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Quang Ninh is a tourist destination with many landmarks and regions with beautiful and poetic landscapes, attracting tourists.

If you have been to Quang Ninh once, you will want to explore this beautiful sea many more times. Quang Ninh tourist area Famous to see what Quang Ninh has and how many landmarks it has.

1. Summary of famous scenic spots of Quang Ninh

Quang Ninh has many scenic spots and natural beauty. This place has been developed into many famous tourist attractions. It attracts millions of tourists every year. Here are some famous attractions of Quang Ninh that you can refer to for your journey.

1.1 Van Don tourist spot

Van Dong – Quang Ninh is one of the places visited by many tourists thanks to its natural beauty and deserted beaches that are rarely visited by tourists.

When you come to Van Don, you will admire the scenery of mountains and forests, blue sea creating a beautiful landscape. You can also enjoy fresh seafood like sourdough, tucomae, clover, fish, shrimp and crab.

1.2 Tuan Chau foreign tourist area

For a long time, Tuan Chau Tourist Area is not merely a tourist attraction. Quang Ninh Tourism In addition to being famous, This is also considered the most international tourist destination in Vietnam. It covers an area of ​​220 hectares, only 2 km from Ha Long city.

Quang Ninh

This is the only island in the Ha Long Sea archipelago with clay and sandstone geology. There is a long stretch of fine white sand. Blue water and cool weather are especially suitable for tourists.

Quang Ninh

1.3 Kuang Ninh Gate Conservation Tourist Area

Quang Ninh Gate tourist area (Binh Duong commune, Dong Triu town) is a fairly new place. But it is on the list of tourist attractions in Quang Ninh should come because there are many interesting activities.

Quang Ninh

Built on an area of ​​​​12 hectares, Quang Ninh Gate is an entertainment area that offers experiences such as ecotourism. Hands-on experiences and village visits There are different experiences and amenities in each area. And there are attractive games such as aquarium, water park, thrilling amusement park.

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1.4.Yen Tu tourist spot

for Buddhists in Vietnam Yen Tu scenic spot is a sacred pilgrimage site not to be missed when coming to Quang Ninh.

Quang Ninh

To reach the top of Yentu mountain, you have to walk a distance of 6 km with thousands of stone steps. For spiritual travelers, this is a challenge to overcome on the way up to pay respects to the Buddha from above.

1.5.Tak Mer eco-tourism area

Next in the list of Quang Ninh tourist destinations you should go to is Tacmo Ecotourism Area. Tach Moe eco-tourism area is characterized by unspoiled nature, with forests, streams and waterfalls pouring into clear lakes. This area is very cold. A lot of people come to camp, cool off and enjoy special meals…

1.6.Co To tourist area in Quang Ninh

Over the past few years Ko To Island has become a popular destination that attracts many tourists. especially young people Before the beauty of nature, clear water and many check-in places ‘virtual living’, so I am here.

Quang Ninh

If you have the opportunity to go to Co To island, you can browse through fun places and activities such as taking virtual photos on beautiful beaches such as Van Chay, Hong Van, Thanh Lan, then rent a bicycle or motorbike and explore. Explore the landmarks of the island (Bai Da My Nhan Bridge, Love Road, Co To Church, Uncle Ho Monument Area) free to rest and watch the sunset on the lighthouse.

Quang Ninh

When visiting Koh Tao, you should check the weather before going and avoid big waves because there are no boats to enter the island and the possibility of injury is very high.

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1.7 Lung Xanh tourist area – Quang Ninh

Quang Ninh, Lung Xanh tourist destination is located in Uong Bi, majestic with towering mountains, blue clouds and white waterfalls falling down the cliffs. The waterfall is located halfway up the mountain. So it takes a long walk through the rainforest. but when you arrive You will feel it is worth the effort, because the bamboo forest, rocks and especially the fine white sand below the stream look like small beaches.

Quang Ninh

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2. Top 10 most checked-in tourist spots in Quang Ninh

To be able to explore all the scenic spots of Quang Ninh, you absolutely cannot summarize just a few days of the trip. If you can only go on the Quang Ninh tour for 2 days and 1 night, or if you can only go on the Quang Ninh 3 day 2 night tour, you can refer to some of the most popular check-in locations below.

