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For those who love freedom, like to travel and explore, the open world game is a great choice to experience. According to the technological development, the games of this genre are becoming more and more perfect, bigger, more beautiful, more realistic and also more interesting.
Let’s find out the best and latest open world games to enjoy in 2021 with Innnewyorkcity

Horizon without twilight

Not so long ago, Horizon Zero Dawn developed the PC version and was warmly received by players. As a PS4 exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn is now accessible to more players than ever before. The context of the game is the world in the 31st century, when human civilization was destroyed by the rise of machines. The earth is now ruled by powerful mechanical creatures.

Players take on the role of Alloy the huntress on a mission to stop an evil artificial intelligence worshiping cult intent on destroying the world. Overall rating of Horizon Zero Dawn, it can be said that this game is extremely perfect in terms of graphic design, visual effects and sound quality. But the highlight of this super product are the fictional mechanical creatures, they are extremely eye-catching and cool shaped. And obviously you won’t come across such creatures in other open world games. Furthermore, the producer is also very clever in adding additional elements to complement the unique and somewhat disturbing storyline. Make sure you will have a hard time getting up from your chair once you enter this game.

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Death Stranding – Super dark open world game

Needless to say, the super product Death Stranding is all about the “reel visits”. Developed by Hideo Kojima – the father of stealth action games starring Metal Gear – Death Stranding is one of the open world games most worth playing. This game is set in a fantasy setting where the animals are extinct and the world is being invaded by mysterious dark creatures. These shadow beings are ubiquitous, invisible, and only leave fingerprints where they pass.
Death Stranding - Super dark open world game
You will transform into Sam from the BRIDGES troupe. Sam’s mission is to cross long and dangerous roads to reach remote areas. He was not only a messenger, but also responsible for the transport of important goods. In this harsh world, Sam must always be careful and try to survive against both enemy forces and these dark creatures. Death Stranding is not only a game but also like a novel full of suspense and suspense. You will discover every secret behind every journey. Of course, if you like simplicity, Death Stranding will be difficult to satisfy, since this is a game that contains many philosophies and deep meanings. But if you are a lover of brain hacks and fuzzy truths then this is a perfect and authentic solo game for you.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – A story of blood and tears

If fantasy isn’t your thing, we can go back in history a bit to return to the wild west of Red Dead Redemption 2. A cinematic storytelling game, RDR2 is a fictional story set in 1899 in the United States of America. Here you play as Arthur Morgan – an outlaw and member of the Van der Line gang led by a Dutch robber. This greedy leader is always fooling the gang members into thinking this mission is the last and if it’s successful, they’ll retire. Dutch resisted the others’ desire to lay down their swords in peace.
Red Dead Redemption 2 - A story of blood and tears
Things only get worse for the Van der Line gang as they battle other gangs and government repression at the same time. What we can say about Red Dead Redemption 2 is that it is the story of the unknown suffering in the West, a story written with blood and tears. Being an open world game, RDR2 is very graphics focused. Not only is this an open world game with lots of space, but it seems that every detail in the game is taken care of. very meticulous. In addition, the use of cinematic colors in the game makes us feel like we’re immersed in the life of the main character, Arthur Morgan, and not just controlling this cowboy like a puppet.

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Watch Dogs Legion – For those who like to push the boundaries of open world games

Watch Dogs Legion is the latest installment of the Watch Dogs game that is already so popular among many game lovers. The familiar gameplay as in the previous parts remains, but the highlight of this part is that you can hack the whole world, from cameras, to vehicles, to doors or signal lights.
Watch Dogs Legion - For those who like to push the boundaries of open world games
In addition, players can enjoy many new features such as B. Recruit anyone for their team and impersonate any NPC in the game. You have almost no limits in your ability to manipulate this world and do whatever you want. Watch Dogs Legion is considered by many to be a virtual world game with very well invested graphics. You can lose yourself in a vibrant, ultra-modern city and be overwhelmed by its splendor. This is not a game to watch, this is a game to experience, to participate in.
Above is a list of 4 newly launched open world games worth playing in 2021. I hope you quickly find a suitable option to kill time, make coffee and immerse yourself in the world. . Virtually beautiful, but no less real.

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