Tens of thousands of visitors excitedly ‘check in’ at Phu Quoc Complex for Vietnam record show 5

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Thousands of tourists flocked here on the opening day of Phu Quoc United Center, everyone was surprised to witness and experience 5 Vietnamese records at the resort and entertainment complex.

The region’s leading resort and entertainment complex officially opened on the afternoon of April 21 after many leaked images of Phu Quoc United Center. This is something that many people look forward to and thousands of excited visitors flock to Phu Quoc to experience the first activity here.

On the first day, Phu Quoc United Center was officially honored by the Vietnam Record Organization with 5 national records in terms of populations and works. And the top special art shows are held here. It is a record of bamboo work. the legend of the bamboo tree; 2 Super Acts, Real Scenes”Essence of Vietnam”, “Colors of Venice”; teddy bear house and the superpopulation itself. Phu Quoc Reunification Center.

Phu Quoc Reunification Center

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Thang Van Phuc – Former Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Recording Industry Association said: Phu Quoc Reunification Center That shows the company’s efforts in putting Phu Quoc tourism in particular and Vietnam in general on the global destination map.

Right after the opening ceremony Many visitors experienced and discovered records at Phu Quoc Ky Hop Center.

One of the most “hot” check-in points of tourists is The Largest Bamboo Project in Vietnam – Bamboo Legend Designed by designer Vo Trong Nghia, the building is made from 32,000 carefully selected bamboo trees brought from Tay Ninh to Pearl Island.Formal and very artistic No trace of modern materials. But somehow the big building remained completely intact.Tu Phuong and Duc Hai from Hanoi share a surprise.

The next Vietnamese record at the Phu Quoc Reunification Center has been recognized. “Vietnam’s first teddy bear museum”Spanning over 1,500 square meters, the Teddy Bear Museum is divided into five experience zones and is home to over 500 teddy bears inspired by the famous Indiana Jones movie about teddy bears’ journeys.


Discover more detailed and convenient Phu Quoc travel experiences you need to know to have a complete tour of the pearl island.

Phu Quoc Reunification Center

At the Teddy Bear Museum, visitors can experience adventures from many mysterious lands around the world to places near Vietnam famous for bears. Every visitor here receives a ‘passport’ showing the places they stopped on their trip around the world with the teddy bear. This is very interesting.

Phu Quoc Reunification Center

Two of the most outstanding works in the 5 new album releases are the two art shows ‘The Essence of Vietnam’ and ‘Colors of Venice’. “The Essence of Vietnam” was filmed for “The most realistic real-world art show that uses modern 3D rendering technology. To create the best history and culture of Vietnam.

With about 3,000 daytime mini shows and 365 “big shows” held annually, Vietnamese Essence perfectly recreates the cultural and traditional life of the ancient Vietnamese.

“Vietnamese Essence” recreates the traditional Vietnamese space and delights visitors with a stage filled with light, 3D mapping and state-of-the-art equipment. One of the most impressive performances of the Super Show was when the giant moon combined with light effects to create precise, flexible lines in the air following the movements of the performers.

Phu Quoc Reunification Center

Many viewers said this was the first time they watched a historical drama. But they were stunned by the sound of amazement, excitement and admiration, many of whom clapped their hands incessantly for these wonderfully creative performances.

Phu Quoc Reunification Center

After the 40-minute show Essence of Vietnam, followed by the super show ‘Colors of Venice’, people flocked to the central canal and lake area to watch. “Vietnam’s largest multimedia landscape art show inspired by European cultural quintessence” “Colors of Venice” treats visitors to an impressive party with colorful lights. Laser technology, LED lights and dance music are only available at Grand World.

The organizers had to build a beautiful floating ‘water screen’ in the middle of the lake with the largest projector system and a series of machinery and equipment that were magically hidden under the lake and rice fields.

Phu Quoc Reunification Center

special In addition to the above 4 records, the bamboo work Legend Legend also has 2 realistic animations: “Essence of Vietnam”, “Colors of Venice” and The Teddy Bear House is a national record, awarded to the Center Unified Phu Quoc. “Densely populated, the most diverse entertainment and resort area in Vietnam”

Located on an area of ​​more than 1,000 hectares, it is a “one-stop” destination for all needs. Phu Quoc Reunification Center Deserves the title “University of tourism and entertainment” when coming here. Visitors will experience many types of tourism such as Vietnam’s largest theme park VinWonders Phu Quoc, Asia’s largest semi-wildlife conservation park Vinpearl Safari and many other items.

Phu Quoc Reunification Center

Not to be missed in this sale is Grand World, a paradise that never sleeps, 1,000 commercial buildings, countless cafes and bars. Major domestic and foreign shopping, entertainment and culinary brands or Corona Casino system, the first and only casino that Vietnamese people can participate in. All this with entertainment day and night, Grand World right in the heart of Phu Quoc United Center.

Phu Quoc Reunification Center

Phu Quoc United Center is a place to fully meet your accommodation needs in Vietnam. With more than 12,000 rooms of all hotel brand segments, from 5-star to inns such as Vinpearl, VinOasis, Vinholidays and Radison Blue, high-class travel, entertainment and entertainment. Phu Quoc Reunification Center This place promises to become an important destination of the continent.

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