Shopping at Grand World Phu Quoc – a unique experience in the city that never sleeps.

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Phu Quoc picked us up on a bright sunny afternoon. in the middle of late summer On the way from the airport to the hotel The smell of the sea and the laughter of passing cars soothe the fatigue of a long flight.

traveling Shopping at Grand World Phu Quoc It was a truly unique and memorable trip that me and my team took. When you walk on the shopping street, you don’t just own the products you love. but also experience the colorful Indochina Road area Admire the cultural beauty of Shanghai’s red light district or experience the thriving Mediterranean nightlife of Mallorca. You can also enjoy Yourself in full voice…

This trip to Phu Quoc was extraordinary. Because it was my four daughters’ 10th anniversary trip. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere in the middle of a busy shopping area in the heart of the Grand World Phu Quoc Sleepless Festival.

Sometimes the moment you receive your favorite item is not pure happiness. It’s a journey of searching and sifting to find the right item for you. My days wandering the shopping streets of Grand World made me understand that.

First impressions at Grand World Phu Quoc shopping mall

Our shopping trip started at Grand World, just 400 meters from the hotel. A colleague told me about the grandeur and vastness of this commercial complex. But when I arrived I was still amazed compared to the world class centers I have been to. Venice or Japan Grand World’s shopping street still amazes me.

The city is lined with thousands of apartment buildings as far as the eye can see. Shopping at Grand World Phu Quoc It captures all hearts There is a bustling Mediterranean ‘city’. Indochina streets with Asian flair and finally bustling and culturally rich Shanghai.

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Immerse yourself in the small and colorful spaces of Indochina Indochina.

Baisam O Grand World Phu Quoc

As the afternoon passed and we headed towards Indochina Road. The whole street lights up to welcome us, Indochine Street is located in the heart of Grand World, next to the lake and pedestrian street. It has a distinct Asian style, combining the beauty of Asian culture and European architecture. Familiar things breathe new life into exciting shopping trips. Grand World Phu Quoc.

I was immersed in a festival-like atmosphere with colorful and unique shops that clearly emulate Asia’s food and market culture.

Marketing culture in Asia has remained the same for generations. Merchants will have guilds and wards. Jewelry stores clustered together and clothing stalls side by side. Stop by a beautiful jewelry store, where sparkling earrings and necklaces catch your eye at first glance. Try on some silver earrings and beaded rings and choose a cute gift for yourself.

The shop is crowded, the noise of people, the sound of cups and the smell of food awakens late afternoon hunger. We quickly stopped for dinner at a crowded Thai restaurant. Here, the whole group had the opportunity to enjoy Tom Yum cooked in a Thai hot pot.

Experience the cross-cultural beauty under the red lanterns of Shanghai street.

Baisam O Grand World Phu Quoc

Continue shopping at Grand World Phu Quoc on Shanghai Road. Lost in the land of red lanterns hanging high in Shanghai We feel lost in the midst of the vibrant and diverse Chinatown.

There are many shops selling handicrafts and specialties from different regions. This is the most prominent feature of this area. The owner greeted us warmly and told us stories behind the craft and let us taste strange foods.

The pottery shop stopped me. A ceramic shop specializing in colorful plates, bowls, vases… This is a handmade ceramic shop, each product is sculpted, glazed and created by Bat Trang artisans. The products in the store are all unique.

Then we stopped at a beautiful clothing store with colorful tropical seafood dishes that our friends loved. We went from store to store and found the perfect gift for ourselves.

Mallorca’s vibrant Mediterranean nightlife – a place to relax after shopping at Grand World Phu Quoc.

Fame is the heart Grand World Phu Quoc Stop for a few seconds on the Mallorca road in the Mediterranean at night. I think I’m standing in the middle of Europe. On a bright and busy street in Spain And I had to stop, hastily took out my phone to record this moment.

The whole street was sparkling with bright lights and sweet sounds inviting us to visit. As you browse the shops and bars Some shops are calm and melodious. While some are vibrant and explosive, the guy “lights the fire” at NightZone 68, the busiest bar on the street Here, the shopping trip at Grand World Phu Quoc ends with strong alcohol and fiery music.

Baisam O Grand World Phu Quoc

Day by day Shopping at Grand World Phu Quocstroll through busy shops, find yourself a cute little gift, see bright smiles and pure happiness in each other’s eyes. Let’s date at Grand World Phu Quoc soon, brothers and sisters. You will be happy and enthusiasm shines here every day!

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