The 11 Best Italian Beers We Love

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The Italians have given us so much: opera, pizza, Mario and Luigi, this country inspires ideas of romance and sophistication. And alcoholic beverages are no exception. From wine and cocktails to Italian beer.

We always think of Italy in terms of wine. Italians give us lymoncello and other spirits to create Italian cocktails.

However, let’s not underestimate our favorite boot-shaped country’s contributions to the world of beer. Italy gets its water from the Alps and works well.

We’ve selected and reviewed the best Italian beers to help you find your favorite. These beers make the romantic country proud with their unique and memorable taste. And it’s my favorite drink with a hint of Italy.

Best Italian beer

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Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Peroni invented the recipe for Nastro Azzurro in 1963 and has been faithful to it ever since.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro is a crisp and complex beer that elevates any event.

Brewers use high quality ingredients to brew beer.

Crunchy citrus notes create the most intense flavors. while the bitterness complements my favorite flavor.

Berra Moretti

Luigi Moretti founded the brewery in 1859.

Moretti created a way to brew beer quickly and serve it well. The company’s processes remain in line with established practices many years ago.

I like Birra Moretti because it is a slightly sweet beer.

Subtle bitterness permeates every sip without overwhelming the drinker.

Beer has a citrus aroma when enjoying, has a mellow taste, easy to chew.

Peroni Gran Riserva

Peroni happily returns to our list with its award-winning pale ale, Gran Risera.

The brewer adds a unique sweetness to the beer by adding caramel malt to the recipe.

Peroni Gran Risera is the sweeter entry in the Italian beer category.

The malt flavor of the beer is light but distinct. with a bit of bitterness

Quata Runa

Quarta Runa will satisfy even a fruit beer drinker like me.

Birrificio Montegioco’s bright and refreshing beer has a pleasant but strong peach flavor.

Quarta Runa’s main flavor is peach; However, bitter almonds have nuances.

The light freshness gives the beer a kick without overpowering the fruity flavors.

The beer is lighter and the flavors of summer linger on the palate after the last sip.

Beer Menabria

Jean Joseph Menabrea opened his famous brewery in 1846.

The company remains in the family after the upheavals of history. Dedicated to producing the best Italian beers.

Menabrea Beer produces two types of beer. Both use high-quality ingredients and alpine water for a crisp, crunchy taste.

Menabrea produces yeast for quality control at the earliest stages of production.

Cortigiana beer

Cortigiana beer combines classic Italian beers with Belgian beers.

Birra Del Borgo filters Belgian Blanche through an Italian brewery to create the perfect beer.

Cortigiana adds oatmeal and whole wheat flour to the recipe. Birra Del Borgo also enhances the flavor of the beer with ginger, coriander and orange zest, giving the beer a unique flavor that I think is delicious.

Angelo Portotti

Angelo Poretti opened the Birrificio Angelo Poretti in 1877.

The brewery has gone back and forth between owners many times over the years, never giving up on its commitment to quality.

Angelo Portetti is the beer on the table that pleases any meal.

The brew has hops but not too much and won’t overwhelm the flavor of your main course.


Forst takes advantage of its proximity to the Alps to brew delicious beers using some of the purest water in the world.

Forst Brewery opened in 1857. This family-run brand sells two beers: a premium light lager and a doppelbock Sixtus.

Both use the finest Italian ingredients to create complex, layered flavors.

Lambert Giza

Lambrate Brewery developed a new brewing method in 1996.

The company does not pasteurize or filter the beer. to create unique and memorable beers.

Lambrate Ghisa is a smoked dark beer. The beer features an unusual blend of flavors such as cocoa, licorice and dried fruit.

Ghisa’s Lambrate Roast Malt gives it a bit of bitterness to create a flavor that I just can’t resist.

messi beer

1923 was an important year for Italian beer. That was the year Birra Messina was born and became Sicilia’s most famous brewery.

Messina is a light beer with a pilsner flavor. Beer is malt and earth.

The pleasant bitterness lingers on the tongue after the last sip.


Inchnusa started brewing in 1912. The brewery’s flagship beer is a unique and delicious light lager.

While light beer is Ichnusa’s specialty, the company produces three other beers: Ichnusa Cruda, Ichnusa Special, and Ichnusa Non-Filtrate.

Each beer contains hops without being too strong. The beer is designed to complement Italian cuisine with a slightly bitter taste.

Best Italian beer

  1. Peroni Nastro Azzurro
  2. Berra Moretti
  3. Peroni Gran Riserva
  4. Quata Runa
  5. Beer Menabria
  6. Cortigiana beer
  7. Angelo Portotti
  8. force
  9. Lambert Giza
  10. messi beer
  11. Ishanusa

final thought

Italian beer full of bright and refreshing flavors. not only beer but delicious They are part of Italian history.

Any drink on this list of the best Italian beers is sure to please your taste buds and make you a believer.

Did we miss the essential Italian beer? Leave a comment and let us know!

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