Strange eating rituals in the world that are hard to believe are real

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.travel-mgz-art-details-info img {min-width:100%!important;height:auto!important;} article {background-color:#fff;} @media only screen and (min-width: 600px ) { .travel-mgz-art-details-info img {min-width:150%!important;height:auto!important;margin-left:-25%;} } The Maasai worship cow blood The Maasai are a group of people who Worshiping cow blood live in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. They are particularly known for their colorful fashion sense and unusual rituals and customs.

One of the strangest things is that the Maasai are very fond of cow blood and milk in their diet. While the Maasai used milk as a drink and butter, cow blood was revered as a divine drink. Cow blood is considered nutritious by the people here and only those who drink a lot are courageous.

But the peaceful ritual is on top of the world

The Maasai cut the bull’s artery with such precision that drawing blood does not even kill the animal, which prevents pain and is highly valued in the culture. Cow blood is also a ceremonial drink commonly enjoyed at Maasai weddings. Arctic Cuisine The Inuit are different from the rest of the world because they are the coldest and harshest place known to man. They had never grown crops, so the Inuit diet was fairly basic, with everything from walruses, whales, bears to fish that could be caught from the frigid waters of the Arctic.

But the peaceful ritual is on top of the world

There are hardly any spices or complicated recipes here, and many dishes are even served frozen. The “meat diet” has a body-warmth effect, makes the body healthy and fit.

But the peaceful ritual is on top of the world

In addition to the raw meat diet, the Inuit also have foods that are preserved for the cold winter. The most famous dish is the fermented bird Kiviaq, which has a very creepy way of processing and enjoying. A seal has been molted until there is a thick layer of fat beneath the skin. It is sewn up like a bag into which about 300 – 500 small auks fit. When the “pocket” is full, it is sewn shut and the stitches are greased to prevent flies. This seal, stuffed with dead birds, is buried under layers of rock for 3 to 18 months. Christmas Fried Chicken in Japan A rather interesting modern Japanese custom as the traditional Christmas meal across the country is KFC. This custom dates back to the introduction of fried chicken company KFC in the winter of 1970 to replicate the traditional American Christmas meal, where people substituted fried chicken for turkey.

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But the peaceful ritual is on top of the world

By 1974 the promotion had spread nationwide and the country had no true Christmas traditions that existed in Japan and KFC filled that void.

But the peaceful ritual is on top of the world

Today, KFC’s Christmas dinner consists of fried chicken, salad and traditional Japanese Christmas cake. An estimated 3.6 million Japanese families eat KFC during the holiday season and they are pre-ordered weekly. Spain’s Haro War has no shortage of exotic culinary events and rituals – like Bunol’s annual Tomato Fight, which is considered a legendary festival for locals and tourists alike. . Calendar.

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Less famous but also very interesting is the Haro Wine War. During the Haro Festival, participants will “attack” each other with thousands of liters of alcohol.

But the peaceful ritual is on top of the world

The festival can be traced back to the 13th century after a border dispute between Haro and the neighboring town of Miranda de Ebro. In the 17th century this war was broken and the residents of each town settled their differences by throwing wine at each other and a new tradition was born. Invite the Dead to Dinner The Toraja are an indigenous people of the Sulawesi region of Indonesia whose traditional culture resembles the history of many East Asian tribes. Same beautiful culture, amazing customs, but what makes the Toraja unique is their unusual approach to death.

But the peaceful ritual is on top of the world

After a Toraja member dies, they are not buried immediately, but several months later. The body is held by the family and participates in daily activities with all members. The Torajan believe that the spirits of the dead stay with them. And the new life of the dead does not just end immediately, but is still present in their homes, in their daily meals. Thorrablot Festival Central to Icelandic culture is the Thorrablot Festival, when people create dishes modeled after Thorri, the god of winter.

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But the peaceful ritual is on top of the world

Dishes tend to be whimsical, calling for intestines to taste like animal testicles or fermented shark meat (hákarl).

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Thorrablot traditionally lasts until the end of January, but many modern Icelandic families sometimes reduce it to one meal. Wazwan Wazwan is called the ultimate party. It is a tradition celebrated among the Kashmiris of northern India, dating back to the 15th century when Lord Timur’s invasion led to large numbers of cooks settling in the Kashmir Valley.

But the peaceful ritual is on top of the world

The feast consists of 36 hearty dishes, carefully prepared and cooked, the chef using only the finest meat (lamb, chicken or lamb) and vegetables. Each table is served in groups of four only and the food is served from a large plate called a traem. In the hours that follow, guests are treated to grilled meats, korma, lamb chops, chicken, yogurt, chilli sauce, meatballs, rogan josh, grilled lamb…

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Kashmiris take Wazwan food very seriously, considering it more of an art to be perfected than a regular meal, and the cooks in charge are called various Wazes, often masters of the craft. Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake is considered one of the “craziest” cultural activities in the modern world.

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At the cheese festival, there was initially no cheese. People drop things like burning bushes, candy boxes… to pray for good weather and good harvests. The path of this festival is quite simple, but no less dangerous: the famous Gloucester cheese block is the size of a lead tire, weighs 3-5 kg, is wrapped in wood and beautifully decorated. Then the organizers let it roll down a vertical drop about 200 m long from the top of the hill.

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But the peaceful ritual is on top of the world

The player has the task of chasing the cheese, whoever catches it is the winner. Vibrant Sardine Festival The title of Britain’s quirkiest food festival arguably belongs to the vibrant Sardine Festival, held each year in Surbiton.

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During the Sardine Festival, crowds gather in the town before following some fishermen down the Thames to cheer and support the teams trying to catch as many sardines as possible when there are no sardines. in the Thames.

But the peaceful ritual is on top of the world

Then, before catching sardines, four giant guinea pigs lead the crowd back to the local Claremont Park for a barbecue, music and games, most of which are fish-themed. Anchovy.

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