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In the context of the travel industry affected by the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the strange travel trend for 2020 has emerged.

social distance weird travel trend going strong in 2020

1. Virtual travel with virtual technology

Virtual Reality technology is an effective tool to support travelers to travel around the world at home through a computer screen, phone or TV with Internet connection…


Today, travelers are traveling the world from home to their destination, live streaming the scene and using 3D technology to visualize their travels. Visitors can experience the real thing. Immerse yourself in the scenery of your destination. and more importantly the safety of their own happiness

Try to imagine you’re in Vietnam. But you can take a virtual tour of Santa’s village in Finland. Or go to South Africa and visit a safari park. Thanks to social distancing A lot of people enjoy their crazy legs.

Pictures of travel trends compared to 3 men in 20204 photos of travel trends in 2020 vs

Keeping up with the trend of virtual tourism in technology 4.0, many attractions such as museums and zoos are quickly launching virtual tours to stimulate tourism demand during this epidemic season.

2. Going by plane doesn’t go anywhere.

Hundreds of Taiwanese passengers crammed onto an EVA Air flight at Taoyuan International Airport in early October. A flight with no destination in which the plane departs just to pick up passengers to explore the island and then return. Starting point.

                2020 travel trend photo, more than 5 years in the south

Taiwan Airlines includes airlines such as Singapore and Australia. It offers similar non-stop flights, in fact, these flights are intended to meet customers’ travel needs and maintain their profitability. airlines during the pandemic.

3. Dream trip

Dream trips are one of them. Strange travel trends will happen in 2020The “dream passport” allows you to set foot in the land you want to visit. The “Dream Passport” was developed using dream analysis technology jointly developed by a British travel agency and dream experts.

                Image of travel trends compared to 2020

We will repeat dream psychology techniques and meticulous travel planning for a dreamlike travel experience.

                A picture comparing tourism trends in July 2020

4. Traveling to remote areas

Traveling to remote areas satisfies your travel preferences while protecting and taking care of your health.
Many people are not afraid to spend money, looking to go to distant lands to experience travel. Limited number of rooms. And sometimes safety and distance are guaranteed, such as in remote mountains and underwater islands.

                Compare the top 8 tourism trends in 2020 in the southern region

5. More holidays Travel services will receive more incentives.

The more holidays, the better the travel service. Strange travel trends for 2020It’s reasonable to look ridiculous. Previously, the price of tourism services increased sharply during the holidays and Tet. And the peak season surcharge is also decreasing, everything will turn around in 2020, when airlines race to reduce ticket prices and work with business units and hotel managers to launch travel packages. calendar with many incentives for visitors

                Travel Trends So 9 Men 2020                Image of tourism trends in 2020 compared to 2010

In addition, many 5-star hotels around the world are launching preferential packages for regular customers. Including resorts in the Maldives, in Vietnam Vietjet is also reducing ticket prices by 30% for the upcoming Tet holiday, Vinpearl resorts launch incentive packages to encourage visitors such as Tet incentive packages. at Vinpearl. 55% with Vinpearl – Holiday deals

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