The 11 best Cheetos flavors, ranked by popularity

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Cheetos have been a popular snack for generations. It originated in Frito’s experimental kitchen in 1948.

Fritos corn chips come first, but creator Charles Elmer Doolin built on this simple corn chip. It transformed its texture and flavor into the delicious cheese, orange, and crunchy products we know and love today.

Cheetos is responsible for the historic merger of two chip monopoly companies: Frito and Lays. The story goes that the popularity of Cheetos was so exciting that Doolin couldn’t keep up with the demand. This led him to seek help from HW Lay, so Frito-Lay was born in 1961.

My school lunches always consist of Fritos, Lays, Doritos or Cheetos from those nice multi-packs.

Little did I know that there is a whole world of Cheeto flavors to try. There are 21 flavors of Cheetos in the US and Canada alone.

We’ve rounded up the best Cheetos flavors you need to try below.

The best Cheetos flavor

Try these Cheetos flavors for everything from classic snacks to flamingos.

Crispy cheetos

I have to start with the original. Crunchy Cheetos was the recipe that first created the Cheeto craze and remains the gold standard of Cheeto flavor.

As the name suggests, Crunchy Cheetos are the tastiest and crunchiest Cheetos available. uneven asymmetrical surface Sprinkle with undistorted cheese powder.

Who knows how they got to our favorite shapes and textures? It’s an exclusive secret under lock and key, of course.

They still come in small 160-calorie bags that give you the most satisfying afternoon snack.

XXTRA Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

For those who prefer more spicy, XXTRA Flamin’ Hot Cheetos is sure to make you sweat.

Cheetos makers claim that they are twice as hot as Flamin’s Hot Cheetos flavor. Their XXTRA Flamin Hot condiment is another mysterious ingredient.

XXTRA Flamin Hot Cheetos are part of the Crunchy line, meaning they have a texture unlike anything else in the original recipe. Instead, they tweaked the cheese coating to include other condiments like cheddar cheese, buttermilk, onion and garlic powder, and a secret spicy spice.

I think the buttermilk and onion powder added some much-needed flavor to help spice up the heat of XXTRA Flamin Hot.

Crispy Cheddar Jalapeño Cheetos

Jalapeño and cheddar are a combination created from food heaven. They also nod to the marriage of Mexican and American food cultures.

Thanks to Mexico, jalapenos are a household chili and an important flavor enhancer. Offers savory and creamy Cheddar cheese to complement the American seasoning.

You will see fried jalapeño cheese. Jalapeno and Colache Jalapeno and Nacho Cheese The list goes on and on.

It’s only a matter of time before Cheetos adds jalapenos to his cheddar corn chip recipe.

Cheddar Jalapeño Crunchy Cheetos features real cheddar cheese and real jalapenos in the mix.

hot like fire

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos became all the rage when I was in middle school.

Everyone bought a lunch bag. Take the extra time to suck the insanely addictive Flamin Hot cheese powder out of each Cheeto.

Their popularity has only increased, comparable to the original Crunchy Cheetos.

They start with a traditional cornmeal that is fried to perfection. Deflected with a thick layer of Flamin Hot dust.

We’ll never know what spices Cheetos use to flavor Flamin Hot, but it keeps us coming back for more!

It’s spicy without burning your taste buds. If you like spicy snacks try the hot fries.

Flamin’ Hot Puffs Cheetos

Overall, there are two opposing opinions about Cheetos and they have little to do with taste nor texture.

Most people swear by the original crunch or stay loyal to the Puff. Accidentally tried both and found the advantages of both types of meat.

Flamin Hot Puffs Cheetos uses the same spicy powder and cheese. But instead of crunch, you get a light, airy, semicircular puff.

I find I can eat Flamin’ Hot Puffs Cheetos faster than the crispy ones because they have more air. That’s how I got a reason to buy a bigger bag!

Hot limon

Another Mexican and Caribbean-inspired variation, the Flamin Hot Limon caters specifically to the Latin American community.

Everyone knows that chili and lemon are the main seasonings for everything from fruit to corn.

Next up are Cheetos, a snack made from corn. It pairs perfectly with the famous chili and lemon spice.

Flamin Hot Limon looks like Flamin Hot Cheetos, but the stronger lemon flavor you get at the end of the seasoning, Flamin Hot is everything!

