety of Asian – European dishes. This ensures a memorable experience during your trip.

>>> Book a room at Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long now to experience Ha Long’s high-class service and delicious breakfast!

Hopefully through the above article about 8 dishes. Ha Long breakfast The detailed address of the restaurant will bring useful information for your family’s trip to Ha Long.

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