Seeesis opens a broken rice restaurant with Do Mixi and PewPew

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Three brothers Do Mixi, PewPew and Xemesis opened a broken rice restaurant together, VLTK spoofed a streamer to reveal hot clip to trick people, hot girl JAV got brutally stoned after video release. That’s all there is in the hot news today!

Three popular Vietnamese streamers, Xemesis, Pewpew and Do Mixi, today (June 18) announced the opening of the first broken rice restaurant after a long incubation period.

Do Mixi shared because it was a sensitive time, the epidemic was complicated, so he couldn’t direct the operation in the store. It seems that “Uncle” PewPew also had a similar situation when he was busy with the bakery, so now Xemesis will be the one directly overseeing the build and monitoring the progress. It is known that the three brothers’ restaurant is called Sa Bi Chuong, a rather peculiar name when read backwards. Some fans have wondered why ViruSs didn’t take part in the meeting with the Four Emperors, but currently ViruSs is busy with a personal project, so it’s not possible to join the Xemesis team, Team Mixi. Not due to friction like many people think.
Seeesis and Pewpew, Do Mixi open a broken rice restaurant 2
Fans are no longer surprised that Vietnamese streamers are gradually turning to the “left hand” profession. With more stores opening, fans of Xemesis, Do Mixi or PewPew have another way to support their favorite streamers by visiting their stores.

Hot Girl Movie 18+ criticized for her debut work with the ‘virgin’ label

Usually, when hot girls decide to enter the adult movie field, they are supported by the majority of the audience. However, there are rare instances of Makoto Toda being “stoned” by fans.
Hot girl film 18+ criticized for being labeled her debut work
Accordingly, like many new girls entering the realm of 18+ movies, audiences always have high expectations of their debut work. However, no one expected that their debut product, dubbed “Virgin,” would provoke countless negative reactions from audiences.
Hot Girl Movie 18+ criticized for captioning her first work
The quality of the film was not appreciated, even many viewers doubted the film’s “golden” label. Fans went 180 degrees after seeing Makoto’s debut, thinking she has no talent, is a hypocrite, the company just favors her. Rather than remain silent, Makoto spoke up and said she suffers from the celebrity effect, there will be some anti-fans who don’t like her, but as long as I stay true to myself and please everyone, I will i do it. will good. . all are not possible.

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VLTK claims to be “the owner” and uses tricks to rip off players

Vo Lam Truyen Ky (VLTK) was once a very popular game aged 8x, 9x. Until now, this is still a game that leaves a deep impression on the hearts of the players.
VLTK has confirmed this
Taking advantage of this point, there are many VLTK games on social networks claiming to be “the owner”. Many of them are products that are not licensed to operate in Vietnam, which means they are pirated. As if that wasn’t enough, even these self-proclaimed “original” games also use marketing tricks such as Permit”.
Self-detected VLTK
And of course gamers are the victims here. As already mentioned, since this is a pirated game, the server is very easy to “open”, someone loaded tens of millions the day before, the next day the game evaporated as if it had never appeared. Although the choice of the game to play is each player’s right, players should try to find out carefully and avoid the case of “Beating the Game”, just “coal”.
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