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Not only is the LPL an area that boasts a world-renowned team of players, but it also has a nice lineup of League of Legends WAGs that will make everyone jealous.

Top WAGs League of Legends LPL

Behind a successful man there is always the shadow of a first class WAG. Let’s explore the super products of the LPL space with Innnewyorkcity VN. From gamer friends to moderators and commentators of League of Legends tournaments.

1. Uzi’s girlfriend – Aomi

The male king of LPL Uzi not only keeps fans admiring for his superiority, but also makes fans jealous when he makes his girlfriend public. The guy’s girlfriend’s name is Aomi, she is beautiful, young and very personable with tattoos on her body.

2. DoinB’s girlfriend – Umi

From the moment she appeared on the stand and cheered on DoinB, Umi was in the spotlight thanks to her extraordinary beauty. It wasn’t until DoinB publicly confirmed that Tieu U is his girlfriend that the fan base took notice of the couple’s beauty. It is known to be one of the most famous League of Legends in the LPL region as well.
DoinB's girlfriend - Umi

3. Rookie Girlfriend – Hilda

After the 2018 World Cup, Rookie sent fans panicking when he published this article “You’re the best for me” and tagged Hilda’s Weibo. Hilda is a LoL WAGs, an eSports MC known for appearing in every LPL tournament and has thousands of fans due to her charm and beauty.
Rookie Girlfriend - Hilda

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4. Ming’s girlfriend – Ye Yi

The RNG team’s WAGs surprised the fan base because they were so beautiful. It is known that she is a famous model and blogger. The pink ball is always next to the guy who supports Royal Never Give Up – Ming makes a lot of fans jealous.
Ming's girlfriend - Ye Yi

5. Female MC Candice

Candice is a famous MC, commentator on LPL tournaments. She had a dramatic love story with BLV Quang Trach Nguyen.
WAG's LoL Female MC Candice

6. Editor Zhou Shuyi

Chow Shu Di is a Chinese streamer, MC and LoL commentator. She was once suspected of having an affair with a famous League of Legends player, but it was denied.
BLV Zhou Shuyi WAG's League of Legends

7. GALA girlfriend

Many rumors about the pink ball behind the talented young player made many people curious. It is known that the pink shade of GALA comes from the Chinese elite, studied in Australia and has outstanding beauty.
Girlfriend GALA WAGs League of Legends
What are the LPL WAGs most admired and envied by Innnewyorkcity VN fans? Please leave a comment to let us know.

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