Streamer Mimi Chan livestreams nurses in costumes that “wear like they don’t wear”.

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Recently, the online community seethed because streamer Mimi Chan’s nurse cosplay was too sexy and daring to air.

Extremely burning eyes with the “cool” outfit of “Nurse” Mimi Chan

This female streamer recently caused the entire online community to find information about her sexy cosplay that some people even feared she would be caught with “random” moments in mid-air.

Notably, this beautiful Vietnamese girl was wearing a nurse’s bib and tight pants in the latest live stream. This can be considered sexy 18+ cosplay as many people comment that it only covers sensitive areas.
Super sexy nurse Mimi Chan cosplay
Mimi Chan's bold show-off outfit right after the broadcast
Mimi Chan, also known by her real name Pham Minh Chau, is a beautiful cosplayer and gamer who is quite famous in both the LoL community and Overwatch.
Mimi Chan is a beautiful cosplayer and gamer
Mimi Chan pursues professional cosplay with a sexy image
With a hot body, a bulging 3rd round and the ability to play games like no other, she quickly attracted a huge following. She mainly livestreams in her spare time, but every time she shows up she is struck by a very sexy cosplay.
Cosplay in bold style
Mimi Chan always appears with the image that burns viewers' eyes because of her perky breasts
As you can see, Mimi Chan’s nurse cosplay is really daring and eye-catching this time! Follow Innnewyorkcity VN to update more hot news!

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