2.1 Ha Long Bay

Going to Quang Ninh but missing a trip to Ha Long is a mistake. Take a cruise to experience the beauty of Ha Long Bay.

Quang Ninh

Ha Long Bay has more than 2,000 islands as well as beautiful caves and beaches. in which there are the most beautiful and oldest caves such as Thien Cung cave, Ngo island cave, Trinh Nu cave.

Quang Ninh

2.2 Kevan Falls

Kewang Waterfall originates from Mount Kewang of Tongzhou. At an altitude of more than 1000 meters above sea level, the three-tiered waterfall falls from a height of about 100 meters, creating a spectacular scene of white foam mixed with mossy rocks. At the foot of the waterfall appeared a small clear lake. Especially in the rainy season when the water is high.

Quang Ninh

2.3 Ho Ngan Xuan

Yen Chun Lake is the largest lake in Quang Ninh and is known as “miniature Da Lat” because of its poetic, romantic and dreamy scenery, located in a hilly valley surrounded by forests on four sides. make the clear blue water even more prominent

There are many activities here, such as renting bicycles around the lake. Overnight camping, team building, boat rental on the lake (about 30,000 VND an hour) and check-in “virtual living” on the lake are all welcome. This is the bridge of love.

Quang Ninh

2.4. Mount Baito

While in Ha Long, explore Bai Tho Mountain, a beautiful limestone mountain located in Ha Long city. Quang Ninh Nui province is called Bai Tho because on the mountain there is also a poem in Chinese written by Le Thanh Tong carved in 1468 and Nine Cuong in 1729.

To get to the top of Bai Tho, you have to climb quite steep and tired. Therefore, prepare comfortable sports shoes to avoid hurting your feet. You will see Halong Bay and your fatigue will be blown away.

Quang Ninh

2.5 Minh Chau Island

Minh Chau is a small island in Bai Tu Long Bay, Van Dong district, Quang Ninh province, this is a Quang Ninh tourist destination that attracts many tourists with its long fine white sand beaches. Fresh air and almost pure beauty If you are looking for a quiet getaway, Minh Chau Island is a pretty reasonable choice.

Quang Ninh

2.6 Tlako Beach

Tra Co Beach is a tourist destination in Quang Ninh that attracts tourists with its pristine beauty. This is also one of the beaches with the longest coastline in Vietnam (more than 15 km of coastline).

Here, you will be amazed by the beautiful scenery of Cape Sawi, Daden Beach and at the same time. You will be free to explore nature and immerse yourself in the cool waters of deserted beaches.

Quang Ninh

2.7. Milestone 1305 and Dinosaur Backbone

Dinosaur spine is the term referring to the mountainside on the way up Milestone 1305 on Binh Lieu Road The Border Guard is one of the two highest landmarks in Quang Ninh and is not easy to reach. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to overcome a steep mountainside. This can take up to two hours in good weather. But it can be dangerous if the weather is bad.

The reason why this place is visited by many young people is because of the green lawns and dirt roads shaped like dinosaur backs. And the road leading there is very beautiful. So if you’re not healthy enough to climb sign up and come back

Quang Ninh

2.8. Sun apartment

Ba Van Pagoda, nestled in the middle of Tan Dan mountain, is the place to worship Tam Bao and the largest single wooden drum in Vietnam. It is not just a tourist destination with spiritual significance. But there is also a charming mountain landscape, with the back leaning against the mountain.

Don’t forget to pay homage to the Bhavan Stupa, pay your respects and drink water from an ancient well that is said to bring good health and cure diseases.

Quang Ninh

2.9 Loi Am Pagoda

a part Quang Ninh Tourism Another thing not to be missed is the 503 m high floating pagoda located behind the floating mountain that is said to be the tallest in Ha Long Bay. This temple is not only a place to visit and worship Buddha for tourists. This place is also a historical witness of many folk stories from the time of Le Thong to the anti-French period.

Quang Ninh

If you have the opportunity to visit Loi Am Pagoda, do not forget to take a boat ride in the cool lake to experience the rare blue water. Visiting places such as Tien Well, Giai Oan Stream, Cau Lau.

2.10 Nose Sabie

Cape Savi (also known as Cape Got) is the northernmost point of Vietnam. Located in Chaco district, Mong Cai city, Quang Ninh province, this place is still a favorite check-in place for many young people with tall pine trees.

Quang Ninh

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