Tham Luang Ha Long Cave – The natural masterpiece of the bay

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Tham Luang cave in Quang Ninh with many interesting activities is waiting for you to explore. Plan a trip to Tham Luang with your friends now!

boat to see Tham Luang There are interesting activities for those who love to explore. If you plan to visit and explore Hang Luong, please see the details of the experience below to have the most complete journey.

1. What is Tham Luang?

One of the great attractions of Tham Luang is its spectacular and picturesque natural setting. which attracts many young adventurers. Located on Bo Hong Island, south of Ha Long Bay, it takes only 20 minutes (14km) from Tuan Chau Island or Bai Chai Island to get to Luong Cave.

Visiting Tham Luang is not like other caves. Quang Ninh This cave has a flooded floor and opens to the sea. So you can’t walk through it. But you have to take a boat to get in.

Tham Luang

Located in a very special place. Tham Luang is surrounded by a charming natural landscape of clouds. mountains and trees The arches of the cave have a natural shape with a height of about 60 m, often reflecting on the cool blue sea water and lovely boats coming in and out. Create beautiful drawings with ink.

2. Tham Luang cave travel experience, Ha Long, Quang Ninh

2.1.When to go to Tham Luang?

Choosing the right time to visit is essential for the full experience of exploring Tham Luang and Ha Long Bay. As many people have come and said. The best time to see Tham Luang is from April to June..

This year is summer. And the weather in Ha Long Bay is quite warm. There is beautiful sunshine and calm sea. make it even more easy to travel If you come to Tham Luang at this time You can easily capture beautiful moments in the sea. and bring back many unique authentic photos.

Tham Luang

2.2. Going to Tham Luang

Now there is more traffic. Traveling from one place to another is therefore easier and more convenient. Especially in places with many famous tourist destinations such as Ha Long, Quang Ninh. Invest more in traffic

Therefore, moving to Luon Cave is not difficult. You can choose one of two methods:

  • Method 1: It takes about 10 minutes from Ha Long city center along Highway 18 to Bai Chay ferry pier, where you can take a boat or charter a boat to Tham Luang. Time / boat to visit from 3 to 6 hours, so you need to pay attention to the time to rent a boat / boat to visit and return to the mainland on time.
  • Method 2: If you need more time to prepare, consult and book, you can choose to join a tour or book a scheduled itinerary, most parties do tours. Ha Long tripQuang Ninh Excursion includes Halong Bay Tour and Tham Luang Cave Exploration. All you have to do is book a tour and everything is arranged by the tour operator.

Tham Luang

2.3 Tham Luang entrance fee

Financial preparation is very important for your trip to be truly perfect. If you need a travel quote Please note some of the items below.

Entrance ticket (required)

290,000 VND / person

boat rental

~ 200,000 Vietnamese Dong

Train lunch ticket (menu only)

150,000 – 250,000 VND / person

Sightseeing, boating and boat rental costs vary depending on the distance. to estimate the nearest cost It needs to be updated before the trip. Don’t forget to negotiate the charter/boat price before you move.

3. What can you do to Tham Luang cave in Quang Ninh?

on a journey of discovery Tham Luang Coming to Quang Ninh, if you have the opportunity, experience the following activities. Then it will definitely be a memorable trip.

3.1 Kayaking

If you want to experience something new Want to experience the sea in harmony with nature I want to see the stalactites and stalagmites under the dome of Tham Luang cave. Don’t miss the kayaking experience.

Tham Luang

will do Kayak rental only 50,000 VND. You will walk through the cave one by one. Discover the wonders that nature has to offer here. And many surprises are waiting in the depths of the cave.

3.2. Take a boat to admire the natural beauty of Tham Luang cave.

A boat trip through the beauty of Tham Luang is a great deal for larger groups. The ferryman will accompany you and chat freely, and the boatman will tell you interesting stories. Boat rental price is about 30,000 VND. If you go alone or with many people, or rent 2 or 3 boats at the same time, the price is negotiable!

Tham Luang

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3.3. See the golden monkeys – Tham Luang Cave Ambassador

Observing the funny yellow monkeys is one of the interesting experiences visited by many people from children to adults. About 50 golden monkeys climb the cliffs around Tham Luang. If you enjoyed the activity Don’t forget to bring your camera with wide angle lens and binoculars for unique point-and-shoot photos.

Tham Luang

4. Don’t miss the suggested Ha Long tourist attractions near Tham Luang.

4.1. Tee Top Island

Koh Tee Bon is about 5 km from Tham Luang and still has an impressive natural beauty to visit. This place is known as a picturesque island with four sides of beautiful scenery and especially beautiful beaches. Visiting Tee Top You can travel by boat or visit Titop Island.

Tham Luang

Come to Titop Island to participate in activities such as swimming, kayaking and climbing to the top of Titop 400 steps for a panoramic view of Ha Long Bay.

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4.2.Surprise Cave

Located in the center of Ha Long Bay. next to Tham Luang Soong Sot Cave Another interesting check-in point. True to the name ‘Sung Sot’, the cave has a natural beauty that makes visitors surprised and admiring at first sight. The cave has a maximum area of ​​10,000 square meters and is about 30 meters high, divided into three rooms with different beauty.

  • first room There is a small area also known as the living room. Inside is a naturally formed lake where water flows from the ceiling of the cave through cracks in the limestone.
  • Second room: A small entrance leads inside the second niche. double the size of the first slot. Natural high stalactite ceiling creates a more airy space.
  • Room 3 Really ‘surprised’ at the many nooks and crannies covered with rock formations. When looking at this scene I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the beauty of nature and imagined the strange shapes of the rocks.

Tham Luang

4.3. Soi Sim Island

become one Ha Long tourist spot The famous Soi Sim Island is located adjacent to Tham Luang and Ti Top Island, so it is very convenient to visit with the same schedule. This place attracts a lot of tourists by the abundance of purple salamander with pristine beaches and clear blue water. A visit to Soi Sim Island will immerse you in a tranquil area. Swim in the cool water and check in with lots of beautiful photos.

Tham Luang

5. Be careful when visiting Tham Luang cave

To best support your visit to Tham Luang Please note the following precautions:

  • Dress code: You have to go a long way to reach Tham Luang. but due to water activities You should pack comfortable clothes, sneakers, sandals, swimwear or waterproof clothing. Because most of them are outdoor activities. Do not forget to bring sun protection such as sunscreen, wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen.
  • Prepare a compact bag. You need to bring a garbage bag to preserve the cave landscape, a phone and a camera to take good pictures.

Tham Luang

  • To save money and avoid being ‘challenged’, negotiate the price of a boat or boat ride before embarking on a sightseeing tour.
  • Please book your hotel room in advance for convenient transportation. Because most of the fun activities in Tham Luang are done during the day.

You can consult and book at Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long Located 8-9 km from Quang Ninh Cave, Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long owns a prime location on Leu Island, very convenient to move to famous scenic spots. In particular, the hotel offers an ideal resort experience with a refreshing view. High-class service and full facilities

Tham Luang

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  • free 02 Stay in the entire hotel / resort system
  • Maximum additional discount ten percent Room Rates, five% Sightseeing and experience prices
  • arrive 50% Food service and field fees
  • Free card opening, free card maintenance

Pearl club membership card

>>> The number of Club Pearl cards is limited. So find out and register today to enjoy exclusive resort benefits in the Vinpearl ecosystem.

Tham Luang Is a destination worth exploring in your Ha Long itinerary. Quang Ninh I hope that by sharing this article You will be able to experience more in your future travels. Wishing you and your family a meaningful and fulfilling vacation and experience. Please refer to other Ha Long tourism information. here.

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