Slow travel, the trend of the new decade

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Slow travel is now an alternative trend for many elderly people. In addition to satisfying the desire to visit and discover new places, resort tourism also helps the elderly to rest and exercise.

What is slow going?

In the last few years A whole new idea has emerged in the travel industry. traveling lateSlow tourism is loosely understood as a leisure travel experience and guided relaxation The main audience of this form of tourism is the elderly and middle-aged. thus spreading all over the world both in developed and developing countries UK, USA, France, Australia, Netherlands…

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Characteristics of slow travel

slow travel trend It differs from other forms of tourism in many respects, usually:

• Slow travel is a journey for all ages. But the most common age is the elderly over 60 years old.
• All tours are individually guided and are not intended to limit visitors.
• Destinations are usually quiet, slow and peaceful places, for example the old town, the sea, the countryside… Resorts and wellness facilities are also popular.
• Travel agencies now offer slow tours. variety both nationally and internationally
• Tourism usually takes place when the weather is cool.
• Travelers’ health is something to be focused on during the trip.
• The schedule is specially designed for the elderly.
• Experienced tour guide, easy to understand passenger psychology. We will then respond quickly to emergencies.

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Benefits of traveling for the elderly

Experts advise elderly people to travel if they are in good health. Because that’s the way to help you have a better quality of life, live longer and love life more. The elderly tourism model also reduces the risk of depression in the elderly, improves their mood by seeing beautiful sights that make them happier and creates more precious memories with their children and grandchildren, and at the same time save you money and have a chance to make new friends. Share happiness and care about old age like you.

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In fact In countries like Japan, Monaco, France, Singapore, Switzerland, etc., where people live longer. Tourism is one of the reasons. In addition to being in a good environment and eating the right food, it also helps them live longer. Therefore, it can be seen that the elderly need to give themselves the opportunity to live old age with a journey to improve their mental and physical health.


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Elderly Vietnamese welcome the slow travel trend

In the world Delayed travel mode It was known by many people. In the past few years Tourism trends are gradually being accepted and popularized in Vietnam. Traveling is no longer just a journey of youth. But old people can walk slowly. It is a trip for the elderly that allows you to release the loneliness of the old people and gain a lot of experience.

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To meet such demand, many travel agencies have launched expedition tours specifically for the elderly. And many tour operators and resorts are starting to focus on upgrading services for the elderly. making tourism trend slow development Among tourist and resort destinations across the country today. Vinpearl is the leading resort brand in terms of service quality and experience for all audiences, especially the elderly.

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Travel is always a precious spiritual gift for each person. Slow travel makes more sense than ever especially as you get older Send your parents on vacation. Visit here and there and discover the natural landscapes of new regions.

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