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The application supports searching for information, booking services, electronic payment and optimizing the travel experience. In particular, visitors can use this application for the first time to send feedback to the authorities.

Travel card supports convenient payment, intelligent experience According to the Tourism Information Center, Vietnam Travel Application – Vietnam Travel is the official application of the National Administration of Tourism and is an effective tool to support tourists. From finding information, booking services (airplane tickets, hotel rooms, sightseeing tickets…), electronic payments, optimizing travel experiences, to helping visitors rate and provide feedback on service quality for protection. Vietnam Tourism application was officially launched by Tourism Information Center (VNAT) 2 years ago with the name “Vietnam Safe Travel” application – Vietnam Safe Travel to implement program to promote Inland Tourism launched by Ministry of Tourism. Culture, Sports and Tourism with the theme “Safe and Attractive Vietnam Tourism”. Since its launch, the application has evolved into a travel companion with features that help users have a safe trip in the context of the epidemic, such as: B. digital tourist maps and updates. Epidemic situation in the locality, tracking of travel service companies to ensure safety according to the regulations of state administrative agencies, registration to participate in safe tourism programs… This time, visitors can especially report to local authorities using the app first. authorities when there is a problem with the quality of service. During the epidemic, the Viet An Tourism application was effective and made practical contributions to ensure the safety of tourists, industrial workers and the community from the Covid-19 epidemic. contribute to the successful recovery of the domestic tourism market. Over the past 2 years, the Vietnam Travel application – Vietnam Travel has been continuously updated and expanded with many new and modern technology utilities in order to offer the greatest convenience to the visitors. What is special is that visitors can now register on the “Vietnam Travel – Vietnam Travel” application to issue a Vietnamese Card – Smart Travel Card (electronic card). This is a strategic product in the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism’s intelligent tourism ecosystem, which is fully integrated with the functions of a bank card to help users make convenient and secure electronic payments; earn points, enjoy preferential policies and promotions; Used in many fields such as healthcare, education, transportation, etc. At the same time, visitors can easily make many transactions and payments online through the application “Vietnam Travel – Vietnam Travel”. such as: booking airline tickets, booking hotel rooms, buying electronic tickets for attractions, buying goods online, buying and managing insurance purchases, contacting service providers through Vietnam Tourism Yellow Pages… The application also supports tourists with tour management functions for Capture and effectively manage their itinerary.

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Through the Vietnam Travel – Vietnam Travel application, visitors can easily make a number of transactions and payments online. To protect the interests of tourists, the application continues to improve the support function to send feedback to the authorities. This feature allows visitors to rate the quality of service at travel destinations, as well as send feedback on the quality of tourism products and services when they have problems with management agencies or travel agencies. Tour that the customer is purchasing the tour to protect the legitimate interests of the customer. This is a content of the cooperation program between the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and the General Department of Market Management to strengthen tourism business activities and protect the interests of consumers. In addition, in the “Vietnam Travel – Vietnam Travel” application, visitors can also view information about travel companies, tourist accommodation, contact tour guides, as well as get information about travel agencies, travel services, attractions and itineraries through digital connection. Information channels of the General Directorate of Tourism. Vietnam Travel App – Vietnam Travel is an attempt to promote digital transformation in Vietnam’s tourism industry

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