The 5 hottest EDM festivals in Vietnam in 2022 make the music community “heartwarming”

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EDM Vietnam Festival is one of the activities that young people are especially interested in and love. Which “terrible” music festival are you looking forward to at the end of the year, this information will be revealed in the content below.

traveling Phu Quoc Tourism What interesting things are waiting for you in December, forget about the beautiful images of the pearl island and enjoy it to the fullest! Vietnam EDM Festival Biggest event of the year – Cremefields Music Festival scheduled for December 17, 2022.

1. EDM Electronic Music – The “fever” music trend in Vietnam

EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is known as a fast-paced, powerful music inherited from disco music. Born on American dance floors in the 1970s, EDM gradually became a popular genre. Because the melody of the song is diverse. Continuously attends music festivals around the world and has been enthusiastically received by young people from all over the world. including Vietnam

Since 2017 until now, EDM music festivals in Vietnam have continuously “sold out”, attracting a large audience with colorful music venues elaborately decorated from stages, lights, sound to live performances.

Vietnam EDM Festival

In addition to providing a great experience for electronic music fans. Vietnam EDM Festival The organization also aims to rebuild a community of music lovers. Bringing people together Elevate the special DJ/Producer in Vietnam. Verify their location and put their name on the worldwide EDM map.

2. Exploding emotions at the 5th festival Super HOT EDM Vietnam 2022

2.1 Creamfields EDM Music Festival – A ‘terrible’ music event not to be missed in December

so that music lovers don’t have to wait long This December, Creamfields Music Festival, one of the largest EDM festivals in the world, will be held for the first time in Vietnam at the pearl island of Phu Quoc – TOP 25 BEST ISLANDS IN THE WORLD GENDER 2022.

Vietnam EDM Festival

Immediately after the job was posted, the appearance of the legendary DJ Hardwell who announced his indefinite retirement along with the appearance of the top 10 DJs in the world made the audience across the country go crazy like Panda Slash, Tim Hox.. .

Creamfields Vietnam 2022 is considered a ‘blockbuster class’ EDM party, heavily invested in music and stage to turn this into an explosive music night and bring a unique experience to the audience, promising you will never forget with emotional music

Vietnam EDM Festival

In addition, to ensure that visitors can fully enjoy every moment when attending the Phu Quoc Music Festival, Vinpearl offers 3 resort combos including EDM concert tickets at extremely attractive prices from January 1. 11/2022, open for sale until the end of November 30.

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Vietnam EDM Festival

to the super population Phu Quoc Reunification CenterDon’t miss the opportunity to discover fun activities, entertainment and high-class resorts at:

  • Win Wonders Phu Quoc – Combine hundreds of world-class fun games
  • Vinpearl Safari – Center for raising rare animals
  • “The City That Never Sleeps” wonderful world – The destination has many wonderful architectural works with unique and modern beauty.
  • Paradise Resort Luxury 5 Star Standard – System Vinpearl Hotel Phu Quoc.

Vietnam EDM FestivalVietnam EDM Festival

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2.2 “Storm” of Crystal Rave EDM festival in Saigon

Young people in Saigon still remember the confusing tingling feeling when the storm Crystal Rave hit Ho Chi Minh City on August 13, 2022. Catchy EDM music, bright lights. and an exclusive water festival combine to make the Crystal Rave music event even more exciting and exciting.

Vietnam EDM Festival

2.3 Summer Wave Park – the best music party in the city center

Summer Wave Park coincides with the opening of the artificial complex Wave Ocean Park (Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – Empire Project) in a 3-day event on April 30, May 2 and May 3, Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire space will be covered with ‘magical’ EDM music and fiery performances by artists performed by famous DJs in Vietnam.

Vietnam EDM Festival

2.4 HAY Glamping Music Festival

HA New ideas are carefully invested.

Vietnam EDM Festival

2.5 Stop at the Vietnam EDM Festival Around the World 2022

Vietnam EDM Festival – Above the World taking place from April 30 to May 1, 2022 will make the audience “burn” with all their heart in the music at Grand World Phu Quoc with sound, light, and effects technology. most modern and advanced. Performances on the stage of EDM Vietnam Inside the World Festival have successfully conquered the hearts of thousands of spectators around the world.

Vietnam EDM Festival

Immerse yourself in the exciting atmosphere of year-end parties. Vietnam EDM Festival ‘Hot’ than ever with epic lights out. Don’t hesitate to plan a trip to Phu Quoc in December. Join us for a chance to push boundaries and immerse yourself in music your way at the Creamfields Music Festival. 2022.

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