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FO4 or FIFA Online 4 is the 3rd generation of the FIFA Online series. The game was launched in 2018 but so far it is still very hot and has a large number of players. So what is so attractive about FO4? Let’s explore with Innnewyorkcity!

Introducing the FIFA Online 4 game

  • Developer: Electronic Arts, Spearhead.
  • Publishers: Nexon (Korea), Garena (Southeast Asia), Tencent (China).
  • Technology: engine ignition.
  • Platform: Windows (PC), Android, iOS.
  • Release date: 05/17/2018.
  • Genre: Sport, Soccer Simulation.

FO4 or the full name FIFA Online 4 is a very famous soccer game in the world. The game is now the 3rd generation as the first generation is called FIFA Online 2 instead of 1. The game allows you to build your own team and, as a coach, choose your own style of play for the team. real. In the game you join the team to participate in tournaments, compete with other teams and fight for the championship. Also, we can also do player transfers, overtime, etc. without feeling anything in real life.

Brief review of FO4


Only launched in mid-2018, but you can see that the game quality is very well done, the picture is sharp and impressive. The character model is more realistic, almost 90% like real life. The soccer field, the lighting and the audience are also much livelier.
Graphics by Fo4


In addition to the graphics, the in-game sound has also been greatly improved compared to the old versions. Not only is it more heroic and vivid as the sound of shots, passes and catches become clearer, but even the fans’ voices come from real games to increase the sense of realism while playing. Especially with the game FIFA Online 4 there is a Vietnamese comment section instead of English, which doesn’t understand anything like the 2 previous generations. First of all, this is the voice of two commentators who are considered the “golden couple” of Vietnamese football, Quang Tung and Quang Huy, which makes the game even more interesting.
Sound of FO4

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play style

In terms of gameplay, the games in FO4 are not much different from FO2 and FO3 because the gameplay is still the same, 22 people on a soccer field and the team that scores the most goals within 90 minutes wins. However, FO4 is particularly difficult and has a variety of techniques. Now players can not only dribble, find the Z+D angle or cross the ball to head the ball, they can also perform countless “magic” moves to overcome opponent’s defenses to achieve remarkable results. processing level for life.
The gameplay of FO4In addition, to avoid boredom, the game adds many other modes, such as:

  • Street Volta: Each player controls a separate player and coordinates with 3 other members to fight against 4 friends.
  • Friendly Kicks: In addition to kicking in 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, we can now also play 1vs2, 1vs3, 2vs3.
  • Survival: When a team scores a goal, a random player from the team leaves the field (up to 4 players).
  • No Rules: In this genre, the referee is just a “puppet” and all the rules on the field no longer have any meaning.
  • Heading & Volt: The mode only recognizes headers and volleys.
  • Long Shot: Goals in this mode when scored from outside the penalty area are counted as 2 goals.
  • Golden Goal: The game in Golden Goal mode ends as soon as a goal is scored.

And there are many other attractive features that make this online game even more interesting.

New features of FIFA Online 4

The FIFA Online 4 team is the most listening game team today when all players’ opinions are noted, and may be added in the next update if it’s really interesting and necessary. So, in addition to the above features, we also have some outstanding features like:

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Lots of Vietnamese players

The number of FO4 players in Vietnam far outnumbers FO3. In addition to the quantity, the quality of the players is also higher when the stats are significantly high. Therefore, we can confidently build a Vietnamese team to climb the rank without fear of losing as much as before.
Lots of Vietnamese players

Team color feature

This is a great feature as it gives players more stats when using players from the same team or club in real life. This helps the players who love the team to build the roster more conveniently without adding too many expensive superstars. Besides, we also have Mini Team Color feature where only 2-3 players play together. This feature helps revive the “quarrels” or “triplets” that once drove Soccer Village mad. Among them “Spanish hand” can be mentioned with 2 assassins in the penalty area, David Villa and Fernando Torres.
Team color feature

season pass

The season ticket can be understood as a player, but there are many types of tickets, which is because each player will have a different form, fitness and style of football. With this feature, team building is much more fun than just one type of player card as before. In addition, players also have more choices when the price of players is different on different maps. There is no longer the situation of expensive and scarce players.
season pass

Upgrade players with performers that are other players

Upgrading players is a feature that has been around for a long time, but where previously we had to use the right players to upgrade players, now we can use other players as casts to upgrade. Therefore, increasing the squad becomes easier, less binding and the economy is also much more comfortable.
Upgrade players with performers that are other playersHere’s what you need to know about FO4. Comparing to the previous 2 parts, it can be seen that the developer was very enthusiastic and invested while adding many useful features and changes. So if you love sports games then FO4 is your best choice.

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