Taimanin 18+ Action Game Save the world with super mlem ninja

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Action Taimanin brings you a world without “pink” where you come to a modern day Tokyo but ruined by evil invaders. The gameplay is very attractive, but the hot characters “mlem mlem” make you easily… lose focus. Download the Action Taimanin game at:
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General introduction to the Action Taimanin game

The original name of Action Taimanin is アクシ, in Vietnam the game is known as Action For Ma Ring. It is a free 3D Action RPG developed and published by Gremory Games for mobile phones, and later ported to Windows PC by Lilith and Infini-Brain.
General introduction to the Action Taimanin game
Players can download the game using Action Taimanin iOS or Android on their mobile devices. For the PC version, you can download the game on Steam for a smooth experience. Some basic information about Action Taimanin PC and Mobile:

  • Release date: October 5, 2020
  • Developers: Gremory Games, Lilith and Infini-Brain (PC version)
  • Publisher: Gremory Games
  • Genre: RPG MOBA
  • Graphics: 3D
  • Mode: Online
  • Age: 18+
  • English language
  • Game Price: Free

Action Taimanin’s story takes the player into a cruel but stimulating world

Action Taimanin's plot takes the player into a cruel world
Long ago, humans and demons made a pact not to attack each other’s worlds. After hundreds of thousands of years of construction and development, the human world has made great achievements and this is also the time when the demons forgot the pact, they came and attacked the human world. The game is set in the very modern city of Tokyo, massive buildings with great scientific works are gradually being destroyed and innocent people are being devastated by demons.
Taimanin Action has a very strong cast of characters
Faced with this situation, the Japanese government had to create a special unit that was both strong and talented to fight the youkai. The members of this squad are all descended from the powerful Taimanin lineage, the player will join this squad as a warrior along with other Taimanin to fight and protect humanity.

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Gameplay gives players the feeling of “rolling in the sky”

Role-playing allows players to choose from 3 main character types based on their preferences to explore the storyline further, in addition there are more than 30 other characters to help players expand the storyline according to their preferences. many possibilities. The hack and slash melee combat gives you a more realistic feel of ninja battles. In the game, you team up with other female ninjas to fight monsters. Tired melee mode with super cool abilities and delicious effects that are both familiar and weird, making players even more passionate about upgrading. Players can upgrade support abilities to increase damage per hit.
Taimanin action gameplay makes players feel
Each week, 3v3 battles open where you can compete against other teams to achieve high rankings in the leaderboard and get certain perks for your character. The character creation in this 18+ game is designed with beautiful 3D rendering with realistic, smooth and fiery “howl” movements with “extreme” screens.
The female characters in the taimanin action will make players fall in love with everyone
The full body of a delicious ninja in the game with action-packed gameplay, combined with a reasonable and subtle “convexity”, creates excitement in every second. With the ability to act flexibly, some players also present a number of forms that female ninjas can combine with each other like a high-quality “Japan standard film”. In addition, players can freely change the costumes for characters such as lace, pajamas, bikini, and 7749 super sexy clothes and skirts that captivate others.
Taimanin 18+ adult action game
The character support funds also generate a significant level of investment, when the character combines the action with the vehicles it won’t be any different from the billion dollar action sequences you often see in Hollywood movies. If you’ve ever been a fan of Japanese RPGs, sound-wise, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the standard sexy voice “Kimochi, Yamete” that takes you to the top of female seiyuu (actors’ voice).
Taimanin 18+ adult action game
Pretty girls, sweet voices, delicious bodies with revealing lines that make players sweat are huge plus points for this adult game. In short, according to Tinhayvip.com, the Action Taimanin game made a good impression on the players, both in terms of plot and gameplay, and in particular the cast of extremely delicious female characters who are good at fighting but also beautiful are. All the above pluses promise you the ultimate gaming experience!

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