Thanh Hang In Ao Dai shows her beautiful body that attracts the eyes

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Thanh Hang is one of the most expensive supermodels in the Vietnamese entertainment industry. A golden age, that’s a name nobody knows. Although she is 38 years old, she still maintains a slim, young and beautiful figure like a girl in her twenties. This is most evident in their extremely sexy bodies

Biography of Thanh Hang

This Pham supermodel’s full name is Pham Thi Thanh Hang (born on July 22, 1983). She is a beauty, supermodel and actress of Vietnamese origin who rose to prominence after winning the Miss Vietnam Women crown in 2002 through photos. Multiplication (2013). Following in the footsteps of 2000s supermodel and actress Anh Thu, Hang is often referred to by the press and the public as the first vedette of the 2010s, the “muse” of a leading designer in Vietnam. . After being crowned Miss, Hang entered the profession of professional modeling. She was invited to judge Vietnam Model: Vietnam’s Next Top Model Season 4, Season 6, Season 7. With a beautiful face, personality and rare 1.12 meter legs in the fashion industry, Hang quickly rose to fame. Glorious name and many prestigious awards like Promising Model 2003, Excellent Model 2006.
Famous Supermodel
After more than 17 years in this profession, Hang is Vietnam’s most famous beauty in 2019 and is ranked as Vietnam’s top supermodel by Chinese newspapers. With her sexy appearance and terrible charm, she always holds the position of the bright star (Vedette) in any program she participates in. At the end of 2019, Hang had her breakthrough, she exploded in the hit film “Sister and Brother”. with Chi Pu. The film achieved great success, and she herself also gained a huge fan base. Success in her career is such, but until now, Thanh Hang is still a lonely woman.
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The winding road of love

Despite being one of the top beauties of Vietnamese showbiz with a sublimated career, the supermodel is quite struggling with her love life and is still single at 35 years old. Although she is very interested by the press and the public, Thanh Hang is not entirely secretive. about love and private life. She was once involved in romance rumors with director Vu Ngoc Dang, director Quang Dung and singer Ha Anh Tuan. So far, however, she has not revealed this incident and spoken about it. Loved by the public because it emerges from strength, personality and beautiful lifestyle, few scandals. But when she entered the entertainment industry, she found from the start that she was never without a scandal. That’s right, she was unlucky when she got caught up in rumors that the “third person” was breaking into other people’s families. When she only showed up at an event with the same businessman, she was considered a third party. Faced with this information and public opinion, Thanh Hang replied very calmly: “I have never said publicly who I am in love with. On the other hand, it’s impossible to say that the people who are with me are the people I love. I see a contradiction in that people want to know my lover but don’t want to hear what I’m saying, preferring to hear what’s out there.”
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Thanh Hang’s beautiful body

Surprised to own a lap 2 of 51cm, Thanh Hang is officially the smallest lap 2 beauty in Vietnamese showbiz. Recently, supermodel Thanh Hang surprised many people when she posted a sexy picture and revealed that she has a waist of 51 cm. To get that dream waistline of thousands, she had to go through a process of perseverance and a strict diet.
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Even today, at the age of 37, the supermodel from central Vietnam still admires people with her slim body, especially with her long legs. It is known that Thanh Hang is 1.75 m tall, of which the length of his legs alone “occupies” up to 1.12 m.
Cool eyes with Thanh Hang videos
Is the sight of Thanh Hang’s attractive body enough to motivate you to exercise and take care of yourself? Girls in their twenties are at their most beautiful thanks to their looks and personality, but after twenty only the aura remains..

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