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Sweet Tea is a southern institution. The drink requires more sophistication than adding sugar to iced tea. Southerners attach great importance to drinks. Proper sweet teas must meet strict standards in order to be approved.

Combining sweet tea with vodka can affect the fullness of the drink, however, do it right. Sweet tea vodka is a delicious and refreshing drink for adults. Perfect for those warm nights on the balcony reading a Faulkner book.

We have selected the best sweet tea vodka. Review strengths and offer service recommendations. Grab a glass and ice and get ready to indulge in some authentic Southern flavors.

sweet tea vodka

These vodkas capture the essence of sweet Southern tea. Try making cocktails with them!

Firefly tea vodka

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka brings drinkers back to where they started. Firefly Distillery started producing sweet tea vodka in 2008, being the first company to do so.

The South Carolina Company produces spirits from locally sourced teas. Neighbor’s farm for tea leaves. while Louisiana sugarcane sweetens the pot.

Vodka has a strong sweet tea flavor on the front. The taste of vodka until it’s all gone.

The wine tastes great, but goes well with cocktails—vodka and lemonade for a finicky Arnold Palmer.

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka is 35 percent alcohol by volume. Therefore, mixing vodka can help reduce the effect of the drink.

Jeremiah Weed sweet tea Vodka

Jeremiah Weed was addicted to bourbon and whiskey. The company draws on the South’s brewing expertise with sweetened tea vodka for delicious results.

Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka uses premium tea leaves and natural sugar cane.

Vodka captures the authentic taste of authentic Southern sweet tea. With a welcome shot of vodka at the end of the sip.

Jeremiah Weed is 35% alcohol by volume. Although the brand has technically ceased production. But many vendors still have bottles of Jeremiah Wee for curious drinkers.

vodka deep sweet tea

Sweet Tea Vodka launched the Deep Eddy brand in 2010. Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka is the company’s flagship product. It is a sweet and delicious brandy with a rich flavor that has captivated fans. continuous

Deep Eddy, based in Austin, Texas, uses all natural ingredients in its sweet tea vodka. The distiller sweetens spirits with locally sourced honey.

Although this makes the drink undrinkable for vegetarians. But it adds organic sweetness to the wine.

Deep Eddy distills vodka ten times and uses organic tea leaves. The spirit has a bright flavor reminiscent of sun tea. You’ll notice subtle fig and lemon flavors in every sip.

Deep Eddy Sweet Tea vodka contains caffeine, so don’t drink too much before bed. Vodka abv 35% blends well in cocktails and runs out easily on its own.

Burnett’s Sweet Tea

Burnett’s produces authentic American vodka. The Kentucky Distillery began producing vodka in 2000.

Burnett’s has been one of the best-selling vodka brands since its launch. The company currently produces 28 flavors of vodka, as well as a variety of delicious sweet teas.

Burnett’s Sweet Tea vodka tastes like a Southern staple. The spirit is moderately sweet, enhanced by fresh lemon flavors.

Burnett’s quadruple distilled and triple filtered vodka. The resulting wine will add a sour taste to the sweet tea.

The wine has an alcohol content of 30% by volume and makes for a refreshing sip. Vodka is very sweet. Therefore, it should be mixed with a slightly dry beverage to create an authentic Southern cocktail.

Seagram Sweet BILL

Seagrams established himself as the vodka leader in 1857.

The Lawrenceburg, Indiana Distillery uses only ingredients sourced from the USA. Seagram cereal grows in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Seagrams Distilled Ten Flavors of Vodka Seagrams Sweet Tea Vodka captures the essence of a Southern favorite.

A company that produces alcohol exclusively for one-time drinking. while vodka can make delicious cocktails. Drink vodka with ice for a refreshing drink.

Seagrams Sweet Tea vodka has less sugar than most brands. Aromas of caramel and honey enhance the flavor of black tea.

Clover honey and cane sugar add sweetness to the spirit. Seagrams Sweet Tea vodka is 35 percent alcohol by volume.

Carolina sweet tea

Sweet Caroline Sweet Tea proves that the northern states can handle southern classics.

The Maine distillery perfectly reproduces the essence of sweet tea.

Carolina Sweet Tea Vodka comes in six flavors:

  • Classic sweet tea
  • Mint Sweet Tea
  • sweet peach tea
  • Raspberry tea
  • Half and half tea and lemonade
  • Lemonade

Vodka is exceptionally mellow and easy to drink. especially when served on ice. Each flavor is deliciously sipped and blended into a delicious cocktail.

The classic sweet tea vodka tastes like an authentic Southern drink. with a light floral aroma The wine has a standard alcohol content of 35% by volume.

sweet tea vodka

  1. Firefly tea vodka
  2. Jeremiah Weed sweet tea Vodka
  3. vodka deep sweet tea
  4. Burnett’s Sweet Tea
  5. Seagram Sweet BILL
  6. Carolina sweet tea

final thought

The best sweet tea vodka combines the best elements of both drinks. These brands blend Southern tea cakes. Bright sweetness matches the taste of vodka.

Wine refreshes solos and blends into delicious cocktails. Every sip will lead you to the summer terrace swing.

Did we miss a favorite? Let us know in the comments what vodka you prefer or what cocktail you plan to mix them with.

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