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This is an easy guacamole recipe. that takes you out of the kitchen and eating delicious “Chips and Goa” in 15 different locations. There are many sources of heat in this recipe. Jalapeño peppers are a popular spice ingredient. But you still get a hint of black pepper and cayenne.

You can eat right away. But guacamole tends to taste best after it’s been refrigerated for a while. It freezes and helps the flavors come together. An hour in the fridge is worth it if you have the time.

Use this simple guacamole recipe. with Mexican food (Tacos are delicious) with crackers or tortillas. Or try using it as an accompaniment. Pair them (as we do here) with cucumber slices for a refreshing and healthy appetizer. And, of course, these are just a few uses. Guacamole is very versatile.

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  • Spicy avocado appetizer: Butter and chickpeas go well together. It’s a great dipper for crudités.
  • Sriracha Carrot Dipping Sauce: Sour and sweet, plus some garlic from Sriracha.
  • Muhammara Dip: Made with red bell peppers and walnuts, with a dash of Aleppo pepper (or ground red pepper) for a warming sensation.

simple avocado sauce

simple avocado sauce

easy and delicious

Preparation time 15 minutes

Total time 15 minutes

  • Mash avocado in a medium bowl and mix with lemon juice and salt.

  • Add and mix chili powder, black pepper, and coriander.

  • Add jalapeño peppers, onions, tomatoes, and garlic to the mixture.

  • service.

Refrigerate for 1 hour before serving for best flavor.

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