Strengthening the capacity to deal with crisis communication in the tourism industry

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On June 1, the Gender Equality Project Board, Planning and Investment Department cooperated with the Project Management Advisory Group “Promoting Gender Equality by Improving the Efficiency of Agricultural Production and Tourism Development”. Tourism in Lao Cai and Son La Provinces (GREAT Project)” organized a training program on risk management in the tourism industry.

This is one of the activities as part of the GREAT project’s response to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. The training program involved GREAT project consultants and experts, some specialized agencies in the field of culture and tourism and the GREAT project management in Lao Cai province.

Look at the training session. In one day, the consulting team conducted a pilot training course on risk management in the tourism industry. Participants were trained in crisis communication skills. In particular, training to build consensus on the dangers of a crisis; understand the situation, what constitutes an incident – ​​a problem – a crisis; Understand the gaps and weaknesses of the organization and the surrounding operating environment, build a responsive mindset and reduce risk. From there, delegates learned from experiences in building a crisis management team; align the planning process and reflect the desired outcome; Develop scenarios and strategies to deal with possible situations.

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Group activities to practice crisis communication. In attending the training, the trainees were guided by the Advisory Group to practice a series of exercises on risk planning and top priorities, crisis assessment and communication frameworks; effect and counteraction. Training activities are simulated by real events in Lao Cai Province or hypothetical situations for exercise groups to develop handling scenarios.

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