Teach your children about the VinWonders Phu Quoc journey.

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I always thought that children only have one childhood. and if they don’t have fond memories their childhood must be very pitiful. That’s why we always take our kids on vacation, let them go places, meet people, experience as many moods as we can. Go for a great experience!

in each trip We hope to bring you interesting lessons, an experience to teach them. get along with friends inspire empathy Rely on yourself…and most recently VinWonders Journey Phu Quoc comes to Paradise to release the pure and innocent emotions of the children.

Every child needs a pair of wings.

In the age of technology, children are easily exposed to the multidimensional world of information. but childhood is really short. I noticed that my stingy daughter has turned 6 and is starting to have amazing adult perception.

Don’t let her pure happiness fade too soon in the time you want her childhood to last. Those joys include believing in a fantasy world where good people are always rewarded and miracles are everywhere.

You are an angel, the only place where fairy tales really exist is in the world of angels. Wait until the child is fully grown and dies. The characters in the story disappear and never return.

That’s why we thought and chose Wonderland. Conquer the wonders of Phu Quoc Fortunately, this decision made us very happy as it was our first summer vacation destination when our children entered first grade.

VinWonders Phu Quoc journey – Opening up the wonderland

wondrous victory A rare place in Vietnam that owns 30 impressive and perfect fairy-themed areas spanning all cultures. And see with your own eyes the sphinx of Egypt… and countless wonders…

Duc Hanh - VinWonders

Get lost in a clean world that awaits all children

Perhaps outside the door of VinWonders Phu Quoc, there is depression and anxiety. and when we walk through that door we will only find happiness. The joy of tourists as well as residents is infatuation in this wonderland with countless experiences.

Duc Hanh - VinWonders

In VinWonders’ after Alice’s journey through Wonderland She meets legendary characters such as the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatmaker and the Cheshire Cat. The journey continued And Aladdin entered the region. Persian Mysteries The family also visited the ancient Egyptian gods. Valley and become a real cowboy in the Wild West.

Next is the adventure of Tak San with the Eagle and the Goblin in the mystical forest, transform into a knight and join the game in the House of Shadows with the mission to rescue the King and Princess from the clutches of evil dragons. Visit the Viking village where Chief Ulic and his army settled and buried their treasure after days at sea….

Duc Hanh - VinWonders

VinWonders Journey It is also an opportunity for children. to meet Snow White and the beautiful mermaid Experience the feeling of flying like an eagle. And witness with your own eyes thousands of flexible, magically glowing jellyfish at VinWonders Phu Quoc, the dream of every fairy comes true.

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A trip to VinWonders Phu Quoc will bring many valuable experiences to your childhood.

Fairy tales not only allow us to experience the charm of childhood. But it is also a way for children to believe in goodness. Miracles will happen if you persevere to the end…

Duc Hanh - VinWonders

We need to give children beautiful experiences and give them childhood memories. Thank you VinWonders Phu Quoc for your trip. Give this little girl fun experiences and open her life and world to more magical colors.

And you let your child enter the fairy world through his journey. VinWonders Journey Lots of experiences Vinpearl now has a lot of combos and vouchers. Includes a set of exclusive summer 2021 deals, don’t miss out!

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