Flamin Hot Limon Add real lemon juice to the exclusive Flamin Hot seasoning.

Flamin’ Hot Asteroids Cheetos Flavor Shots

In the ongoing debate over whether puffy or crunchy Cheetos prevail. We cannot see a third competitor. It’s a great cheese ball.

Cheese pellets are bite-sized spheres that will melt in your mouth if you don’t chew them fast enough.

Flamin Hot Asteroids Cheetos is a Flamin Hot Cheeto ball, I’ll give points for the elegant and catchy name!

Flavor Shots is an accurate description of the intense flavor each little ball contains.

I love this Cheeto flavor to wake me up in the middle of the afternoon. They come in small, narrow bags with just enough power to wake me up without leaving me crammed.


Puffs are simple and delicious as their name suggests. There’s no need to embellish it with a fancy title, it’s perfect in its simplicity.

Powder puff is a proven formula that consistently produces the lightest, most airy texture. They were one of the earliest breeds introduced in 1971 and immediately gained popularity.

They use the same cheddar cheese as Crunchy Cheetos, but that’s what sets them apart.

Whether it’s fried or molded. I have no way of knowing how two identical flavors can have such different flavors.

I like to put puffs in my mouth and let them melt into cheese.

Crispy White Cheddar Cheese

In the early 2000s, a food craze with all-natural ingredients was born and Frito-Lay was happy to follow.

They came out with chips and all-natural Cheetos. Cheetos Simple White Cheddar is part of the Natural Series, based on Wisconsin white cheddar.

Crispy white cheddar cheese with no preservatives or artificial colors. So it’s not the bright orange I’ve seen. They have a white cheese that includes cheddar cheese, sour cream, sea salt, torula yeast and citric acid.

I like the sourness of these compared to regular crispy Cheetos. Their much shorter ingredient list is also reassuring.

Grilled Cheetos with Cheese

In addition to natural food fashion, the health-conscious industry also considers fried food as the enemy of healthy food.

Carbs Aren’t Good Enough But carbs? incredible! Cheetos aims to appease It has launched a line of cupcakes that are 50% less fat than the original Cheetos.

Not only will you feel better about your fat intake, but you’ll also feel better. But you don’t have to sacrifice taste either. The first time I tried it, I didn’t know it was grilled instead of fried.

With Baked Layers, they are visible and have a different texture. Crispy Cheese Cheetos look and taste just like Crispy Cheetos. For a comforting snack, here’s my new Cheetos flavor.

Flamin’ Hot Chipotle Farm

I just discovered the amazing fact that Chipotle peppers are actually dried jalapeno peppers.

They are usually served multiple times in adobo sauce with caramelized onions. This gives them a spicy, sweet and smoky flavor.

Smoke and spiciness are the first things that hit your taste buds with Flamin Hot Chipotle Ranch Cheetos.

Creamy and aromatic, the ranch serves as the perfect accompaniment to this spice regimen. Not to mention the standard cheddar cheese coating found in all Cheetos products.

Flamin Hot Chipotle Ranch Cheetos uses Chipotle Ranch Seasoning, which contains the same ingredients in adobo and ranch sauce in powder form.

The best Cheetos flavor

  1. Crispy cheetos
  2. XXTRA Flamin’ Hot Cheetos
  3. Crispy Cheetos Cheddar Jalapeno
  4. hot like fire
  5. Flamin’ Hot Puffs Cheetos
  6. Flamin’ Hot Limon
  7. Flamin’ Hot Asteroids Cheetos Flavor Shots
  8. Spray
  9. Crispy White Cheddar Cheese
  10. Grilled Cheetos with Cheese
  11. Flamin’ Hot Chipotle Farm

final thought

Cheetos is a fan favorite. Lunch box party and snack time more than 70 years. Over the years, Cheetos has expanded into a multitude of flavors for every taste. They all have the same great origin. But they differ in many different flavors and textures.

Whether you’re looking for spicy and crunchy Cheeto, melted cheese or healthy grilled Cheeto, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find your favorite bag of chips from my list of Best Cheeto Flavors.

If you like classic fries, this is the place to go. Instead, try one of our favorite Lay’s or another snack. which you can buy at gas stations and convenience stores

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