Suspense: Sena was accused of cheating 2 billion into gambling despite promising to pay back her salary

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As he left the roof of Mr. Ba’s SBTC and returned to stream on the NimoTV platform, it seemed like Principal Sena would switch after promising to “fix the law.” But lately, fans have been upset again as he continues to be involved in a fraud case and threatens to go to court.

Horses get used to the old ways – Sena cheats and plays again

After claiming to “make life new, making money to pay off debts” and appearing regularly on live streams, many people genuinely believe that Mohamed Sena died after the shock of paying his VND 1.3 billion debt could not settle, “turned over”. and Mr. Ba went their separate ways. But the storm hit him again when a member of the media team released a status accusing this former player of cheating and appropriating 2 billion dong.
On Sunday morning (July 11), the alleged Sena manager’s status lines caused a stir in the public. In particular, the status line posted by this manager on MXH Facebook revealed that his own 2 billion dong was taken by Sena and baked into football bets.
Sena is accused of 2 billion fraudInitially, many people asked Sena and her team if they made “dirty content” to get attention. But then the owner of the status line completely corrected the incident. Even the former “Global Forbidden” Zeros player released information confirming that Sena had loan sharks and Lok was also afraid to lend 100 million VND to “Si Tu”.
Sena bet 2 billionThe image of Sena with a promissory note and a pale face led many netizens to think he was “being tempted for a match.” But Em Tu is still due by 6pm this afternoon (July 11) to repay the over VND 2 billion, otherwise the manager is likely to broadcast a live stream to announce the incident. More seriously, Sena will face the law if this manager claims to take the case to court.
Sena has a debt certificateWhere the future of the former SBTC member will go I don’t know this time with the scandal surrounding property expropriation and online soccer betting. Follow Innnewyorkcity to update hot news!

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