The beautiful DJ Seina likes bikini style to show off her body

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Beat the summer heat with music and a sexy body in female DJ Seina’s eye-catching bikini. The hot Korean promises to captivate viewers with her passionate sound and extremely hot curves.

Who is DJ Seina?

DJ Siena’s real name is Park Si Hyun, a young girl born in 1992. When referring to Seina, no one knows that she is one of the most famous female DJs and fashion models in Korea. She often performs at concerts at music festivals. Your appearance always receives warm attention.
super hot body
Siena chose a seductive style combined with personality and dynamism. Although she’s almost 30 years old, her slim figure, tiny waist and youthful fashion sense helps to hide her age imperfections. Female DJs prefer skinny bikinis with deep neck slits that show off their flattering bust size.
DJ in a bikini

The charisma of the top female DJ

With the benefit of a toned physique, DJ Seina creates charm when sporting neon bikini wings or flashy motifs. She always takes care of her body to possess an ant waist and sharp abs in every segment. The 9X beauty also shared plenty of pictures of her working out at the gym, exercising to keep fit and showing the fan base a positive lifestyle.
DJ Seina is very hot
Siena is the type who likes to be active. Your personal page is always in the background in new countries like Thailand, Singapore, China and even Vietnam. If you refer to this female DJ, no one can ignore the sexy, even when making music, her talent and, above all, her looks are attractive curves.
sexy bikini

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DJ Seina’s fashion style

Street fashion style is kimchi hot girl’s favorite style. Her favorite pieces are items every girl is familiar with, such as crop tops, jean shorts, gym shorts and sneakers.
Korean hot girl
Most female DJs are always associated with a seductive image thanks to fiery curves, but in DJ Siena, in addition to the undeniable sensuality of her looks, she combines dynamism and personality in character. Style, so even if you wear a skirt with a split chest and an open waist, it will not be offensive or show your body too much.
hot bikini girl
On his personal page there are some pictures of DJ Siena in a skirt. When she chose skirt as streetwear, she also liked the skirt with slit chest, two straps and thigh length to show off her sexy body. The series of “Age Hack” items that Siena proposes to girls approaching 30: oversized t-shirt combined with shorts in the style of hidden pants and stylish sneakers with a high collar.
Korean DJ
Beautiful girl DJ Seina is not only good looking but also has amazing musical talent. Are both beautiful and talented enough to follow and learn from you? Follow Pretty Girl to find other sexy talent

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