The 16 Best Discontinued Snacks We All Miss

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If the product isn’t popular, it’s discontinued – right? That’s not always the case.

fan-favorite candy Many varieties have been discontinued for years due to manufacturing problems. Change of management and other force majeure circumstances

From unique flavors of popular brands to classic snacks for specific groups This post discusses 16 of the best discontinued candies of all time.

Read on to find out why these candies are a thing of the past.

Stopped snacks that we miss

Walk down memory lane and see how many candies you remember eating while still spinning.

marathon bar

Marathon Bar from the giant candy MARS for only a short time.

Introduced in 1973, this candy bar was discontinued eight years later in 1981.

This chocolate bar features a braided caramel core wrapped in milk chocolate.

Butter BB

Butterfinger BB are the famous crispy peanut butter and chocolate butter bars from Ferrero in bite-sized pieces.

Butterfinger BBs are small round candies that you can eat one handful at a time.

Butterfinger BB was introduced in 1992 and discontinued in 2006.


Ever had a donut hole? Life Savers Holes takes the donut hole concept and adapts it to Life Savers hard candy.

The Holes have similar fruity and mint flavors. but in the form of small particles in the tube

The product did not last long, introduced in 1990 and discontinued in 1991.

Max PB

The PB Max is an evolution of MARS with peanut butter topped with crunchy whole grain crackers. Then top with another layer of milk chocolate.

Although PB Max gained popularity after its introduction in 1989, the candy was discontinued in the early 1990s because the MARS founding family were not peanut butter lovers.

Reggie! bar

The Reggies! Bar is a candy bar named after and associated with Major League Baseball player Reggie Jackson.

A candy bar is a round cake with pieces of peanuts dipped in caramel and then covered with a layer of milk chocolate.

The Reggies! The bar opened in 1978 and ended in 1981, when Jackson’s time with the New York Yankees ended.

Thanh Seven

No, this candy bar doesn’t taste like the popular soft drink of the same name.

This candy bar is unique. Contains 7 chocolate pieces, each with a different flavor.

The concept is similar to a sample chocolate box and the flavors include mint, nougat, toffee, fondant, coconut, buttercream, and caramel. Candy was discontinued in 1979.

Alternative source

Altoids, the creators of “Curiously Strong Mints,” had a variety of citrus and fruity flavors in their mints available from 2001 to 2010.

These mints were discontinued due to poor sales. But most people who have tried it will remember it fondly.

Sour mint is available in limited edition raspberry, orange, apple, mango, mandarin and passion fruit flavors.

Wonka Bar

Most people know Wonka Bar as the delicious candy bar that earned Charlie Bucket the golden ticket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but there are a few real-life versions.

A 1971 version of the Quaker Oats candy bar was pulled from store shelves due to recipe problems. And Nestle’s version was discontinued in 2010.

Hershey Swoops

Hershey’s Swoops are shaped and packaged like thinly sliced ​​and stacked Pringles fries.

There are several flavors of chocolate chip: Reese’s Peanut Butter, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, Reese’s White Chocolate, York Peppermint Pattie, and Almond Joy.

This candy was introduced in 2003 and discontinued in 2006.

Bar Summit

Summit Bar from MARS is advertised as a “cookie bar” on its packaging, but advertisements and commercials refer to it as a candy bar. causing a bit of confusion

The bar consists of two peanut-covered wafers. and then covered with another layer of milk chocolate

The cookie bar was discontinued in 2006.

Cinnamon Tic Tacs

Tic Tacs is a breath mint brand known for its unique cap.

The cinnamon flavor was introduced in the 1970s and discontinued in 2009, causing a wave of outcry among flavor lovers.

Tic Tac says it’s discontinued so they can create new flavors.

due to popular demand Cinnamon flavor then returned to flavor. “Limited Edition” many times, but not the permanent flavor.

Cosmic Dust/Cosmic Candy

Space Dust, later renamed Cosmic Candy, was General Foods’ follow-up to their original popular sour candy, Pop Rocks.

Pop Rocks was released in 1976 and Space Dust in 1979. The formula is basically the same, but Space Dust is a fine powder unlike Pop Rocks, which are shaped like small pebbles.

Space Dust was canceled due to concerns parents thought it looked too much like an illegal drug.

Hershey’s S’mores Bar

Hershey’s chocolate bars are so essential to a childhood s’mores, that Hershey’s created her own all-in-one s’mores set.

So it’s no surprise that the chocolate giant decided to produce a S’mores flavored chocolate bar in 2003.

The bar was later canceled for undisclosed reasons.

Chicken dinner counter

The famous 1920s Chicken Dinner Bar was the brainchild of the Sperry Candy Company.

The packaging and advertisement display images of a whole roast chicken dinner. This, along with the dessert shop name, helps this bar stand out from the competition.

This bar was beautiful and had milk chocolate covered nuts (no chicken flavor) and was discontinued in 1962 after Sperry’s went on sale.

bubble alarm

Bubble Beepers is a classic chewy gum that comes in fun and unique containers.

The packaging is neon in color and sounds like an electronic beep. It was a staple of the 1990s that you rarely find today outside of a hospital.

Bubble beeps stop working when beeps start to stop working in tech circles


Bonkers are chewy candies introduced by Nabisco in the 1980s and discontinued in the late 1990s.

Similar to Starbursts, the candy comes in a paper box and comes in the form of a rectangular chewable cube.

However, Bonkers are quite pliable and have an aromatic filling.

Candy has been discontinued.

  1. marathon bar
  2. Butter BB
  3. lifesaver
  4. Max PB
  5. Reggie! bar
  6. Thanh Seven
  7. Alternative source
  8. Wonka Bar
  9. Hershey Swoops
  10. Bar Summit
  11. Cinnamon Tic Tacs
  12. Cosmic Dust/Cosmic Candy
  13. Hershey’s S’mores Bar
  14. Chicken dinner counter
  15. bubble alarm
  16. crazy

final thought

Do you regret missing out on these discontinued candies? Luckily, the candy world is so vast that you can probably find a copy somewhere.

whatever happens, I’m glad I tried some of my favorites at the time, such as Hershey’s S’mores bar and Altoid Sours, and I can’t wait to return!

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