Seeing the whole ‘charming water’ of Nha Phu Bay captivates many visitors.

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Nha Trang Bay is known for its pristine beaches with pristine beauty and many interesting activities and experiences that visitors rarely find elsewhere.

Na Phu Bay With diverse experiences and beautiful, fresh natural scenery, this place attracts a lot of tourists not only from Vietnam. but also from all over the world Experience exploring this land AZ in your pocket right now!

1. Where is Neafu?

Naphu Bay (also known as Naphu lagoon) has an area of ​​1,500 hectares. It is located 15 km from the center of Nha Trang.This place is one of the largest bays of Khanh Hoa province. It is adjacent to two famous bays, Nha Trang Bay and Van Phong Bay.

It is called Na Hu because in the past, this place was called Na Hu in the ancient Cham language. The first person to live in this place. In other words, this was a place where fish and shrimp were abundant, and since the arrival of the Kin Tribe, the name was gradually changed to present-day Nyahu.

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1.2.The unique beauty of Nha Phu Bay

Bay of Nahu With a sufficient number of islands, streams, seas, lakes, mountains and bays. It has a diverse landscape, rich marine resources and is home to 232 species of plants. sparsely populated virgin scenery And pristine white sand beaches attract both domestic and international tourists.


2. Nyahu . Bay travel experience

2.1 When should I go to Nafu?

According to the weather conditions of Nha Trang Visitors can plan their trip to avoid the overlapping rainy and stormy seasons so that the travel process is safer. This is the perfect time to sail to the islands and enjoy the dry air and sunshine. and swim to be satisfied the period from January to September.


2.2. How to get to Ao Na Phu, Monkey Island

You can choose one of two ways to navigate to the bay:

  • Method 1: Self-sufficient travelers move to Da Chong Bridge, about 17 km from the city center. Buy tickets here and take the boat out to the bay (15-20 minutes).
  • Method 2: Book your tour and follow all tour guides and group guides.

Those who want to save time, travel costs and do not need to plan much will choose route 2. Young people who want to explore on their own and have a different schedule, choose route 2, a personal plan.


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  • Visit famous tourist attractions, Yaphu Lagoon, Koh Larn, Koh Ling…
  • Experience many exciting activities and games on the island such as sports racing, jet skiing, skydiving, kayaking, scuba diving…
  • Watch a show like no other Get up close and personal with friendly animals…
  • Check in at Studio, Skygate, Windmill…
  • No worries about traveling as we’ll pick you up downtown…

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2.3 Entrance fee to Ao Na Phu

  • Adults: 550,000 VND/person
  • kid: 350,000 VND/person

The above ticket price includes transportation (shuttle bus + canoe), entrance fee to the island, lunch at the restaurant, tour guide, used tourist hat. seats in a circus tour tent and a freshwater tank

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2.4.Experience choosing Nha Trang hotel in your Nha Trang trip

Many travelers choose to enjoy a variety of amenities. Attentive and luxurious service and easy access to many of Nha Trang’s attractions. Vinpearl Nha Trang hotel systemHere you can experience:

  • Check-in at your own private natural beach. away from the crowds and the hustle and bustle
  • Immerse yourself in the large outdoor infinity pool with sweeping views. Direct views of the vast coastline. while sipping a cool cocktail
  • Stroll and play along the white sand beach. and the roads dyed pink and purple of confetti.
  • Outdoor barbecues and lively pool parties are available in your villa or on the beach.
  • with spa facilities Modern gym, beach bar, tennis court, you will find absolute relaxation…

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3. What are you doing in Yaphu Bay?

3.1.Orchid Island – Emperor

Orchid Island, also known as the Orchid River, located on the Hong Hae Peninsula, is home to more than 3,300 species of plants belonging to more than 100 species of orchids, including swallows, daffodils, and Japanese cranes. Golden scallops, mokaras, dendros and jewels. Soil conditions allow seeds to grow and bear fruit all year round. Leads visitors to a very beautiful landscape.


3.2 Hong Lao – Monkey Island

Covering an area of ​​33 hectares, Monkey Island is home to about 1,000 monkeys. and long gray hair The monkeys on the island are brave and friendly. Therefore, often come to have fun and take pictures with tourists, in addition on Hong Lao island you can also see animal circus performances such as elephants, bears, monkeys, dogs…


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3.3 Yaphu Mangrove Forest

Protect the ecosystem and make a fence against dangerous natural phenomena. Nha Phu’s 40-hectare mangrove forest also attracts many tourists who love to explore. This is not just a flock of storks flying straight. but also a rich animal world with crabs, shrimps, snails and many other species


3.4. Koh Sam

Although the space is not large, Hong Sam is popular with fitness enthusiasts. Visitors can freely swim in the cool, clear blue water and participate in many interesting activities such as climbing, trekking, boating, jet skiing, scuba diving. Rowing …


3.5.Hong Thi – Ao Na Phu

Hongthi Beach still retains its natural, poetic and peaceful beauty for those who are looking for a natural space to relax. Photo opportunities and wildlife feeding such as deer and ostriches are rare on this island.

4. What to eat in Nahu . Bay

4.1.Enjoy delicious food at Nhahu Bay


When traveling to Nha Trang, you can skip the fresh and delicious seafood dishes, then come to Nha Phu Lagoon, the famous specialties of this place will surely make you addicted.

  • Oyster dishes: Oyster sashimi, fried oysters with onions, deep fried oysters, oyster cream sauce…
  • Mantis Red Lobster Pray Mantis
  • All kinds of fish, squid, snails, oysters
  • Moon crab…

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4.2.Enjoy seafood at the market

Located next to Koh Ling Nha Trang Pedestrian Street. The seafood market is also an interesting place for visitors to buy fresh seafood to bring back as gifts or enjoy on the spot. The experienced chefs here can respond directly to the preferences and needs of each customer.


Seafood such as fish, squid, tiger shrimp, crabs, mantises, snails, oysters are caught directly by fishermen on the island. or imported from Binh Luong port, so it’s very fresh in the morning. In particular, milk oysters, a specialty of Nha Hu lagoon, are often ‘hunted’ by tourists.

5. What attractions should be combined with a Nha Hu Bay tour?

5.1. Hon Tre Island

The complex of Vinpearl Nha Trang is an island with many leading entertainment activities and amusement parks. VinWonders Nha Trang, Tata Show , Vinpearl Golf , Vinpearl Diving Club , Vinpearl Imperial Club … Hon Tre always has a strong attraction in the hearts of tourists. Countless pleasant experiences make one just want to go home happily.

  • A really famous multimedia scene Tata Show Vinpearl Nha Trang with investment capital up to 10 million US dollars
  • The longest sea-crossing cable car in the world
  • Swing Vinpearl Nha Trang 3 unique notes
  • 700,000 green bougainvillea trees on Bamboo Island
  • 3.5 ha dedicated diving area.
  • Vinpearl Aquarium Nha Trang with the rarest sea creatures
  • The only fully transparent submarine in the world
  • Nha Trang Golf Course 18 holes international standard
  • The world’s most interesting “popular” game series conquers…

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5.2.Nimwan Bay

Ninh Van Bay can be likened to a ‘fairytale place’ in the middle of the world and a virtual living paradise for young people. The crystal clear blue waters of the golden sun and the majestic green mountains combine to create a very picturesque natural landscape. Here people can enjoy swimming, surfing, windsurfing, boating, camping on the beach. And watch the amazing sunrise and sunset…


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Bay of Nahu still maintains a contemporary beauty that attracts a large number of domestic and international tourists. Hope the above information will help your travel journey more complete and convenient!

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