Taste Northern food with Phu Quoc United Center cuisine.

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with flexibility and ingenuity The chef impresses visitors with Phu Quoc United Center’s cuisine with its own distinctive Hatang character.

It is no coincidence that cuisine is considered a cultural beauty. The taste of each dish reminds us of the land and if khatan food always leaves an indelible impression when coming here. Phu Quoc Cuisine United CenterIn the center of the Pearl Island is a secluded Hanoi. The quintessence of Trang An cuisine Brings the familiarity and richness of warm home dishes.

It is both a gift and an interesting story showing the seasoned talents of the restaurant’s top chefs. Their ingenuity and sophistication in food preparation. Phu Quoc Reunification CenterThe menu that I ordered salad. Appetizers, savory dishes, vegetable dishes and soups, but the arrangement of the amber sauce bowl reminds me of delicious Hanoi rice.

This is the concept of providing a private space to gather the audience What to Eat at Phu Quoc United Center The following three dishes are the perfect introduction for those who have enjoyed the taste of khatan.

1. Hanoi Chaka – A Must-Try Hatang In The Heart Of Pearl Island

When it comes to Hanoi cuisine, many people immediately think of Labong fish cakes. There is an interesting story behind this name, which originates from 14 Hang Son Street, where the Doan family lives.

This is a traditional esoteric fish cake made specifically for guests. Overtime They are very familiar and love this flavor. The guests then help the owner open the restaurant to earn money and welcome guests. Since then, two hours of cha cha has become famous in the city and become a must-try dish every time you come to Hanoi.

when The dishes at Phu Quoc United Center perfectly simulate the taste of La Vong Cha Ca in the heart of Chaka pearl island using sardines and fish. Therefore, the structure is very solid. The fish fillet is cut into bite-sized pieces and grilled until golden brown. Crispy on the outside soft on the inside

This dish is perfectly seasoned with vermicelli, herbs and roasted peanuts. Eat with rich shrimp paste of fish cakes. You will feel the joy of being reunited with fellow countrymen thousands of kilometers away from your homeland.


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2. Bun Cha Hanoi inherits thousands of years of civilization

It is unknown when Buncha became a specialty of Hatang. in this city The capital of the millennial civilization Buncha has long been a favorite in our daily diet. And people tend to think about it every time they go out. And nostalgia seems to be the driving force for Hanoi youth to bring the flavor of bun cha to the South.

Cuisine Phu Quoc United Center

understand this sincerity Phu Quoc Cuisine United Center We bring you the familiar and quintessential Hanoi with a bowl of bun cha. Marinated pork sausage Sticky rice noodles, herbs and fish sauce The familiar texture that remains after the first bite is quickly felt to satisfy Hatton’s nostalgia.

3. House in the Northern Delta, the southernmost part of the country

Copper tray, blue enamel porcelain plate and wooden chopsticks Displayed on a simple wooden table in a quiet corner of a Hanoi house. Just to prepare lunch – often heartbreaking to miss home. The beauty of homemade rice lies in the fact that it cooks the rice just right so that the flavors blend together perfectly.

This is a unique feature of Hatan that other regions do not have. The capital’s culinary culture is impressive by its sophistication, elegance, deliciousness and nutrition. The dishes are prepared with high technique and meticulousness. Full of spices that make each dish unique.

Cuisine Phu Quoc United Center

But you will be surprised. Phu Quoc Reunification Center Completing the model of the tray house of the Northern Delta, located at the southernmost point of the mainland. Fragrant earthenware pots, boiled dishes, side dishes, cold soups, round salads are arranged harmoniously on the rice tray. Reunite with the whole family at the same time. Talk and share hot food. It’s a subtle way to enjoy.

A perfect blend of delicate flavors in harmony with the familiar spirit and warmth. You feel like you are lost in the streets of Hanoi. Simple and quiet place

Cuisine Phu Quoc United Center Take notes and try to create new flavors of the 3 dishes above. It is the restaurant’s love and respect for the quintessential beauty of Ha Duong in particular and Vietnamese cuisine in general, let’s join Phu Quoc United Center to preserve and spread the love and attachment to food. your hometown.

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