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Sung Sot Cave is one of the must-see places when coming to Ha Long Bay – Quang Ninh, first-time visitors will not be surprised by the shimmering beauty of the cave.

Year 2012, Soong Sot Cave It has been ranked as one of the 10 most beautiful caves in the world. According to the vote of the Tourism Committee and the Czech Association of Brokers. Let’s explore the mysterious beauty of this place through the article below.

1. Introduction to Soong Sot Cave

1.1.Introduction to Tham Sung Sod

Cave of Wonders Located on Bo Hong Island in the center of Ha Long Bay, Bai Chay District, Quang Ninh Province..


Regarding the origin of the specific name “Cave Sainte”, in 1901, a French scientist visited this place and named the cave, an amazing and amazing cave “Grotte de la Surprise” “.

1.2 Unlock the legend of the cave

An old legend about the history of Sung Sot cave says that, after defeating the invaders, Saint Jon rode a cloud to fly to the sky. make people believe and leave his precious swords and horses to fight evil spirits and demons. The perfect place to keep every trace of heroism and glorious battles of the past is Tham Sang Sot. even small ponds Inside the cave used to be a path for horses.


1.3. How to get to Surprise Cave in Quang Ninh

From the center of Ha Long city, you drive about 4 km along Hai Quang street to Bai Chai ferry, from here take a canoe or boat to the south about 14 km to Bohoong island. that is the location of Sham Son Sot


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2. Song Sot Cave in Ha Long Bay What’s so beautiful?

Discover the wonders and uniqueness of this famous cave:

2.1.The road to the Deep Soup is hidden under the shade of the tree.

When coming to Bohong Island, visitors have to climb 50 stone steps and down 10 stone steps to reach the mouth of the cave and explore Song Sot cave. The path leading to the cave passed through leafy forests and jagged stone steps.


To enter the 12,200m2 wide cave, 30m high, you have to squeeze through a narrow rock crevice. Along the 800 m long stone path, the beauty of the cave gradually rises. It looks beautiful and enchanting to the eyes of visitors.

2.2.A masterpiece in action causes “surprise” and surprise

Ultra low emits soft light. Follow the rocky paths on both sides of the cave. It adds to the beauty of this Ha Long landscape.

Cave of Wonders It consists of two main compartments, in the first compartment, the ceiling of the cave is lined with many layers of ‘Velvet Carpet’ with sparkling stalactites, stone statues, elephants, flowers, seals… appearing to captivate visitors.


Going to the second compartment you will find yourself in a completely different scene with a huge cave that can hold thousands of people. Visitors will appreciate the images associated with the legend of Saint Jean. Next to the entrance is a stone block in the shape of a horse and a Sangyeon longsword. In the cave there is a small pond and a lake that looks like Gion horse road.

The way to the top of the cave opens before visitors “Suan Luang” with a clear lake. All kinds of plants and many kinds of birds. Crowds of monkeys often come here to eat the fruit. and this area is chaotic

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3. The ticket price to enter the cave is the same as in Ha Long.

To explore Sung Sot cave, visitors must buy tickets to visit the bay and train tickets to move specifically:

3.1. Ticket prices and how to buy tickets

Sung Sot Cave is one of the tourist attractions of Ha Long Bay route 2, so if you want to visit this mysterious cave. You must purchase a ticket for Route 2 Ha Long Bay.

The second tourist route is the Cave Park Conservation Center. Including attractions: Si Sim island, Ti Bon island, Son Sot cave, Bon Nau cave, Ho Dong Tien cave, Luong cave, Trong cave, Tin Nu cave and My Kung cave.


Route 2 is a 6-hour day trip that includes caving, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, speedboating, and bay views.

Ticket prices for route 2 are as follows:

  • Tickets for today: 290,000 VND/person;
  • Ticket price for 2 days 1 night: 590,000 VND/person;
  • 3 Days 2 Night Tickets: 790,000 VND / person

Visitors must buy tickets at the two main piers in Ha Long.

  • Tuan Chau international passenger ship port: Visitors just need to enter the main entrance. Look inside and see the ticket counter on the right of the pier located on Tuan Chau island, about 12 km from the center of Ha Long.
  • Ha Long International Passenger Terminal: Located in the heart of Ha Long city This is a new port that has been open since 2019.

3.2 Save something

3.2.1. General ticket discount

implementing the project to stimulate tourism demand after COVID-19 Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee approved the project. Admission 50% off Ha Long Bay until the end of 2021


Especially on public holidays (April 21, April 25, April 30, May 1, June 1, June 28, July 9, July 27, August 19, September 2, January 1). 10, 20/10, 30/10, 12/11). , November 20 and December 22), visitors 100% free.

3.2.2. In case of exemption or reduction of airfares

  • Children under 1.2 m tall or under 7 years old: 100% fare exemption;
  • Children from 7 to under 16 years old: 20% discount on ticket prices;
  • Seniors over 60 years old: 50% off ticket price

When buying discount tickets Buyers are required to provide identification documents such as ID card/identity card, student card, birth certificate of children.

3.3 Rent a boat to visit the bay

After buying tickets, visitors must rent a boat to visit the bay. Both costs are charged separately for admission tickets purchased from the Bay Management Board and private charter fees.


Private boat rental rates for Route 2 (with Sung Sot Cave) are set by the Ha Long Bay Management Board as follows: 200,000 VND/person.

There are 3 ways to rent a boat:

  • Please contact Halong Bay cruise operator.
  • Book a charter through a travel agency.
  • Booking Please contact the cruise ship owner directly.

3.4. All travel expenses

To make it easier for you to imagine The following is the cost of visiting Song Sot Cave in 2021:

  • Line 2 fare: 145,000 VND/pax (daytime), 295,000 VND/pax (1 night 2 days), 395,000 VND/pax (2 nights 3 days) This price is 50% off according to the tourism stimulus program.
  • Rent a boat: 200,000 VND/person


Total reference cost:

  • Go for today: 145,000 + 200,000 = 345,000 VND/person;
  • 1 night 2 days 295,000 + 200,000 = 495,000 VND/person;
  • Expected 3 days 2 nights. 395,000 + 200,000 = 595,000 VND/person

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4. Where should Sang Sot Cave go?

Visitors to Ha Long and visiting Song Sot Cave have a variety of accommodation options. One of the addresses with good reviews from tourists is Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha LongThis property meets the needs of visitors for a comfortable and classy resort. especially:


  • The resort is a sophisticated and luxurious space on an elegant and elegant white background. All rooms have sea views that will heal weary travelers.
  • Guests can enjoy high-class facilities such as:
  • The kids in the family can also have a fun stay at the Kids Club. painting the statue Painting in the sand…

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5. Experience Sung Sot Cave in Ha Long Bay

Here are some things travelers need to know when visiting Song Sot Cave in Ha Long Bay:


  • April to June is the best season to travel. Around this time, the weather is good, sunny and not many tourists come to Ha Long.
  • You should dress modestly. pack less And wear sport/climbing shoes to easily conquer the terrain here.
  • Apply mosquito and insect repellent before entering Koh Bo Hong and exploring the caves.
  • Please bring a flashlight if necessary
  • Visitors should combine visiting Sung Sot cave with other famous attractions in Ha Long Bay such as Koh Soi Sim, Tham Luang and Koh Tee Bon.

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Cave of Wonders Visitors are truly ‘admired’ by the radiant magical beauty that the Creator has bestowed on this place. Over the years, this wonder cave attracts many tourists who love to explore the beauty of Ha Long Bay. So, if you come to Ha Long, you must definitely not miss this interesting attraction!

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