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Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the concept of digital nomadism has become widespread and has attracted the attention of a large number of young people. Digital nomads are literally referred to as “digital nomads”. Just a laptop and wifi in every place, this is the place for those who follow this lifestyle.

Nguyen Thuy Trang (26 years old) is a travel blogger, content creator and freelance writer. Known as a multitasker and travel enthusiast, Thuy Trang has won many tours both domestically and internationally. Not only that, she has left her comfort zone to pursue a digital nomadic lifestyle – traveling and working at the same time. Thuy Trang traveled across Southeast Asia in 600 days from March 2018 to March 2020. She intertwines at home and abroad and shares her travels. So constantly on the move, she has discovered many countries in Southeast Asia so far.

Nguyen Thuy Trang (26 years old) is a travel blogger, content creator and freelance writer A simple understanding of the nomadic lifestyle of the era Thuy Trang is a lover of freedom, loves to travel, the Covid -19 pandemic is a challenge for everyone, but for them it is a challenge. became a breakthrough on their future path. And she chose digital nomadism, traveling the world and working online, independent of space and time. Digital nomad is an English word for people who do not work in a fixed place. In a word, “digital” refers to technology, machinery, equipment, digital; “Nomad” refers to people who lead an ever-changing lifestyle, often staying in one place for a month, a year, or two. Then they teleported to another country.

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Thuy Trang’s trip to Ladakh Digital Nomad isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle. This concept was popular in the world, but it is still quite new in Vietnam, not many people know about it except those who have traveled abroad or settled abroad. When asked about the chance of joining the digital nomads, Thuy Trang said that before she was 22, all she thought about was working, getting married, having children and settling down than the societal norm until now. She gradually discovered that she had a hobby of traveling and exploring. Being a freelancer allows her to travel extensively and better understand her passions. She knows many people without a home or a car, they live and work in “mobile homes” like tents, move around, live as nomads. And freelancers are also part of the digital nomad lifestyle.

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Before becoming a straight girl living with a colorful and flamboyant youth like now, Trang was also a rather shy and steadfast person. Thuy Trang confided, “Even though I’m constantly moving from one province to another, from one city to another, I still work online (still writing screenplays, making music, writing reviews…) and find it very rewarding. Despite living within the client’s framework, but having flexible schedules depending on where I work and a passion for discovery, I’ve become a true digital nomad “by accident.” The essence of working online, Thuy Trang offers 3 key skills , necessary to enter the nomadic life in the digital age, firstly, is the ability to work independently in her own limited liability company, both as a boss and a cashier, and as a saleswoman to run her own work smoothly, she also balances travel and fun have with a reasonable time management to ensure appointments for customers, the second is the ability to do many things at the same time (multitasking) to be able to adapt content well to the work environment, develop strategies for KOLs, brands…

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Thuy Trang’s trips are usually short, around 1 month at most. The third is financial management skills. Depending on the standard of living and the local exchange rate, calculate how long you will stay. It is more economical to stay in one place for a long time than to move for a short time or constantly. If you walk enough you know the price and reasonable places to eat. Then you are no longer a tourist, you see the destination as a second home and you will feel like a real local. For those who follow a digital nomad lifestyle, no day will ever be the same. “My day starts pretty late. Like the 12 day trip to the Central Highlands in March 2022 as we travel, meet, work with partners and spend the evening doing various things. To ensure these things, I go up my to-do list every day and filter out the most important things that I need to prioritize,” Thuy Trang confided. Thuy Trang’s trips, balancing hobbies and work, are usually brief, at most a month Before she leaves, she writes down the main tasks she does like how much time this job takes in a day/week, plus daily tasks like composing music, writing screenplays, writing from newspapers… She makes up for the time required Travel, organize places for Fit Her luggage is a phone to solve simple things, when she is away for a long time she takes turns bringing a laptop to work.

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Page’s day in the digital nomadic life will never be the same. Thuy Trang hopes that this lifestyle will become known to more people and become a lifestyle, especially among young Vietnamese. Don’t quit, don’t work, work remotely, still contribute, create values ​​for life and still find passion for yourself. You don’t have to leave the city to go to the woods , but quit your job to get more jobs and more life experience. With a digital nomadic life, Nguyen Thuy Trang has inspired young people to both travel and carry their laptops across the globe.

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“Crazy, free, creative” are 3 words that Thuy Trang says about himself. This is the promised land which has brought me much value through recognition over the years. A piece of golden land has many things to use to live and explore,” Thuy Trang shared.

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