The 15 Best 18 Vietsub Movies of All Time

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Let’s find out the list of 18 Vietsub movies selected and compiled below, guaranteed to make you fall in love after the first few minutes of the movie.

1. Lan Kwai Fong

  • Country: Hong Kong.
  • Release date: 2011.
  • Actors: Dada Chan (Chen Jing), Gregory Wong (Wang Zongyao), Jeana Ho, Jason Chan, Chen Zhi-Ming, Shiga Lin.

This is one of director Wilson Chin’s best selling high school movies. This 18 year old vietsub movie brings together a cast with extremely attractive looks, young beauty and hot body. This 18-year-old Hong Kong film depicts the lavish lifestyle of a group of wealthy young people in Lan Kwai Fong. The film reflects the true temptation, open concept of love and sex of Hong Kong’s young generation at the time. The film revolves around 6 main characters, Jacky (Jason Chan), wine merchant Steven (Chen Zhi-Ming) and Sean Yi (Gregory Wong) and hot girls Jeana (Jeana Ho), Jennifer (Shiga Lin) and Cat (Dada Chan). ). ). ).

2. The Thief of the 3D Corps

  • Country: Hong Kong.
  • Release date: 2011.
  • Actors: Leni Lan Crazybarby, Vonnie Lui, Miyavi Matsunoi…

Movie 18 Vietsub or Humiliating Bodhisattva
The setting of this 18th Vietsub movie is in the Ming Dynasty, the main character revolves around an arrogant young intellectual named Wei Yangsheng. Wei believes that everyone should know how to enjoy sexual pleasure to the fullest for the rest of their lives. That means he always wants to indulge in lust. Until he met and married the daughter of the Taoist Tie Fei. When they got married, knowing that his wife was a good person, they thought that they were talented boys and girls worthy of their age and were quickly disappointed and found joy and happiness outside.

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3. Sex is a trifle

  • Country: Korea.
  • Release date: 2002.
  • Actors: Choi seong-guk, Lim chang-jung, Ha Ji-won.

18 Vietsub movies or sex is a small thing
This 18 Vietsub movie has quite a touching script. The female lead in the film is a beautiful girl from the rhythmic gymnastics club who falls in love with the school’s hotboy until, on the day of the exam, she discovers that she is pregnant. But the other official denied responsibility until the game’s heroine miscarried, alone in the bloodied room. And only the male lead knows that.

4. Fresh barber shop

  • Country: Korea
  • Release date: 2015.
  • Actors: Lee Sin-ho, Seung Yeon Seok, Jeong Won-II.

Film 18 Vietsub or Barbershop very well
The heroine Mina opened a small barber shop, but it was too empty, she used many opportunities to attract customers. Finally, she opened a “special service” for rare guests. Since then, their business has prospered much more. Fresh Barber Shop’s hot scenes make it difficult for viewers to take their eyes off the screen.

5. Harem 18+

  • Country: Korea.
  • Release date: 2012.
  • Actors: Yeo-jeong Jo, Dong-wook Kim, Eun-ji Jo, Ji-Young Park, Min-Joon Kim.

18 vietsub or 18+ harem movies
The 18+ Korean psychodrama The Palace is set in the early Chosun period. The love triangle of the emperor, a court official and the daughter of a longtime mandarin. Love, hate and sex are intertwined episodes that rock the entire Chosun Dynasty.

6. Infernal Body

  • Other name: anatomy hell
  • America
  • Release date: 2004

Movie 18 Vietsub or Infernal Body
The film tells about the special relationship of two strangers, the male lead accidentally saves the female lead to a nightclub. And after accepting the heroine’s strange proposal, he went to her house continuously for 4 nights and did nothing. Although they were reluctant to like the male lead, but still accepted it, feelings arose between them on the fourth night, the twisting moments of sex saved the lives of two lonely people.

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7. Bad deal

  • Country: Korea.
  • Release date: 2019.
  • Actors: Kim Sun-Young, Ha-rim.

Movie 18 vietsub good deal
The male lead in this good movie 18 Vietsub is a married painter, she is extremely beautiful and hot. Unfortunately, he had an accident and went blind. Suddenly a man appeared with an offer to donate his corneas, but in return he had to let his beautiful young wife take care of this old man’s physical needs.

8. The story of Benedetta

  • America
  • Release date: 2021
  • Film length: 131 minutes

movie 18 vietsub or 13 benedetta
The film, directed by Paul Verhoeven, is set in the 17th century and revolves around a nun in Italy. Suffering from a religious erotic vision, she luckily met someone who helped her. The two quickly became close and began a romance.

9. Burning desire

  • America
  • Release date: 2011
  • Film length: 100 minutes

Movie 18 Vietsub or Burning Desire
The heroine is a girl who just lost a family member and leaves her soul empty. So she fell into wild fun, lover, passionate love. Though she could use sex to diffuse her loneliness, she didn’t feel any less alone.

10. Memories of a female ninja

  • Country: Japan-Korea
  • Release date: 2010
  • Film length: 70 minutes

Movie 18 Vietsub or Memory of a Female Ninja
The story revolves around a female ninja named Hijiri. She is a fierce and cold-blooded person, but then she is mortally wounded in the midst of a life-and-death struggle with the enemy. In this case, Hijiri was lucky to be saved by a priest, feelings quickly developed between them, but besides there were many other people who coveted and wanted to possess this girl.

11. Snakes

  • Country: Thailand
  • Release date: 2015
  • Film length: 66 minutes

Movie 18 Vietsub or Python
The male lead film Mango features a young man who lives abroad for many years and then returns to Thailand. During a tour he fell in love with his tour guide. But this girl seems to have a strong connection to a mythical creature. The problems between him and this girl and passionate love also began here.

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12. Stepmother

  • Country: Thailand.
  • Release date: 2001.
  • Actors: Rhatha Phongam, Nong Nat.

Movie 18 Vietsub or 8 Stepmoms
This is a good movie 18 Vietsub Thailand set in the land of the Golden Temple in 1930. Jan Dara is a young woman, she is married to an older man and has a son of the same age. The big age difference with her husband makes Jan spend more time looking after her husband’s stepchildren, and then whatever happens…

13. Uncle Bao

  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Release date: 2015.
  • Actors: Tran Tinh, Ha Hau Van, Vien Gia Man.

Movie 18 Vietsub or Boy Bao
The male lead in this good movie 18 Vietsub is a man with attractive looks, an innocent young man, he has been seduced and put on the path of a meticulous man who is loved by many rich women.

14. When peaches are ripe

  • Country: China.
  • Release date: 2011.
  • Actors: Akiho Yoshizawa, Ngo Thanh Thanh.

18 vietsub good movie when peaches are ripe
This is an unreleased 18+ Chinese film about the lives of schoolgirls who are curious and fearless to try their hand at love and sex with the instinctive desires of adolescence.

15. The story of two mothers

  • Country: Korea.
  • Release date: 2018.
  • Actors: Baek Se-ri, Yoo Jin-I, In-ho, Lee Yoo-chan.

movie 18 vietsub good story about two mothers
The two boys’ mothers are best friends, Joon Hyeong and Dae-jin, but it seems that both boys are close to their boyfriend’s mother in two different ways. When Joon is sad, Dae Jin’s mother comforts him, ki Dae Jin thinks about the woman he has a crush on, Joon’s mother reappears in his mind. Don’t forget to visit Innnewyorkcity VN to see more good 18 vietsub movies and other related news.

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