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Festivals in Nha Trang always attract tourists from all over the world by interesting and attractive experiences. Find out what festivals are celebrated in Nha Trang and how they are.

Nha Trang is home to a rich cultural history and many unique ancient festivals. Join us on a journey to discover this beautiful bay. Festival in Nha Trang such as Hung Temple Festival, Thap Ba Festival, Kho Ku Festival, Um Jua Festival…

1. Nha Trang Sea Festival

What is Nha Trang Sea Festival? This is an important activity to promote local cultural tourism activities for both domestic and international tourists. The festival lasts 4-5 days with many exciting and attractive events to honor the beauty of culture and people of Nha Trang, including:

  • fish festival
  • food Festival
  • folk play.
  • scientific seminar
  • Exhibition, cultural art exhibition
  • Sports activities such as swimming competition beach volleyball beach volleyball
  • Fireworks

Annual Nha Trang Sea Festival?

Nha Trang Festival was first held in 2003 and takes place every two years in the summer. Visitors will witness a special festival. The art and culture event was attended by many famous singers, actors and artists.

record: If you want to attend Nha Trang festival in high season You should book your flight/train/car ticket and hotel room early. To avoid room shortages and high prices when booking close to the date.

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2. Kochi . Festival

The Hang Pagoda Festival reminds us of Phu Tho province. But Nha Trang also has festivals commemorating the history of Vietnamese ancestors.

When coming to the Hung Temple Festival in Nha Trang, visitors will have the opportunity to:

  • The procession of flower palanquins, incense offering to show gratitude to ancestors and pray for national peace and prosperity.
  • Immerse yourself in the dignified atmosphere with the people and city leaders.

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time: 10/3 of the lunar calendar every year

Position: Hung Vuong Temple, Ngo Gia Tu Street, Nha Trang City

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3. Nha Trang Whale Festival

For the people of Nha Trang sea, whales have long been gentle and rare creatures. And they often help fishermen stuck at sea. Therefore, they need to be respected and honored. Villagers tend to avoid calling whales directly. Instead, call them ‘Ca Ong’ or ‘Mr Nam Hai’.

Also, mourning the fishermen. They also built the Tomb of Ong and held an annual festival in Nha Trang very solemnly.

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Nha Trang Whale Festival includes activities such as:

  • A popular ritual is to pray for good weather. Together with fishermen to protect the sea, the waves are calm and the sea is calm.
  • The dance and singing performances of Ba Trao end the ceremony and start the worshiping part (lasting from 5-7 days).
  • Unique and attractive folk art performances

time: his death (dead whale) and two-day sacrifice in spring and autumn.

Position: Tomb of Ong, Nha Trang

4. Kakuo . Festival

Nha Trang fishing festival has long become a tradition of fishermen in the sea. Originating from the worship of Nam Hai, Nam Hai Day, today known as Kaê Festival, Cau Ngu Festival of Khanh Hoa province takes place in a vibrant, bustling and energetic scene. It includes activities such as:

  • color matrix
  • Nghinh Ong Ceremony (Tide Welcome Ceremony)
  • consecration ceremony
  • Hobatra folk game
  • Chief of staff
  • Ritual and the Sun King
  • Sonna (to the sea god)

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in general These festival rituals are typical for Ca Gu festival in the South Central region in general. and especially in Khanh Hoa Province.

time: Held for three days and nights in February or March according to the lunar calendar, the annual fishing festival celebrates the fishing season.

Position: It will be held both in the village and at sea. with Langon as the center

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5. Monkey Festival

Saru Matsuri (also known as Kaikaka Matsuri) is organized to demand environmental protection and to cooperate to protect the oceans and ecosystems of the island.

Monkey Festival features impressive events such as:

  • Canoes, jet skis and monkeys lead the procession, followed by 10 boats taking tourists to the island.
  • Visitors can immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere simulating Whoreson Mountain from the story of Journey to the West.
  • Koh Monkey’s signature activities such as fruit offering ceremony Live music and art performances boat racing photo contest, net weaving, handicrafts Monkey circus performance with actors, make-up I will meet friend
  • Watch hundreds of monkeys enjoy an epic fruit party.

