The 1999 heroine of the Wanderer was forced to star in a real life rape scene with a professional AV actor

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The female lead of the movie Romance which was released in 1999 didn’t have many good memories of the crew as she was afraid to remember the scene where she was forced to star in a 100% real hot scene, her co -Star was a porn actor.

The 1999 film Romance highlights women’s sexual preferences

  • Movie Name: Romance
  • Release year: 1999
  • Origin: France
  • Genre: Drama, 18+
  • Directed by Catherine Breillat
  • Actors: Caroline Ducey, Sagamore Stévenin, François Berléand

In 1999, director Catherine Breillat shook the European film industry with Romance. The film tells the story of the female lead Marie, a girl who breaks free to find fun with others after being rejected by her boyfriend Paul.

At first, the film was controversial because viewers thought the director was trying to convey a message promoting adultery. But there’s also a section of the audience that loves to speak out strongly for women’s voices during sex.
The 1999 film Romance highlights women's sexual preferences

But abusing the leading lady

Well-intentioned, but the story unveiled by heroine Caroline Ducey is a terrifying memory. Ducey said in the film that it would be fun to meet a man at a bar, but when she found out it was Rocco Siffredi, a professional porn actor, she felt betrayed.
1999 love film torments the leading lady
5 minutes before entering the set, she was called by the director and forced to undress. Ducey was extremely shocked and immediately urged her to take action, this actress’ anger prompted the director to compromise and only film the fake rape scene.
1999 romantic film in which the female lead was tortured, forced to film a real rape scene
“All of a sudden, Breillat called me back and made me undress just 5 minutes before the scene,” the actress said. When asked about it, the director said the script was written by her long before Ducey was cast and everything in the script was detailed, including the 100% real rape scene. So for them there is neither shock nor deception.
Romantic director 1999
“Right from the start we declared Romance to be the first European film with 100% real sex. I wrote the script long before I decided on Caroline and everything was clearly written in the script, including the rape scene. So there is no shock or trap here.”
European cinema trembles with romance
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