Squid fishing games, violent movies labeled 18+ confuse parents

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The film The Ink Game is intended for an audience of 18+, but is still judged to be too violent. Therefore, when watching this movie, children need the parental guidance.

Squid Game is a Korean TV series on Netflix

Although the content of the film is 18+, the ink game contains many death and blood scenes, so it attracts many underage viewers. This resulted in the film receiving mixed reviews from parents. Recently, the Parents’ Association in the US warned parents to increase their scrutiny of their children when information about films spreads on social networks. Just go online and they can find movies to watch and replicate these “violent” acts.
Squid fishing game with a great cast
According to Fox News, Ms Henson also mentioned Netflix’s very important responsibility to ensure young children are not exposed to this content on their platform. Regarding the responsibility of the school: Students are allowed to play simulation games in the film, but are not allowed to use violence. About the responsibility of parents: It is necessary to carefully study the content of the film before instructing children to watch it.
Ink Game Movie refers to Korean children's games

Currently, the movie “Squid Fishing Game” is spreading rapidly on platforms like TikTok, memes, real-life challenges, etc., causing many children to imitate this violent behavior. In many countries like the UK, Belgium, Thailand… Parents have also issued warnings to tighten up until the film’s sharpness wears off.
Squid fishing game made into a game
Currently, a series of games following the trend of this film are receiving strong support from the online community. Among them, Fish Game can be mentioned, this is a game similar to the red light running game in the movie Squid Game. With the same context in the movie, players will feel as if they are immersed in the movie and you can create the character entirely to your liking.
Although the film ended openly, many details are still not clear, many viewers including Innnewyorkcity VN are looking forward to the film will release Game Ink Part 2!

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