Star in 2022: Mixi-Team and shave your head for comedy

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Recently, the 2022-turned-star just dropped the trailer for Episode 2 featuring the male cast’s “shaved head,” causing the audience to “stand still” waiting for the new episode’s release. In particular, Do Mixi’s shaved head was noticed and expected by the audience.

Beggar of the Patriarch of Do Mixi in the “Scherkopf” stage.

To conform to the regulations of military life, it is common for the occupation to undergo a haircut to conform. This year’s male actors from Do Mixi, Duy Khanh, ST Son Thach to Anh Tu all had to “cut their hair” with 3 inch pointe shoes.
ST Son Thach adds more masculinity In the Episode 2 trailer that has just been released, the most notable is the Patriarch Mixi begging screen, literally as follows:
MIxi hasn't changed much The level of MIxi hasn’t changed much. I don’t know if Comrade Do is “light-hearted” or not, but netizens can’t help but laugh when he hears these pleas.
Duy Khanh is neaterDuy Khanh slimmer After the nail head is cut according to military standards, it can be seen that Do Mixi, ST Son Thach, Anh Tu and Duy Khanh with 3-inch military standard hair are more masculine and stylish.
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