The 10 Best Bourbons To Drink

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Applying a specific crushed leaf to a carefully measured amount of grain can produce the wonderfully delicious wine we humans call bourbon.

Favored by Winston Churchill, Lady Gaga, William Faulkner and Hillary Clinton, this drink is loved and enjoyed by many audiences.

Of the ten bourbons we will discuss. At least one type works for you. And if you love bourbon, you might feel compelled to try all ten. I don’t think I can stop you

Types of Bourbon

Learn about different types of bourbon and learn the difference between bourbon and whiskey to enhance your alcohol knowledge.

Standard bourbon whiskey

“Standard” denotes bourbon according to the basic rules required for bourbon.

Those rules are:

  • 51 percent ground corn
  • Aged in freshly scorched oak barrels.
  • be at least two years old
  • Maximum caliber 125 proof

Failure to meet these requirements means that the spirits are more than just standard bourbon whiskey. But it’s not bourbon either. it may be delicious But not bourbon

Tall Rye & Bourbon Wheat

By definition Bourbon must be at least 51 percent corn-based.

Crush is the grain item used in a particular bourbon. (or other whiskey) during fermentation

The remaining 49 percent of the bourbon ingredients listed provide us with different types of bourbon.

When the remaining 49 percent has a high rye content. We call it high rye bourbon. If there is a good amount of wheat that indicates it is wheat wine.

Both grains are high in sugar and protein. So it is very difficult to reach and convert to alcohol. This makes these bourbons a bit more expensive.

Rye gives the bourbon a delicious flavor. while the higher wheat content gives bourbon a mellow flavor. Makes sipping smoother

blended bourbon whiskey

A bourbon blend is a bottled elixir that combines different types of bourbon, which can refer to bourbon with different grinds, distilleries, and sometimes states.

Back in the day, “mixed” was the opposite of “straight” and many people thought that meant “cheaper”. It is a single good component, a higher power requirement.

While there are many great bourbon blends out there, Four Roses has mastered the art of bourbon blending.

As the name suggests, they use four. And the combination of different mashed potatoes creates a smooth, spicy bourbon at the same time.

straight bourbon whiskey

We covered the mixed bill in determining what bourbon is. But content isn’t the only thing we look at. There are also places where bourbon ages.

Straight bourbon needs at least two years in new, charred oak barrels.

When you buy a bottle of Frey Ranch straight bourbon whiskey, you know it’s been aged in casks. This leads to a very special whiskey sipping.

A good bourbon provides a satisfying drinking experience. Sit by the fire with loved ones or dip your toes in the lake while you relax at the end of the day.

Tennessee Whiskey

If you look at the ingredients, you’ll understand that you might think there’s no difference between Tennessee whiskey and any other bourbon. But you could be wrong.

This whiskey is not a Tennessee whiskey. Unless two requirements are met.

This process involves passing the whiskey over charcoal before being sent to a cask for aging. It’s the perfect process in Lincoln County, home of Jack Daniels.

However, LCP complexity varies from refinery to refinery. And most consider its specifics a trade secret.

Bottled in Bond Bourbon

Before the Food and Drug Administration regulated the acceptable amount of rat droppings in your favorite breakfast cereal. Bourbon lovers in the 19th century were begging for control. This led to the Bottling Act of 1897.

The Act regulates what can be turned into a liquid and is also considered bourbon. The design of this act is pure bourbon.

Bottled bourbon must meet three standards:

  • It has to be from a distiller in one season (not the year, but the season: spring or fall).
  • It must be at least four years old in a federal warehouse.
  • Bottling takes place at 50% ABV.

Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

Like Tennessee whiskey, Kentucky Bourbon must be distilled in the bluegrass state to achieve that label.

The only other requirement is the same for any bourbon: the mashed potatoes must contain at least 51% corn.

As a result, there are many different varieties of Kentucky bourbon whiskey. I will go to the grave to pay respects to Trau Trac.

It’s not too complicated. And you don’t have to be a bourbon snob to appreciate its grandeur.

Have a hint of vanilla before you taste it. then you’ll get some sweet spice and great oak flavor

Small bourbon and single barrel

Small batch bourbon comes from bourbon that has been aged in up to 50 different casks. It is then mixed into the final product.

Aged in a barrel within a barrel Because no two casks can ever be the same—even though there was never anything in there. But it’s also made from individual pieces of wood — one bourbon cask is slightly different from another.

Both categories allow for special batches where bourbon lovers are rewarded and others. Unrepeatable

Bourbon sourdough

Bourbon sour mash using bill mash is used mainly as a mash.

Just like when you want to start making certain types of bread, such as sourdough, you need an existing mashed potato that has gone through another refining process.

Michter’s Distillery produces a variety of bourbons. And the sour mashed potatoes are second to none.

The softer nature of the aromatic bourbon blend is on full display here. And you have both cocoa and vanilla in a glass of Michter’s.

It is not very cheap. But you get what you pay for. And this is good bourbon.

corn wine

Remember the need for 51 percent corn? The corn wine has used up 100% of the milled corn bill.

Some distilleries contain low amounts of malted barley or other grains. But the idea behind bourbon is that it uses most of the corn.

When you taste bourbon corn, you can feel a bit of corn. And it can provide more than just suggestions.

Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey smells like corn enough to make me eat popcorn while watching a movie. (No butter, of course) as I sip it.

Everyone knows that Corn Bourbon isn’t for everyone and not every bourbon you’ll ever drink. But like anything else, if you like it, you’ll definitely love it.

Types of Bourbon

  1. Standard bourbon whiskey
  2. Tall Rye & Bourbon Wheat
  3. blended bourbon whiskey
  4. straight bourbon whiskey
  5. Tennessee Whiskey
  6. bottled bourbon
  7. Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey
  8. Small bourbon and single barrel
  9. Bourbon sourdough
  10. corn wine

final thought

With a wide variety of bourbons available, bourbon lovers can try their best.

Not every bourbon ignites the passion of every drinker. But it’s hard to beat bourbon as the drink of choice for a discerning drinking experience.

Check out our favorite bourbons, plus bourbon cocktails to make!

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