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time: Usually the first Saturday of June every year

Position: Hong Lao (Monkey Island), a tourist attraction in Nha Trang

6. Nha Trang Bird’s Nest Festival

Since 2013, Nha Trang City has allowed Khanh Hoa Salanganes Nest Company to organize “Nha Trang Salanganes Nest Festival”.

Highlights at Nha Trang Sarangane Salanganes Nest Festival:

  • Hold a ceremony to pay respects to ancestors and honor the farming and processing of swallows.
  • Quan ho singing, dancing and singing competition
  • A stall showcases special oatmeal products.
  • Visitors have the opportunity to take a cruise to the island and directly see the “castle” built by swallows in the caves of the island.

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time: 10/5 lunar calendar every year

Position: Yen Hong Noi Island, Nha Trang City

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7. Am Jua Festival

Am Chua Festival (also known as Tianyana Festival) in memory of Goddess Tianyana, whom locals worship as Lady Chua Xu, Mother of the Earth. Outstanding activities at Am Chua Festival:

  • Worshiping activities, incense burning ceremony
  • The blossoming flower dance is a dance related to the legend and story of the goddess Tian Ya Na.
  • Lion parade, lion dance of lion troupes inside and outside the province
  • Folk activities such as swinging, singing hut…

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time: March 1-3 every year according to the lunar calendar

Position: Am Chua Cultural Area – Dien Dien Commune, Khanh Hoa Province, Nha Trang City

Am Chua festival is one of the festivals of Nha Trang. Many traditional cultural rituals of Vietnam are still preserved in Khanh Hoa, showing the beauty of Mother Goddess worship.

8. Ponagar, Ponagar, Nha Trang

Thap Ba Festival in Nha Trang also has other names such as “Ponagar Festival”, “Tian Yana Than Mao Festival” and “Bier Ba Festival”.

This is also a traditional festival of Nha Trang and has been included in the list of national intangible cultural heritage since 2012.

Main events of Ponagar Festival:

  • Ceremony of offering incense, candles, flowers, fruits
  • Take a shower/change clothes
  • dancing lady
  • Sailing
  • boy singing in the night

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time: Every year from March 20-23 of the lunar calendar.

Position: Ponagar Tower – Vinh Phuoc District, Khanh Hoa Province, Nha Trang City

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9. Nha Trang International Yacht Festival

Nha Trang is considered one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam and is famous around the world. Therefore, this is a potential destination for international yachts and ships. The Nha Trang International Yacht Festival is an opportunity to interact with dozens of yacht clubs from 22 countries around the world. Including Singapore, Turkey, Brunei, Dubai, Canada, USA, Brazil, Argentina and South Africa, China, Germany, Italy, France … and business owners owning luxury yachts. yacht builder

Special events of Nha Trang International Yacht Festival:

  • Sea theme painting contest
  • organize a boat race
  • international food festival
  • international performing arts

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time: Held every two years from July 11-15

Position: Nha Trang coastal city Khanh Hoa province

Nha Trang Festival is an important event to promote the image of the country, its people and especially the cultural and island tourism potential of Khanh Hoa province. Vietnam At the time of concurrent merger

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10. Festivals and performances at Vinpearl Nha Trang

Besides experiencing traditional festivals in Nha Trang, visitors can also visit VinWonders Nha Trang, a modern, world-class theme park with many exciting festival activities. Beautiful art shows and more, free to explore.

  • A true blockbuster show by Tata.
  • Water musical performance
  • bird show
  • Show dolphins and seals…

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of the Festival in Nha Trang This place has become an attractive rendezvous for both domestic and international tourists. Not only that, Nha Trang tourism also impresses with new things. There are many interesting things that visitors should visit and experience on their own.

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