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Family members in Sweden can comfortably dine together without having to worry about the guests.

A user made headlines on Reddit when he shared his experiences as a guest at a Swedish friend’s house. This person is shocked when your family doesn’t invite you to dinner. They left him alone in the room and ate as if the guest didn’t exist. It’s a feature of Swedish culture. You have the right not to share your food if you don’t want to. Children are not invited either. The point here is that regardless of the guest, the Swedes are treated the same. Even if it’s your child’s friend. The Reddit story was “pushed further” than a normal discussion. Many social media users commented that hospitality is paramount. But the Swedes also have their arguments. In the post above, many people objected to all meals being properly calculated and detailed by the family. It’s a long tradition. Therefore, they do not take into account unexpected guests.

The culture of inviting guests to dinner in Sweden is very different from many other countries. Photo: Healthline. “It’s weird to expect someone else’s family to feed their child without asking first. It’s a matter of culture,” said user AccountBro. American journalist Clarissa Wei has commented that this debate is silly and excessive. She noted that Sweden has one of the most generous refugee programs in Europe, spending 1% of GDP on humanitarian aid. “Nobody lets anyone go hungry. My husband is swedish. When he was young, he went to the neighbors’ house. And they didn’t even let him have dinner,” Wei said. Cultural differences The culture of not inviting unannounced guests to dinner has long existed in Sweden. “In Sweden there is no tradition of intimate dinners,” said Håkan Jönsson, lecturer at the Faculty of Arts and Culture at Lund University (Sweden). It has to do with the old hard times. Due to the cold weather, Swedes need to stock up on groceries and plan meals carefully. Of course, today this situation is not much, but the habit is still stamped on them.

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Inviting guests to dinner is sometimes not polite. Photo: Scan Magazine. However, they don’t completely ignore customers. They still invite guests over for snacks so “nobody feels obligated”. For example, a cup of coffee for an adult or a glass of juice for a child. On the other hand, to accommodate the exclusion of children, Jönsson adds that family meals are an important part of Swedish culture. Everyone sits together to eat and talk. And if the child goes home “first to eat”, then this is not good. “It messed up their meal. Be courteous to the child’s family,” he said.

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