Taste the essence of the ancient capital’s specialties.

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Hue cuisine is famous in every way and everyone who comes here wants at least once to taste and feel the complexity of each dish. Many of the delicious royal dishes prepared for the emperor were meticulously handcrafted. beautifully presented and the pinnacle of art.

Mussel rice

When coming to Hue, a dish that you cannot ignore is the famous mussel rice in the old town. Traditional food from small market stalls. to popular alleys to delicious restaurants. Mussels caught from the estuary are seasoned with sweet and salty, stir-fried, served with dried shrimp and pork skin. The sweet taste of spicy fried mussels. Serve with soft white rice. and sweet hot mussel soup


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Chinese phoenix spring rolls

Taste the essence of the ancient capital's specialties.

Nemkoncha dates symbolize the luxury of aristocratic cuisine, in the past spring rolls were made from the meat and skin of peacocks. while spring rolls are made with poultry. This is usually pheasant meat. These two dishes have been modified to suit more modern cuisine, but the “look” of the dish is still excellent. Hue workers skillfully cut white peacocks from vegetables and mold them into colorful phoenix cakes. Spring rolls are not a popular dish and can only be found in some high-class restaurants specializing in royal cuisine such as Bong Sen restaurant at Vinpearl Hotel Hue.


Taste the essence of the ancient capital's specialties.

Hue fried rice is meticulously cared for at every stage. Hue tea also has royal teas such as lotus seed tea, tofu tea, lotus tea, millet tea, chasiu tea, and longan tea passed down from the royal court. This is the dessert after dinner of the Nguyen emperors or the dessert for breakfast in the afternoon. There are also popular types of tea such as green beans, peas, red beans, taro, and corn that are equally simple but rich.

Sour shrimp curry

Taste the essence of the ancient capital's specialties.

Nam Phrik Kung Siew is famous around the world for its unforgettable spicy and sour taste. In addition to being delicious, the color of the fish sauce and the red color of the lobster are also very appetizing. No need to refill the tray Just a small bowl of boiled beef dipped in sour shrimp paste is enough to satisfy any gourmet taste. Sour shrimp surimi can be eaten directly or bought as souvenirs, which are especially meaningful to friends and relatives.

beef noodles

Taste the essence of the ancient capital's specialties.

When it comes to Hue cuisine, it is impossible not to mention the beef noodle soup that has become the trademark of this land, the “highlight” that makes a delicious bowl of vermicelli is the rich, sweet dashi broth that is simmered from beef bones. , cooked piece by piece. It smells like lemongrass and beef. Next, the noodles are thick, chewy and soft enough to eat. Hot pork blood Whether it is thin slices of beef, slices of bread or slices of pork, a delicious bowl of beef noodle soup must also be served with accompanying vegetables such as basil leaves, banana flowers, lettuce and raw sprouts.

Beef Cocktail

Taste the essence of the ancient capital's specialties.

Hue people love Bun Bo, and they even add this flavor to their drinks. Try the unique Bun Bo Cocktail, which is made with fish sauce, lemon, lemongrass and spirits loved by Hue people. Professional bartenders have respectfully created the taste of fish sauce without causing discomfort, the sour and spicy taste erases the initial hesitation and turns it into excitement and enjoyment when enjoying vermicelli. cow.

Taste the essence of the ancient capital's specialties.

Bun Bo Cocktail is served exclusively at Sky Bar on the rooftop of Vinpearl Hotel Hue 6 Hung Vuong, located at the busiest intersection in Hue. As a 33-storey hotel overlooking the Perfume River, the romantic Vinpearl Hotel Hue offers 213 rooms in a convenient location. Luxury amenities high quality service and amenities such as spa, gym and swimming pool

In order to introduce and promote its own Hue cuisine, Vinpearl Hotel Hue has 2 restaurants: Lotus Restaurant specializing in royal and spicy dishes and Hue Land Identity Restaurant specializing in modern dishes. , Serve multiple audiences. People such as seafood and barbecue

There are two ways to book a room at Vinpearl Hotel Hue: You can find it on the website: https://www.vinpearltravel.vn/voucher/Hue. Or enter the keyword Vinpearl Hotel Hue to search, in addition, visitors can follow the fanpage of Vinpearl system and the official website. (https://www.vinpearl.com) to update the offers of Vinpearl Hotel Hue and receive specific promotions.

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