See the unique architecture of the Chinese Assembly Hall in Hoi An

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Chaozhou Chinese Center has a unique artistic architecture. This place has become a cultural tourist destination in Quang Nam. This is a work of great historical value.

If you have the opportunity to go to Hoi An, please stop by. Chaozhou Hall Discover the characteristics of Chinese architecture This is an event with a history of more than 170 years of formation and development. So it is a good place to improve your cultural knowledge.

1. Address Chaozhou Gai Kang

  • address: 157 Nguyen Hui Hyo – Hoi An – Quang Nam
  • Business hours: 7:00 – 17:00

Hoi An trip Today, as the choice of many domestic and foreign tourists, Assembly Hall of Chaozhou Chinese Congregation is located in a tourist area. Hoi An, can visit and check-in conveniently with this event. From Chua Cau, visitors go about 750m along Tran Phu street to pass Quan Cong Temple. Meeting point in Chaozhou

Chaozhou Hall

The building has outstanding architecture with a history of more than 170 years, the first impression of visitors is that the unique decorative wooden furniture is a beautiful work of art. Chaozhou Assembly Hall Hoi An also has many important historical stories. Bring visitors interesting experiences after the tour.

2. Historical Origins of the Chaozhou Overseas Chinese Center in Hoi An

Information about Assembly Hall of Chaozhou is known by many tourists before visiting Hoi An Heritage Site. The auditorium was built in 1845. This was the time when some Chinese migrated to Vietnam. The original purpose of the project was to be a meeting place for overseas Chinese from Chaozhou. So far, the event is more than 170 years old and has experienced many ups and downs.

Chaozhou Hall

when rebuilding Chaozhou Hall in Hoi An, only wooden materials were used, but after a while with the help of many people, the building used more modern materials and had a spacious appearance. than. but still retain the unique features of history and culture.

With a description of the Assembly Hall of Chaozhou Chinese Congregation, visitors can better understand the many historical stories behind the event. At that time, it was not only a gathering place for Chinese people. This is also the place to worship the river god, sea god and storm god. The reason is that most of the migrant workers coming here are fishermen who make a living by sea fishing, wanting to do business with favorable weather and make a living.

3. Unique architecture of Teochew Mansion in Hoi An

For those who love art Teochew Hall This place will definitely become a destination not to be missed. Here you can appreciate the art of embossed patterns. it is a common feature along with embossed art. Description of this work Visitors can see the talent and ingenuity of the ancient craftsmen in building the Triu Chau Auditorium.

The architectural beauty of this work is shown through details such as:

  • facade: In front of the building are many intricately carved walls. You can see many familiar shapes such as carp turning into dragons, four spirits, phalaenopsis …

Chaozhou Hall

  • Power socket: The building is designed with an architectural style that is stacked from the main materials of wood and stone. especially The body is molded with very sophisticated truss. The main side of the main railing has unique feather carvings, in addition, the electric houses are built according to high-rise architecture. The embossed floor depicts many flowers, birds, characters, etc. All other details are also delicately and softly shaped.

Chaozhou Hall

  • Main electricity: The great hall consists of three main compartments. The structure consists of large wooden poles and artificial bamboo poles. easy to see

Chaozhou Hall

  • Receiving: This is where the connection between the electrical outlet and the main hall is located. There were also things that were used as sacrifices during major festivals.

4. Festival activities at Chao Chew Tower

Usually, if you have the opportunity to travel to Hoi An and visit the meeting of the Chinese Congregation, you will discover unique architectural works. This is also an ideal check-in point, in addition, visitors can also attend the worshiping ceremony of Nguyen Thieu and the death anniversary of the ancestors. Visit this place on the 16th day of the first lunar month every year.

Chaozhou Hall

At this time, Teochew hall was elaborately decorated with flags and flowers. and prepare a complete and beautiful offering. Offerings include flowers, tea and savory food.

The ceremony takes place from 10am to 11pm, visitors as well as locals can witness and pay their respects to the ancestors. After this ceremony Fun activities and songs Many activities will be held to bring people together and make a real festival in Hoi An.

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5. Attractions around Chaozhou Overseas Chinese Center

Teochew Assembly Hall is located in the tourist area of ​​Hoi An Ancient City. This allows visitors to take the time to explore the entire Old Town, combined with many other attractions You can see the famous sights below.

  • Bridge tower: An ancient temple was built on a bridge over a stream in the old city. In addition to the outstanding architecture of the ancient city, this place is also a familiar check-in point for many tourists when coming to Hoi An.

Chaozhou Hall

  • Cantonese Auditorium: If the Chaozhou Chinese Hall meets and exchanges Cantonese Assembly Hall is also an important convention center for the Chinese. This is a typical architectural work for the cultural interference between Vietnam and China.
  • Duc An ancient house: The building is built in an architectural style that combines Vietnamese and Chinese traditions. With a history of nearly two centuries, this place is a stopover for many tourists when visiting Hoi An.

Chaozhou Hall

  • Hung Vuong Ancient House: This destination is located at 4 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, the attraction of this project is the typical beauty of East Asia. This place is known as the most beautiful old house in Hoi An.
  • Tanky’s Old House: This is also an old house with splendid architecture in Hoi An. But the old house in Tan Ky is designed in a very typical tube house style. This house was recognized as a national monument in 1990.
  • Fujian: This is one of the three most famous old houses in Hoi An. This place is also a religious heritage, unique beliefs of the local people.

Chaozhou Hall

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Chaozhou Hall

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Chaozhou Hall This is a place not to be missed when traveling to Hoi An – Quang Nam for the safest and most convenient journey. Visitors should include a tour of Hoi An or provide a detailed itinerary.

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